Ban of E-cigarettes- Government stops all sales and production

Ban of E-cigarettes- Government stops all sales and production

Ban of E-cigarettes- Governmentstops all sales and production

The government of India puts an end to e-cigarettes as FinanceMinister Nirmala Sitharaman said this will ruin the young generation.

Every process of e-cigarettes be it is manufacturing, production,transport, sale, import/export, distribution, advertisement, and even storageare banned as this is approved by The Union Cabinet said FM Nirmala Sitharaman.

This decision was taken to take early steps toward the health ofpeople and soon an ordinance will be passed by the government of Indiaregarding this in the next session of Parliament.

E-cigarettes don't operate like traditional cigarettes on tobaccobut they use the heating technology that vaporizes liquid nicotine which isinhaled by the consumer. This is a major difference between a combustible andE-cigarette.

Easy accessibility and marketing of e-cigarettes are allowingsmokers to get attracted to it much faster and this is the reason why thegovernment has decided to ban it.

According to the official data, around 9, 00,000 people are dyingdue to tobacco every year.

India has the second-largest adult smokers in the world after China andhas over 106 million active smokers. This makes India a potential market fore-cigarette companies like Juul and Philip Morris.

The Union Health Ministry had also issued to every state and (UT)Union Territories that any e-cigarettes, e-nicotine flavored hookah,heat-not-burn devices, vape, e-sheesha, Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems(ENDS), and devices that deliver nicotine are not to be sold, trade,distribute, advertise or manufactured offline or online.

Preeti Sudan, Union Health Secretary suggested to Commerce secretaryto block the entry of companies like JUUL or any other vaping device or e-cigarettescompanies in India. She also said that if we cannot prevent the entry of theseproducts than it could undercut the efforts of the government to controltobacco.

ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) had also denied the use ofe-cigarettes as the reports from their studies show that it is a potentialreason for nicotine addiction. They also refer to the study done in the US byfood and drug administration (FDA) that the continuous use of e-cigarettes willlead to an increase in smoking among young generations. 

The ICMR also pointed out the devices like e-cigarettes not onlycarry addictive nicotine solution but it also has harmful items like asflavoring agents and vaporizers. There are also many bad effects of using ase-cigarettes or any electronic nicotine devices on the human body likerespiratory, carcinogenic, molecular and immunological toxicity, DNA damage,cardiovascular and neurological disease, and worse impact on foetal developmentduring pregnancy.

After the death of several people due to the e-cigarettes, New Yorkalso bans Electronic nicotine devices and e-cigarettes. Due to this people arein fear as these products were marketed as less harmful than traditionalcigarettes.

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