Best Web Series for Young Entrepreneurs

Best Web Series for Young Entrepreneurs
Best Web Series for Young Entrepreneurs

Best Web Series for Young Entrepreneurs

The trend of watching web series is very popular among the youths of today because these series are exciting, crisp, and very insightful. There are web series in every category like drama, action, thriller, comedy, romance, and many more.

Likewise, there are many web series for young start-up owners and for those who want to develop a passion for entrepreneurship.

Reading books is good but watching shows or series on entrepreneurs is a whole different experience. So here we bring you the best business-oriented web series that would bring out the entrepreneur in you.

  • Start-up

The Startup is a famous American web series that was released in the year 2016. Along with a popular star cast, it has a unique concept that makes this series stand out.

This story is about a banker from Brooklyn, a hacker from Cuba, and a Gang lord from Haiti who come together to build a multi-billion dollar business on digital currency which is going to change the future of money.

This is a must-watch series for young start-up owners who believe they have a unique idea that can change the world.

  • TheProfit

The Profit is a popular American TV show which was launched in the year 2013. This series doesn't demonstrate only the happy side of being an entrepreneur but also shows the raw, challenging, and often ugly side of starting your own business.

The story revolves around the life of a businessman who is one of the biggest players in the game. It shows how he invested in some struggling companies and turned them into super successful ventures and took a percentage in their profit.

This will give great inspiration and lessons to every start-up owner. It not only shows what you should do as an entrepreneur but also what you should not do during your entrepreneurial journey.

One of the major focuses in this series is on three P'swhich are Product, People, and Process which is known to be the mantra for success for any startup.

Best Web Series for Young Entrepreneurs
  • HowI Made My Millions

This show was launched in the year 2011 as a CNBC original. In this, it was shown how people are taking an ordinary idea and turning it into multi-millionaire businesses. This series will teach you that believing and taking risks for your dreams can make you a millionaire.

How I made my millions is a story of an atypical dream to build an empire based on an idea, available resources, and willpower. It's a must-watch for young start-up owners.

  • SiliconValley

Silicon Valley is one of the most popular American TV shows which were released in the year 2014. This series showcases the real work and life of an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley.

This story is about the six young men who began their start-up despite the massive competition in the hub of the business world. They faced a lot of failures and set backs but they had a burning desire to fulfill their dreams.

This show will teach you that having good qualifications does not mean that you are capable of handling a business; you will only learn when you step into the market. This series has won many awards and is also loved by its viewers.

  • TVFPitchers

TVF Pitchers is the first Indian web series on entrepreneurship launched in the year 2015. This series was created by TVF(The Viral Fever) for 'first-time' entrepreneurs.

The story revolves around a bunch of young men who have their typical corporate jobs and decided to quit their jobs to start their businesses.


Being an entrepreneur is not a piece of cake, it takes real efforts to build something substantial and useable. It might sound fancy to be an entrepreneur but these web series will show the reality of being a businessman.

Best Web Series for Young Entrepreneurs
Best Web Series for Young Entrepreneurs
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