Healthy Habits for Entrepreneurs to Manage Holiday Stress

Healthy Habits for Entrepreneurs to Manage Holiday Stress
Healthy Habits for Entrepreneurs to Manage Holiday Stress

Healthy Habits for Entrepreneurs to Manage Holiday Stress

With year-end holidays less than two weeks away, how are you planning to spend time with your family? Are you going to log off your business completely or will you try to take some time to check important mail? 

Entrepreneurs and business owners are often in the habit of being a little overly connected to their work. After all, if an after-hours emergency occurs, they need to be the ones to answer it.

But due to constantly working, many people find it hard to stop doing work, even on famous holidays like Christmas and New Year.

Being an entrepreneur is a pretty challenging; lifestyle filled with long hours and stress. With the holiday season quickly approaching, now is a great time to pick up some healthy habits for managing the stress of the holiday season.

Don't be hard on yourself

First and foremost thing, don't beat yourself up if you can't or don't have the time to create a perfect holiday set-up for your family.  It's the quality time with your family that matters most. 

Plus, those perfect holiday set-ups can be found only in magazines, on Pinterest, and on Instagram.  But, here is the kicker; they don't show you that there is a team of people working behind the scenes to create them.

Prioritize your time

As tempting as it may be to work on your business and participate in all of the holiday activities, you simply don't have enough hours in the day. 

So, prioritize what is most important to you and only take care of those projects.  Then, practice saying "No" to those project requests that are not a priority to you.

PracticeSelf Care

One of the important habits that you should not only practice in the holiday season but also every day is self-care. Exercise regularly, and enjoy a healthy diet but add some holiday treats as well. 

Take some time off work, keep a gratitude journal, get some rest, visit a spa, and spend some time loving and laughing with your family and friends.

Healthy Habits for Entrepreneurs to Manage Holiday Stress
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Don'tuse electronic items before going to bed

Did you know that your devices emit a short-wavelength blue light that could impact your ability to fall asleep?  Well, it does.  And, a lack of sleep affects your stress level.  So, before you head to bed, charge your devices in a room other than your bedroom.  Then, go to bed!

CommunicateYour Time Off in Advance

Before the holidays begin, give your clients and customers a heads up about your holiday office hours.  You should share this information via e-mail, social media, and on your website. Also, write and schedule your "out of office" message on your e-mail and phone. This helps a lot.

Create and Follow a Holiday Budget

People tend to overspend during the holidays, which results in financial stress in the next year.  Set a holiday budget for your business and your personal life, and then plan accordingly.  Always stick with your budget.

Focus on What You Can Control

By focusing on what you can't control, you zap your energy and take away your attention from what's important, and by focusing on what you can control you lift your spirit and minimize your holiday stress.

Examples of what you can control include your gratitude, your emotions, your reaction, your diet, your kindness, and your judgment.

Be ok with earning a little less

Accept that you may earn a little less this month with the extra time off, but remember that the monetary earnings of your business aren't necessarily"off."

Rather, view your time off as an investment in yourself. It'll let you return to work refreshed, revitalized, and better able to give your best effort to your business. 

Remember the holiday spirit

Remember the meaning behind Christmas, New Year, and all the other holidays celebrated at this time of year around the world. It's about giving thanks to the family and friends who make our lives better. You only get so many of these experiences, so try to live in the moment and be present during this special time. 

Don't forget that by putting aside email and work obligations during the holidays, you're giving yourself a chance to recharge. This way, when you do return to work, you'll be refreshed and ready to focus entirely on your business. 


We know that you have been working hard to build your company but a little break is also required as it will help you to get rid of stress. Just worry less about work and focus on your family and friends.

Healthy Habits for Entrepreneurs to Manage Holiday Stress
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Healthy Habits for Entrepreneurs to Manage Holiday Stress
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