Skybridge Infotech – Adds Technology to Strategy

Skybridge Infotech – Adds Technology to Strategy
Skybridge Infotech – Adds Technology to Strategy

Skybridge Infotech – Adds Technology to Strategy

Skybridge Infotech, a global leader in IT services offers a dynamic blend of software development and technology staffing services. Since its inception, Skybridge Infotech has been reputedly paying attention to developing cost-effective and efficient management services for its clients from Startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Presently it offers Web Application development, Implementing Content Management Solutions utilizing Sitecore, Secure Enterprise Mobile Application Development, Mobile Business Intelligence, and Analytics & Delivering applications using the SaaS model on Cloud.

It also offers Executive search, Long and Short term contract fixing, and recruitment for almost all industries.

Skybridge has its headquarters in Michigan, USA, and has an India-based World-class delivery center that provides Cost-effective, High-quality solution that is consistently delivered on time to clients in other part of the world. Skybridge has also offices in Australia and Europe.

About the CEO:

Sakthi Gopalaswami, the CEO of Skybridge Infotech, attended Wayne State University, USA for M.S. in Computer Science and completed B.E. from PSG College of Technology. He has vast experience running large organizations for Fortune 4 companies in the USA.

Previous to Skybridge, at Ford he played a key role as Global Program Manager in setting up Ford Asia Pacific operations Program Management Office. He worked closely with Ford India in transitioning IT projects from multiple Ford locations across the globe to India.

He has worked with various Ford entities including Jaguar, Volvo, Ford Motor Credit & Mazda. As well as Ford, he has worked as the Director of Health care of Practice at CSC serving the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit and in General Motors and Visteon. He has also served CSC, EDS, GM, and Visteon.

Over four decades Skybridge management team has been working in various businesses in USA and India. It is a privately held global organization with an extensive understanding of the various aspects of multinational and local business and industry's specific demands.

Skybridge Infotech – Adds Technology to Strategy
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Its technology services include 24X7 application support, maintenance, and monitoring for time-critical applications. Skybridge team has rich experience in Microsoft technologies development.

The company is also an expert in the field of developing Mobile Web Apps, Native Apps, Hybrid Mobile Apps, and Mobile UI/UX design for Android, iOS, and Windows.

But IT is a huge industry, competition is very high. What's the company's idea to offer unique solutions in this industry?

"Nowadays employees would like to access the corporate data from their mobile devices. However due to security issues, companies are unable to do so. Skybridge can offer solutions that allows the companies to let their employees to access the corporate data securely by setting the "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) policy using Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) Solution."

– said an official of Skybridge Infotech.

"In the digital world, Enterprises would like to build a web platform for their customers with responsive and intuitive UI with manageable content in a short time. Skybridge helps you develop a web platform that easy-to-use interfaces, email and automation platforms, real-time personalization, scalability, and performance. We deliver a consistent, compelling experience virtually on any device so that your customers can interact with you anywhere anytime." he also added.

Another important thing is they provide end-to-end B2B and B2C ecommerce experience that works across multiple devices which will convert more customers, increase average order value, reduce shopping cart abandonments, and offer relevant brand experiences that keep shoppers coming back.

Within a very short period the company has overcome many milestones. It's an NMSDC Certified Employer in the USA, it's recognized by Silicon India as Top 25 Consultants and it's also a Sitecore Certified Implementation Partner.

Now Skybridge is planning to extend its services offerings in Data warehousing using Big Data, the Internet of Things(IoT), Mobile Business Intelligence and Analytics, and Delivering applications using the SaaS model on Cloud.

But that's not their final mission. In the map of the corporate world in Africa, Asia Pacific, and Europe, they also want to expand their position by extending services across multiple industries including Manufacturing, Insurance, Healthcare, retail, Banking, and Financial Sectors.

Road Map

  • Feb 2011 – Started the Organization

  • March 2011 – Acquired the first Fortune 500 client.

  • April 2012 – Awarded a contract to do a major consulting engagement for a large firm

  • Sept 2012 – Started the India Development Center

  • May 2013 – Rolled out the workflow tool for the Major services firm.

  • Nov 2013 – NMSDC Certified Employer in the USA

  • Dec 2013 – Established Data warehousing support center for a Tier2 Automotive firm

  • Feb 2014 – Established the .NET center of excellence for a $6 Billion Manufacturing Company

  • May 2014 – Established the Sitecore center of excellence & Mobile Application Development and Research Center

  • August 2014 – Implementation of an inventory management application in 37 manufacturing plants across the globe.

  • March 2015 – Recognized by Sitecore as the Certified Sitecore Implementation Partner.

Skybridge Infotech – Adds Technology to Strategy
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Skybridge Infotech – Adds Technology to Strategy
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