Top 10 Recruiting CRM Software For Staffing Companies

Top 10 Recruiting CRM Software For Staffing Companies
Top 10 Recruiting CRM Software For Staffing Companies

Top 10 Recruiting CRM Software For StaffingCompanies

Few things are as important to a business as to maintain a relationship with its clients.Whether you cater to consumers or other businesses, it is vital to stay up todate on evolving conversations with existing customers while also effectively managing new leads.

Customer satisfaction widely depends on your ability to offer attentive, personalized engagement with your clients, but your progress needs you to continue seeking out new potential customers also.

Customer relationship management or CRM tool does just that, helping your team log communications, manage leads and create effective marketing campaigns.

Earlier,CRM solutions were only available to big brands, but the growth of cloud-based services has available it to businesses of all sizes.

CRM for Recruiting and Staffing Companies

What is the need for a CRM solution for the recruiting and staffing industry?

Strong CRMsoftware is a powerful tool if it is used to its full potential impacting every department in an organisation.

Recruiting CRM solutions specialized for staffing companies take detail-oriented to a whole new definition. It tracks every conversation, detail, and transaction with each customer, all while being able to create email campaigns and drip marketing campaigns to create new leads.

It automates all the routine process and reduces the time spent searching and hiring employees, simplifies the monotonous operations of HR managers like the collection and processing of CVs,email correspondence with candidates and clients, the formation of a single database, on going approval, event analysis and more.

Overall, CRM for the recruiting industry is a one-stop solution for managing customer activities and keeping a pulse on clients. In this competitive environment, a perfect CRM solution is no longer a luxury to have, but a necessity. It is much more than keeping track of all client interactions.  

This guide covers a comprehensive break down of what to look for in a CRM solution and a list of top 10 CRM for staffing firms you can see around in the digital world,rendering their CRM solutions to businesses.

Major Factors to Look for in a CRM Provider

The foundation of any staffing firm is relationships, so it is no surprise that choosing a customer relationship management system is one of the important decisions you will make for your business.

CRM software is powerful, but general-purpose ones are made to tackle the needs of different industries while staffing-specific one is created to serve the needs of the staffing industry.

You do not need to invest in a lot of functionality that your firm will never use, get a CRM specially designed to handle the complexities of staffing agencies.

Once you have decided to get a CRM for staffing, it is really tough to navigate your option.  While every company is unique so their needs are. To choose the perfect CRM solution for your recruiting company, consider these factors before choosing any CRM solution:


Makeintegration your priority and spend as much time shopping for your integratoras you do for the CRM itself.

Your CRM should seamlessly integrate with an ERP or other accounting software, HR software, your own website, and web forms to import new leads, billing and e-commerce platforms to register transactions and marketing solutions also.

Features and Functionality

Your business is different from others in terms of processes, customer base, and growth dynamics. So, having a set of standard, basic or inflexible functions isnot good.

Here, you need a scalable CRM solution. As your company progresses,so will your CRM needs. That's why you need to ensure that the CRM software you select can be easily upgraded to the next more sophisticated version.

Returnon Investment

Before implementing a system that needs an upfront cost or a recurring cost to maintain, you need to run the numbers to gauge the potential return.

Think about how soon and to what degree this solution will impact acquisition andretention rates. How it will bring further revenue to get the return you wishto achieve.


Today,almost every business is using CRM regardless of industry. It might be a simple spreadsheet or an ever just a little black book but there will always be some sort of system in place.

This means, most CRM solutions have to be generic enough to work across different industries with the option to customize to fit specific industry needs.

It goes without saying that your recruiting agency needs recruitment specific CRM software. These provide various features of the top of standard CRMs like CV parsing, website integration, and job board management.

Top 10 Recruiting CRM Software For Staffing Companies

Finally,Ease of Use

CRM has become one of the vital tools in your business so make sure that everybody is okay with the way it works, mainly the key people within your business. Talk to those people who will use the system to try it out and listen to their feedback.

Your perfect software is pointless if your team does not know how to use it, so consider training and provide support.

As the market is full of CRM vendors who have deployed their CRM solutions with varying features and capabilities but many of them are of what a recruitment agency actually needs.

To help you find the right CRM software, we have listedhere top CRM software for recruiting companies;


One of the best CRMs for recruiting, Zoho Recruit is an applicant tracking system catering to multiple hurdles faced by recruiters. It is a complete solution for in-house recruiters as well as staffing agencies.

The software helps you source, track,and hire the best candidates, without any juggling needed in different media.It customises every aspect of your workday and automates various tasks from sending emails, to updating interview status and more.


A cloud-based platform, Job Diva works as s Service for Staffing Enterprises. It incorporates a patent-protected recruiting engine. Supported by a full suite of advanced features, this CRM software drives the hiring processes from first engagement to hire and on-boarding, along with a partner ecosystem of 150+integrations.

Present-day, this platform has over 30,000+ users on the global level. It supports companies to find a skilled workforce faster, engaged with greater ease and achieve commanding growth.


Jobvite is focused exclusively on recruiting software. It is a comprehensive and analytics-driven recruiting platform that accelerates recruiting with a Candidate CRM tool an easy-to-use Applicant Tracking System, social recruiting capabilities, mobile-optimized branded career.

It is a perfect recruiting branding solution, providing video screening, advanced analytics, onboarding,and seamless integration with other HR systems.


BirdDog provides all range of recruitment and applicant tracking solutions. It covers candidates sourcing and screening, recruitment management, and reporting for complianceand many more.

It is also providing easy-to-use recruiting services. This cloud-based solution drives candidates to flow, shortens time to hire,centralizes communication, and cut the recruiting cost.


One of the innovative recruitment software solutions, Arithon is designed to facilitate the requirements of present-day recruiting professionals. It also allows them to get more candidates in less time while boosting their staff output.

This CRM is able to drive growth to your business, boost job orders, cut time-to-fill and make up to 50% more placements. The ultimate goal of this CRM is to make recruiters better worldwide by enhancing and modernising the technology they have to work with.


ActionHRM CRM is another popular recruiting CRM solution. The recruiting module of this software provides you all the tools you need to manage the recruitment process from job posting through on boarding. You get an application sent via mail and phone, and also from websites.

It allows you to start and store the results of background checks, and schedule interviews with the online calendar. This recruitingCRM supports applicant banding, allows you to compile applicant data withnotes, and information about a candidates' suitability for the job.

It has three major product packages- Core HR, Extended HR, and Enterprise. Besides, it offers a tailored function set to meet the specific needs and budget of anagency.


The recruitment companies are flourishing, and the market is not standing still.The larger the company becomes, the more data and work it has to structure and cluster. Never get lost in a sea of data, choose the right CRM for your recruiting business from the above list that tackles your needs.

Top 10 Recruiting CRM Software For Staffing Companies
Top 10 Recruiting CRM Software For Staffing Companies

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