Everest IMS Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Transforming Businesses to Heights of Success and Game-Changing Outcomes
EverestIMS Technologies Pvt. Ltd
EverestIMS Technologies Pvt. LtdTransforming Businesses to Heights of Success and Game-Changing Outcomes

Everest IMS Technologies Pvt. Ltd: Transforming Businesses to Heights of Success and Game-Changing Outcomes

Digitalization has been a dominant game changer for various companies and industries. A trend that has been adopted and deriving solutions internationally for a long time is still gaining pace in India.

The country is rich in "brain count" when it comes to designing world-class software. However, only a few product companies have taken up the gauntlet. One of them is Everest IMS Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Everest is an Indian software product company with rich market experience in the I&O and Telecom Management space. The company has built its widespread presence across the country through its expansive product portfolio.

The organizations specialize in providing integrated IT solutions to empower corporations and enterprises to deliver enhanced services to their end-users.

"DigitalTransformation and IT Infrastructure products and solutions abound internationally, with even a few home-grown solutions. We saw a significant opportunity where we could create a slew of products under an umbrella suite to cater to various enterprises' IT infrastructure management needs.

Creating monolithic products for different needs would not suit clients who often had siloed requirements," Said V. Satish Kumar, CEO, and Co-Founder.

The Everest Team

The company is founded by a group of technocrats who have been working with each other for over 14 years and have a combined experience of close to 140+ years in the I&O space.

The visionary, V.Satish Kumar, is a computer science graduate from the University of Madras and has 19 years of technology and business expertise. He started his career on the information technology side, building many enterprise and telecom product lines.

Fulfilling the entrepreneurial urge, he founded EverestIMS and its line of products offering tailor-made solutions for customers. The brand offers employees an innovative and challenging atmosphere while motivating them to"think around the curve" and smartly anticipating customer needs while crafting a feature set that delights them.

Leveraging Transformational Solutions

"Laying down the foundation for Digital transformation" is the objective that all the company products are directed towards. The Infraon Suite was born out of the multi-tiered needs, which at certain times demanded specificity. While at others, it required an all-comprehensive unified approach.

Under the brand name of "Infraon," the company has 4 distinct products namely – Infraon IMS (Unified IT Infrastructure Management Suite for IT, Networking, and IoT Devices), InfraonDesk (An ITILv3 based Service Management tool), Infraon NCCM-for-Compliance and change Management and Infraon UNMS for Telecoms and IoT.

A heterogeneous digital infrastructure management system, Infraon IMS is a truly unified monitoring and management system for servers, storage, networking, firewalls, CCTV, Wi-Fi applications, etc.

Infraon NCCM is for Network Configuration, Compliance, and Change Management. Infraon Desk is a pink elephant-certified product to Automate and Simplify business processes and service Delivery. Infraon UNMS directly targets discreet technologies in Telecoms & IoTEnterprises collecting critical performance data from the entire IT setup.

Overcoming the Biggest Challenge: Acceptance

Finance and Acceptance are the two major challenges that the company faced. Building a customer base between an array of companies that believed in domestically developed products' superiority over foreign products was an extremely difficult challenge that EverestIMS overcame.

The company realized that a strong human angle was needed to gain a competitive advantage which is why it first focused on strong technical support.

Secondly, Everest delivered its services under the ambit of a "Consultative" approach. These two tactics laid down the foundation for a steady and loyal customer base which ultimately resolved the financial problems.

EverestIMS Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Current Business Model

A premium distributor and owning multiple classes of channel partners across major cities in India, EverestIMS has developed a channel and distribution model in India. The company is associated with a reliable and strong Chanel Partner Network.

This pivotal partner network has bolstered the company's expansion to delve deeper into markets that were off-limits before this. The successful model is a result of investments into the robust partner engagement program with a dedicated team to ensure a "Win-Win" scenario.

Building Clients with Simple Techniques

Everest IMS has built a successful customer base by sticking to the simple things and doing them well.

From the initial customer engagement that begins with the "Customer Engagement Design", all interactions are significantly derived from seamlessly crafted engagement processes delivering customer satisfaction at each point of contact.

The core value proposition that EverestIMS adheres to is to ensure complete focus and properly articulated feeders of the customer journey.

Key to a Vibrant Start-up

"We invest in people and processes and encourage internal innovation and foresight. Mistakes are acceptable as long as it is on the quest to build a better product," continued Satish Kumar.

Inspiration for the Visionary

"Two of the greatest leaders of their time, Dr. Abdul Kalam and Sridhar Vembu, inspired me. Kalam showed the power of simplicity to the world and that India can excel and beat even the big countries at the space game, while Vembu is the founder and CEO of privately held Zoho, a creator of cloud-based business software." The visionary V. Satish Kumar, CEO of, EverestIMS, shared his views on being inspired.

Journey So Far…

"The journey has been a long one, albeit with its share of ups and downs, We keep the main goal in sight at all times, and we know that effort and knowledge will help us achieve all that we have set out to achieve," said CEO V. Satish Kumar


Delivering to a very large telecom along with successful government deals have been prestigious wins for EverestIMS. The company has connected with the largest telecom and government players while becoming a trustworthy partner for both sectors.

A Piece of Advice to the New Entrants

"Dream big, don't shrink your canvas. However, have a clear plan and always have good ethics and plans as to how you will achieve your goals.

Plans may change and vary, but they will help you guide your ship in the right direction. Don't get cowed down by failures and downtrends," V. Satish Kumar, CEO of EverestIMS stated.

EverestIMS Technologies Pvt. Ltd
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EverestIMS Technologies Pvt. Ltd

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