Free Platforms To Increase Your Website Visibility In 2020

Free Platforms To Increase Your Website Visibility In 2020

Free Platforms To Increase YourWebsite Visibility In 2020

Whether you have just launched a website for your business or areplanning on doing so, this list is essential for you as it will save you asubstantial amount of time that you will spend on searching place to endorseyour website. Also, if your business has been online for some time now, youshould go through this list, it is likely that you skipped some good platformsthat could offer you a respectable and sometimes great amount of traffic.

For someone who has a small business or just started their own company,online promotion can be costly and sometimes out of your budget. That's why'The Startup City' is here to help you. We have created a list of 16 freeplatforms where you can promote your website for free in 2020. There are enoughchannels to boost your online visibility so without wasting any time, below arethe list of platforms that can help you to increase your website visibility in2020:

If you are a business owner, then you should create a profile onevery platform and find your relevant audience. You shouldn't skip this list,because they offer an excellent opportunity to increase your online visibility.

Google My Business

One of the first things you should do when you start a business isgoing over to Google My Business and fill out all the information about yourcompany. It doesn't matter that you run a local shop or an online shop, it isimportant to put correct information about your business because people aregoing to search on it before they purchase your product or service.

Bing Places for Business

 Despite its small marketshare, it has a major portion of web searches which you should utilize to itsfullest. It's just like Google My Business for Bing so, you should register forthis service.

BBB (Better Business Bureau)

This is one f the oldest platform for business reviews, althoughsome controversies are surrounding their rating system but they proved to be agood intermediary between companies and customers.

Yellow Pages

It is a kind of online local directory which is known to everyperson. The biggest advantage of being listed on the Yellow Pages website isthat they have nailed their SEO in the majority of local markets, which givesyour listing a better chance of being seen.


It is another directory where small businesses can list themselves.There specific industry category and over 14 million active monthly users makesthis website a potential platform to promote your products and services.


 If you are running arestaurant or cafe business then this is the best platform for you as it ismore popular with restaurant owners. Well, other business can also list on thisplatform but it is important to check it frequently to see what your customersare saying about your brand. Companies that manage their reviews especially thebad ones gain more popularity with the users, which can do wonders for thebrand awareness and visibility on the platform. Encourage your satisfiedcustomers to give a positive review for you.

Trip Advisor

This platform can be best used by property owners who are runningbusinesses like hotels, hostels and apartments. Business like restaurant andbar can also gain many benefits form Trip Advisor. If you can utilize thisplatform, it can be a great source for both foreign and domestic customers.

Angie's List

 It is a platform that givesuser-generated reviews of local businesses. The main purpose of this website isto advice customers, where they can find the most dependable services accordingto their needs.


 This is a unique directorythat provides the benefits of social media. In the year 2014, they increasedtheir check-ins and user engagement. The app provides the data determines thepopularity of the local listings.

SAAS Genius

This is a great online directory specialized for SaaS solutions. Youshould take some time to populate your whole profile so that it doesn't lookunfinished in comparison to others. This platform is designed to be a placewhere users can find and compare different SaaS solutions and make theirdecision based on these findings. By listing on this platform you can get manypotential customers.


Probably one of the best-known sites on the internet, even after somany years Wikipedia is still one of the top platforms to create your companypage where you can give all the information about your business and also leavea link of your website. It is the most SEO friendly website on the internet andcustomers can find it easily.


Previously known as 'G2crowd' is one of the biggest tech marketplacein the world. With over 3 million people visiting this platform regularly todiscover and review new software products and business services, this is agreat place to promote your services and redirect people to your website.

Bottom Line

All of the platforms mentioned above are online directory on which you can list your company with key information. This will help your customers to know about your brand, products or services which will eventfully boost your reputation.

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