World Tourism Day- Why Traveling is Important for Mental Health?

World Tourism Day- Why Traveling is Important for Mental Health?

World Tourism Day- Why Traveling is Important for Mental Health?

On every 27th of September since 1980, UNWTO (United Nations WorldTourism Organization) is celebrating world tourism day. This is celebratedevery year to increase knowledge of people about tourism within differentcommunities of the world and how it is affecting cultural, economic, social andpolitical values around the world.

Every year, this day comes with a theme and the theme for 2019 is 'Tourism and Jobs: A better future for all.'

Travelling excites a lot of people, some people might get excited aboutnew places to explore or with the food they are going to eat or just enjoyingthe sunset with their loved ones but one thing that traveling does isrejuvenate your mood as well as health. Change of places can also change yourthought patterns, say experts.

If you are feeling stressed or depressed with your daily life, tryto travel to someplace where you can be free for a few days as this will boostyour mental health. On this occasion of world tourism day, we are going toshare 5 points on how traveling can improve your mental health.

  • Improves happiness and pleasure

When you are traveling, you tend to leave your problems and worriesbehind which automatically boosts your mood and confidence. Staying in oneplace, meeting the same people will often give you a feeling that you are in atrap but traveling allows you to enjoy and meet new people which will enhanceyour creative ability. Hence you will feel happy and rejuvenated.

  • RelivesStress

This seems to be coming; many people who work in big corporationstend to take a break and travel just to reduce their stress. Daily working andtargets seem to be unachievable when you are in stress so traveling makes iteasier. When you take away your attention from a stressful situation, your mindtends to become much calmer. Traveling to the mountains or beaches will givethe break you need.

  • Improvecreativity

We humans are born to be creative. It is often related to thepatterns of our brain which can be changed according to our surroundings andexperiences. To boost your creativity, it is advisable to travel to somecultural places as this will help to accept different styles of living and willalso influence your way of living life. Having a creative mind is not a talentbut it is a way of operating, more creative you are more happily you willlive.  

  • Enhancescommunication skills

Having a good communication skill set is the key to your businesslife, love life, and even social life. Some people feel shy about talking tostrangers, those people lack confidence in themselves. Travelling allowsdeveloping a new personality and letting you be open with strangers as withoutcommunicating with the locals you won't be able to explore new places. 

  • Changeyour thinking

Traveling not only means to take a break from your job and dailyroutine but also from your environment and daily habits. This allows you tobuild new habits and think differently according to the culture or place youare traveling in.

Hence, traveling has many benefits in your life. Travel as much asyou can and explore new places as you have only one life, accept the gift oflife and appreciate it.

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