How to Convert Your Customers into Brand Advocates

How to Convert Your Customers into Brand Advocates

How toConvert Your Customers into Brand Advocates

Do youknow what the most influential marketing force is? It is not an organic or paidmarketing campaign.  We are talking about your customers, as they can beyour greatest champion, your most productive sales team, and yours mostinfluential promoters and the best part about this is that you don't have topay anything to them. To do this you need to understand how to convert yourcustomers into brand advocates.

You mightbe thinking, what is a brand advocate? A customer who actively spends theirtime promoting your product or services in their network is your brandadvocate. It is not that difficult to cultivate but it requires a strongstrategy and time to develop. In the article below, you will learn how to buildand engage an army of customer advocates

1.    Personalize the Relationship

Manywebsites out there today demonstrate a deep human desire to be known andunderstood. Business can help a customer fulfil this need by providing apersonalized relationship like –

  • Know the customer's name &use it
  • Create reasons to communicatewith the customer that is relevant to their pain points
  • Address them on the device ormedia channel that they have indicated they prefer
  • Recognize special events likeholidays, promotions, anniversaries and even birthdays of your customers.

2.    Provide Quality

Customersare only going to promote those products or services whom they truly valuepersonally. The basics of converting your customers into brand sponsors is toprovide them with something they love so much that they want to share theirfeelings with their family and friends.

3.    Customer service is on the go

One ofthe best ways to get your customers to advertise for you is to give themexceptional services as it will enhance their experience and will make themfeel special as well. Remember speed is important but quality makes all thedifference.

4.    Show them that they are valuable

Evernoticed how excited people become when they see themselves on the huge screenat a cricket or football match? Humans like to be noticed as this makes themfeel special so to convert them into your brand advocates you can use thishuman nature.

  • Feature your customers' positivereviews in ads
  • Share product or service resultsin their business in case studies
  • Mention customers' success onsocial media
  • Ask them to share their storywith your product or services

5.    Recognize Referrers

In thisdigital world, people feel free to tag and share huge brands on Instagram so,if someone has tagged you or shared your product on their channel you shouldalso take some time to acknowledge their efforts. You might show yourappreciation with a small incentive. But even a DM, shout-out in your commentsfeed, or email reaching out to say "Thanks for doing that" will encourage yourcustomers to keep sharing their praise for your brand with their colleagues,friends, and family.

6.    Stick with Them

Too oftenthe relationship between customer and business is focused on the conversion.But the real relationship with your customers begins after-sales. Make surethat the customer stays with your brand and keeps coming back for more. This ismore likely to move them from purchaser to loyal customer to brand advocate.

7.    Surprise Them

Surprisesare loved by everyone, especially when a company or brand gives surprises totheir customers. Customers are more likely to get excited about the surprise,which involves any free item. By offering any freebee item or a simplepersonalized thank you note can drastically improve the relationship betweencustomer and business. People love to share these small surprises with peoplearound them and with the expansion of social media they are more likely toshare it on it as well. This might be the best way to turn your customer into abrand advocate.

BottomLine – Customer to a Brand Advocate

There isno hesitation that your customers are your greatest allies. If you offer themtop quality product with unmatched services then your job is half done. Chancesare that they'll promote you at their good judgment. Imagine the impact of yourbrand on the market if you successfully convert your loyal customers into yourbrand advocates.

You canelevate your results by empowering them with the tools needed to market yourproducts and services. You know what's the best part is? That this is asustainable marketing strategy and you don't have to offer then some referralcommissions or out of the budget awards. All you have to do it to give yourcustomers an amazing experience and they will automatically return the favour.

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