ASTI breathes Innovation and creates Next Generation tracking solutions

ASTI breathes Innovation and creates Next Generation tracking solutions

ASTI breathes Innovation and creates Next Generation tracking solutions

Steve Jobs once said, "People with passion can change the world"; a fact which is illustrated time and again by great entrepreneurs of the world who contributed significantly towards the benefit of the people and development of the society. A strong passion for solving real problems of people around fired up the spirit of entrepreneurship in Sunity Choudhary to innovate and create transformative solutions that would leverage her rich experience and expertise in product development and zeal for technology. Her firm determination led to the establishment of Asti Infotech Private Limited in 2013 with an aim to 'exploit the new technologies on the horizon to place simple and handy solutions in the hands of a fast growing potential customer base in the mobile and internet space.' In a chat with START UP CITY Magazine, Sunity Choudhary, Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer, speaks about the company, "A strong commitment to creating solutions that simplify lives of people, at their homes or at work, individuals or corporate clients, pervades every moment at Asti Infotech, be it of a software programmer or a founder of this vibrant startup located in Electronics City, Bangalore. The repertoire comprises mobile, web and IoT products, ranging from home and office automation to safety and productivity solutions. Innovation is in the air at Asti, there is a new product created every month and a new idea conceived every week. Latest technologies, such as machine-to-machine making use of GPS, RFID, NFC and Bluetooth, are employed in creating various solutions".

Innovative Product Portfolio

Asti's innovative Product Portfolio encompasses next generation tracking solutions that use advanced technology and analytics to solve intricate problems of various sections of the populace. These products are packed with very convenient features and offer a great user experience, thereby ensuring maximum business benefits to clients. The suite of products includes Trakom (Tracking and Communication Solution for Schools), Imprint (Sales force Tracking and Management Solution), AFM (Asti Fleet Management Solution) and Smart Communication App. Let's take a brief look into them:

  • Trakom – A GPS-based school bus tracking system to ensure the safety of students from the moment they leave for school, till they reach home safely. Trakom utilizes real-time GPS tracking of school buses to assure children's safety while they are commuting to school. Through GPS tracking, the system sends timely updates and notifications to parents about start timings, change in route or delays. Empowering parents to be assured of their ward's safety within school premises, the product leverages RFID tracking to generate timely alarms for school admin and parents if the students are missing from class, enter restricted areas or leave school before scheduled time.
  • Imprint – A revolutionary product for businesses to efficiently track and effectively manage their sales team. A brilliant Sales force tracking system, Imprint becomes a great tool for Sales Managers and professionals to constantly monitor their sales executives in real time as well as aids them in improving productivity & boosting performance at a very low cost. The product has already been hailed as one of the best sales force management solutions in the market, as it is available as a mobile application and a web application, which are interlinked, enabling managers as well as agents to get timely updates.
  • AFM (Asti Fleet Management) – The fleet management system has been developed by Asti for helping organizations ensure safer commute to employees as well as manage their fleet of vehicles. The transportation tracking system helps in managing the functionalities of vehicles in a single dashboard and does multiple tasks such as driver management, safety management, vehicle location tracking, fuel & speed management, and route planning.
  • Smart Communication Application – This system is specifically devoted to enable effortless communication between parents, mentors and students. The unique features of this system include Notice Board, Bidirectional Messaging and Group Messaging; which allow mentors, parents and students to exchange information, share updates and resolve problems.

The firm has been making successful strides towards gaining a strong foothold in the market and emerging as a leader with its innovative products that are developed using best-in-class technologies. The products are developed while maintaining the highest standards of quality and being cost effective all the same. The technical teams at Asti persistently endeavor to widen its product portfolio; keep the solutions upgraded and deliver value as well as satisfaction to clients. Speaking about Asti's strategies for building a strong customer base, Sunity says, "It is our mission to create happier and satisfied clients who consider us as partners in their growth. We ensure this through constant feedback and inputs from our customers. Responsibility towards our clients is one of our greatest values; we do everything to ensure that our customers derive maximum benefits from our solutions. An eye for detail in all our efforts ensures that we design and deliver high value products with great user experience."

Success Mantra

"Our focus is on building unique and quality solutions with the end customer in view; be it stressed parents of school going children or troubled managers tracking peripatetic sales executives. We, at Asti, believe that with a constant gaze on quality and unique value-added features in our solutions, we can ward off most of the competition and grab our share in the pie. There is no gainsaying that we have to, perpetually, be abreast of what's happening in the competition and differentiate ourselves from them. We have created a buoyant work atmosphere for our employees that allows for innovation and quality, keeping us ahead of the rest on these crucial parameters" says Sonal Malhotra, Co-Founder & Vice President 

Road Ahead

The vision of positioning Asti Infotech as a well-established, self-funded technology driven company offering groundbreaking solutions has led to create a robust planning for next five years that involves continual efforts towards mining new technologies to expand product line and customer reach. Considering every problem faced by people a potential opportunity, the expert team at Asti is doing all the groundwork for:

  • developing a solution for on-premise tracking of contract employees to ensure improved productivity and accountability
  • developing a single ERP solution that would ensure automation of various departments in schools/colleges leading to more efficient management, greater accuracy and time & cost saving
  • building a convenient tracking solution for an entire bouquet of delivery services

The Spirits behind the Success

Sunity Choudhary, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, Asti Infotech has been in product development for many years. She spent a lot of time working in the USA, the UK and Belgium. She is very passionate about innovation and technology. She is a Kathak dancer & performer and a staunch Yoga believer and practitioner.

Sonal Malhotra, Co-Founder & Vice President, Asti Infotech is a seasoned professional with experience in all aspects of Business Analysis, Business Development, Account Management and contract management. A go-getter by nature, Sonal is a results-driven Business Development Professional, who has a success record of driving and generating incremental revenue and profits.

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