Top Billionaires Who Live Modest Lives

Top Billionaires Who Live Modest Lives
Top Billionaires Who Live Modest LivesTop Billionaires Who Live Modest Lives

Top Billionaires Who Live Modest Lives

Being a billionaire and living a simple life is something that many people do not understand as they wish to have billions and showcase their wealth in every aspect of their lives.

From lavish vacations to sports cars, billionaires around the world spend enormous amounts of money showing off their wealth and why not, right? But many billionaires do not showcase their wealth via their looks, cars, or lifestyle.

Chairman, CEO, CFO, and other important positions like these around the world offer one a chance to live the most luxurious life, but a handful of frugal businessmen showcase some interesting habits.

Eating lunch with other employees in the cafeteria, traveling in cars like Toyota or Volkswagen, not living in mansions, etc are some of the habits of these CEOs which inspire every businessman or anyone who wishes to be rich and successful.

Why some billionaires live modest lives and how they continue to not get in the "ego trap" is a question that arises in the minds of every individual who reads about these billionaires.

The habits are a result of a mentality, the most crucial part of being successful, having a lead over others, and being wealthy. These business leaders do not look forward to spending their money as they receive it, they however believe in increasing the value of the money they have.

They believe in ensuring that their net value increases over time by investing money. Following are the business leaders around the world who are living modest lives, inspiring many people around the world:

Mark Zuckerberg

A man who rules the internet-based era with the online platform called Facebook is the first on the list as he is known for pursuing a simple life. While many people wish to buy the most luxurious and most expensive clothes, the founder of Facebook wears his casual "Uniform" inclusive of T-shirts, hoodies, and Jeans.

Well, the psychology behind this look is to ensure that his brain does not have to spend time making judgments like "What to Wear?" and other unnecessary decisions so that he can focus on the more important ones.

The man drives a manual transmission Volkswagen Hatchback and has not been caught in the wealth trap as he aims to serve the community and not waste his efforts on anything that loses its value in the long run.

Top Billionaires Who Live Modest Lives

Carlos Slim Helu

Carlos Helu, a man who has an empire with his vast array of companies has spent half of his life, more than 40 years in the same 6-room flat. One of the richest men in Mexico, Carlo Helu does not believe in spending his fortune, especially in luxuries like private jets and yachts.

He has been enjoying his simple life in his house, spending quality time with his children and grandchildren enjoying home-cooked meals, and creating a legacy.

The billionaire follows the same approach in business to ensure that his organization becomes one of the most successful brands. He is known to have a few indulgences including Cuban Cigars along with Fine Art that he holds in honor of his late wife.

Ingvar Kamprad

IKEA, a brand known by everyone today, was founded by the business leader Ingvar Kamprad. The man has a net worth of around forty billion dollars, but his lifestyle is not exactly as luxurious as people may think.

Being the second richest man in Europe does not showcase his wealth flying in business class or eating lunch at a 7-star restaurant; one may not even recognize him in economy class or eating lunch in IKEA's cafeteria.

Kamprad drives his decades-old Volvo and frequently rides the bus, the furniture maker does ensure that spending money on the luxurious lifestyle is not exactly how one can define happiness and that the value of money does not increase by spending it on showing off.

Azim Premji

Chairman of one of the biggest IT companies, Wipro, Azim Premji is an inspiration for those who believe in showcasing his net worth of sixteen billion dollars via spending it carelessly in his personal life or at work.

The business tycoon in India does not fear riding on a three-wheeler "rickshaw" to reach home from the airport, or drive a second-hand car or keeping tabs on the toilet paper used at the Wipro Office along with reminding the employees to switch off the lights at the office.

Warren Buffet

One of the richest men in the world can also be called the most modest, Warren Buffet lives in the same home that he purchased for $31,500 in 1958.

He does not believe in spending money on buying 6 or 7 homes he finds his home the best option as spending money on such things does not make a point after a time according to him.

The man invests in junk-food purveyors like Burger King, Dairy Queen, and Coca-Cola, he does not only enjoy investing in these brands but he also enjoys consuming them.

Being a billionaire does not mean one has to live life according to some luxury standards and that is what makes all of the names mentioned above successful yet different from the rest.

Top Billionaires Who Live Modest Lives
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Top Billionaires Who Live Modest Lives
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