5 Changes That Will Make a Founder a More Successful CEO

5 Changes That Will Make a Founder a More Successful CEO

5Changes That Will Make a Founder a More Successful CEO

Leadership is all about growth. Founding and leading a company are two different things. A founder needs to learn a few things which can help them to grow as a leader. It is quite difficult to transform from a founder to a CEO because some people are all about visions but they are not good at management, communication and other leadership skills. In order to run a company one need to get in balance with both aspects.

Well, leading a business is not as simple as it seems to be and it is normal to make mistakes along the way. No one is a born leader; even Steve Jobs struggled when he was first appointed as the CEO of Apple as he was fired for his behaviour. The key is to learn from every mistake and apply it to be a better self and leader. Following are the changes that will make a founder a more successful CEO

  • Less Dabble and More Manage

During the initialdays of a start-up, it's all about getting things done. The founding membershad to perform every task by themselves even though they don't have the skillsto do it. As the company grows and you start hiring specialist people you mightfeel a little unproductive but don't worry because delegation is a great signfor a leader. Now it will be easy for you to focus on managing and leading thecompany.

  • Give Up Control

When you start acompany, you are the one who does most of the work and when you hire aspecialist it become hard for you to give up control because you have beendoing that work for a long time. However, it is hard for a single person tohave control over everything and it is important to give up control if youreally want your team and your company to grow.

You need to learnto work with different people and respect their opinion and if you want to addyour input and simply ask them how you can help instead of forcing your idea.Giving up control is one of the best ways to be a more effective leaderinstantly.

  • You stop trying to win thepopularity contest

Emerging start-upsare like families. When you work with a small group of people every day towardthe same goal you tend to form a bond. As your team grows from 7 to 70, you are no longer the ringleader of asmall platoon you became the general of an army.

New people mightnot know you as your original team did and even if you are the most humbleperson in the office some people will never like you and its fine. You don'thave to be everyone's best friend, all you have to do is to treat everyone withrespect and they will respect you as a leader.

  • You begin to challenge people

Once you stopworrying whether everyone loves you or not, you start thinking about how youcan push your team toward growth. Well, growth is always uncomfortable but it'syour job as a CEO to inspire your team for the growth of your company. Learn tochallenge employees and give them the resources they need to succeed.

  • You start giving credit

You might be theFounder and CEO of your company but your startup isn't about you. Yourleadership, vision and attitude are holding the company together but you needto realize that it's your team who are putting efforts. All top CEOs understandthat they should not sit at the top and pass orders but help others to do theirbest. As your company evolves, take a step back to focus more on support andless on oversight as it will help your team to work more efficiently.

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