New Year’s Resolutions for Entrepreneurs for 2020

New Year’s Resolutions for Entrepreneurs for 2020

NewYear's Resolutions for Entrepreneurs for 2020 

As 2019is going to end, it marks not only the end of this year but also thisdecade.  Many of us have already begun to think about our new year'sresolutions for 2020. 

Traditionalresolutions such as 'eat healthier and exercise more' will fall high up on mostlists, although if you are a business owner or entrepreneur, why not take adifferent approach to your new year goals?

EveryNew Year gives a sense of motivation to address aspects of our business that weneed to change. Whether it is a desperate need to streamline communication orto focus more attention on your brand's social media page, take advantage ofthis surge of motivation to make the long-overdue changes. 

  • Plan for the Future 

Establishinga new year's resolution list is a great way to track your business' growththroughout the year and ensure your motivation is focused on achieving them,but why stop there? Take some time to think about what you want for yourbusiness beyond 2020, and into the expected future. 

Wheredo you see yourself in 2, 5 or even 10 years? Keep these goals close, look overthem from time to time, and adjust your habits and actions to achieve them asyour business grows.

  • Offer Experience to Those Starting Out 

Do you rememberwhen you were starting in your industry? How would you describe the experience?Looking back, do you wish you had more support or opportunities? Offering somesort of support to talented, hard-working people can be fulfilling. 

Establisha meaningful connection that could pay off down the line. Give them amentorship program, providing work experience or simply impart some of yourwisdom. By offering some form of support to these hard-working youth can go along way when it comes to kick-starting their career.

  • Take Less, Give More

Givingmore to those who need is a common New Year's resolution adopted by individualsand businesses around the world. The key reason behind devoting your time ormoney to a worthy cause is to create a positive impact and to help others,although the practice can be good for your brand reputation.

Notonly it is beneficial for the community, but the practice is alsotax-deductible an excellent marketing tactic and a great way to boost themorale of your staff members. It's a win-win situation. Make a positive impactby making a conscious decision to support a cause close to your heart in2020. 

  • Broaden Your Team and Delegate More 

Delegationis a common practice adopted by many leaders to boost morale, save time, andincrease productivity.  As a business owner, it can be difficult to put acrucial task in the hands of someone else, especially if you want to be in fullcontrol. 

If youfind it difficult to hand over a task to another person, set a new year'sresolution to delegate more. Try to begin with something small. 

Delegatea simple task onto someone you trust, and if they perform well with thisresponsibility, continue to do so. As time passes, you'll build trust andcommon understanding with your employees which can make the delegation processmuch easier and will overall leave you with extra time to focus on moreimportant tasks. 

  • Share More Content on Social Media 

Astrong social media presence is an asset which you should not underestimate inthis age of digitization. 

Awell-engaged Facebook or Instagram page can increase the number of potentialcustomers, breathe more personality into your brand, and provide a platform foryou to directly speak with your target audience. 

It's aunique and powerful tool to have as a small business owner. Although despitethe benefits, many businesses still aren't taking full advantage of socialmedia. Make the change this new year by not only creating an account for yourbrand but by also sharing a consistent stream of content for your audience toengage with. 

How canyou get started? If you've already established your desired target audience,it's easy to create and share a combination of content including images,videos, and blog posts. 

Usesocial media analytics to see what's working for your brand, and begin totailor your content for your followers. From here, it's merely a matter ofstaying on top of your content creation, posting as regularly as you can, andinteracting with your audience.

  • Dedicate Time towardsNetworking 

Generatemore referrals, create new opportunities, and attain advice from otherlike-minded individuals; these are a few simple benefits that businessnetworking can deliver. 

However,it's a practice avoided by many business owners due to the uncomfortable natureassociated with putting yourself out there and meeting new people. Due to theunlikely fear of rejection, many individuals will never even try this. 

Networkingis vital when it comes to growing and sustaining a small business, so make 2020the year you turn it into a habit. 

Putaside some of your valuable time and begin by finding some local networkingevents in your area. Once you've found an event, summon up some confidence andcommit to attending the event. It'll most likely feel a bit unnatural orawkward at first, although your confidence will begin to shoot the more you tryit. As they say, practice makes perfect. 

Over toYou

In theupcoming decade, if you want next-level entrepreneurial success then you shouldset boundaries and create priorities so you know what is more important to you.So what's your business game in 2020?

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