Latest Google Update: Google Drive will Stop Syncing Google Photos from July

Latest Google Update: Google Drive will Stop Syncing Google Photos from July

Latest Google Update: Google Drive will Stop Syncing Google Photosfrom July

Google Drivehas been the all-in-one storage solution for a long time. Here, we can collectall type of office files and Google Docs and photos and files of all varieties.But with the new update, from 10 July Google Photos will no longer sync toGoogle Drive. In other words, Google is going to uncouple Google Photos fromGoogle Drive, and the two storage services will stop automatically keeping eachother's photos in sync.

In the lastfew years, Google Drive has worked and come up with excellent solutions tomanage our photos securely stowed and accessible in both apps. Now, it has comeup with its latest version of the Google Drive app, under which Google Photossync integration appears to be stopping.

What will Change?

When, GooglePhotos do not sync to Google Drive, if you add or delete files in Photos, theywon't be automatically added or deleted in Drive.

What Google Says

Google saysthat users were confused by the link between Photos and Drive. The update isaimed at supporting "prevent unintentional deletions of items across theplatform." For example, earlier, some users were confused about the fact thatremoving a copy of a photo in Photos also means that the picture is deleted inDrive, and vice versa. We are expectingthis simplified experience is simpler for users to understand and operate.

What about the already Uploaded Images

You do notneed to worry about the photographs that you have uploaded to Google Drive orGoogle Photos prior to the change. They will remain on both services, but willno longer update automatically. Just like new files, that also means if youwish to delete those photos, you will have to remove them from both sources.

Alternative after the Update

With this new update, Google is also offeringa feature called "Upload from Drive". It will be accessible in GooglePhotos and permit users to manually pick which photos and videos from Drivethey want to import into Google Photos. The content imported by this methodwill be available individually across both products and without any linkbetween them. It means that the items copied in the Original Quality optionwill remain to be counted towards your existing storage quota in Google Driveand Photos.

Bottom Line

The updateis going to be controversial. Photos automatically syncs to Google Drive is a favouritefeature for many people as it makes it very easy to organize photos. But Ofcourse, the change will avoid some confusion. With this new update, company isfocusing on clear up any confusion between the two services. Presently, GooglePhotos automatically syncs its contents to Google Drive. The removal of thisfeature will allow for granular control when managing content across both Driveand Photos.

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