The Apps Entrepreneurs Need to Stay Productive and Organized

The Apps Entrepreneurs Need to Stay Productive and Organized
The Apps Entrepreneurs Need to Stay Productive and Organized

The Apps Entrepreneurs Need to Stay Productive and Organized

Being an entrepreneur means having work headaches 24 hours a day. From employee management, customer management, banking, budgeting, accounting, planning, inventory tracking, quality assurance, marketing plans, financing, complaints, requests, and equipment to a long list of tasks, an entrepreneur has to do daily.

Here, mobile applications can help tackle this issue. They will save you time, money, energy, and headaches, often for very little in exchange.

The best part is that you can even get some of these business apps for free—and as we all know, the best apps for entrepreneurs are the ones that don't cost a thing.

Here is the list of the best mobile application apps that any good entrepreneur should have on all of their devices. Although these apps won't do all the work, they'll let you free up time so you have more of it available to focus on the things that matter.

Drop Box

Try DropBox, to get instant connectivity and share photos, documents, and videos with any system by using the free cloud-based file-storing service. Dropbox is a perfect solution for entrepreneurs to share files with the team; it prevents back-and-forth emailing.

It also has a version control feature that allows you to share the latest version with your team at your convenience.


Salesforce enables business owners to access all the customer information from their mobile.

The app effectively supports enhancing the power of Salesforce and its marketing, sales, customer service, and business analytics capabilities in a single integrated mobile platform.

This mobile application is also supportive of understanding the customers better and managing the business from anywhere to everywhere.


Doing project management is not tough anymore because Trello makes the process fun.

Install Trello in your system and easily check what needs to get done and even collaborate with other team members, organize projects into cards, lists, and boards, see what projects are in progress, who is working on them, what the status is on each, and many more.

G Suite and Google Docs

Create your documents, presentations, and spreadsheets easily by using a browser and share these with others and work on them with G Suite and Google Docs. 

Thanks to G Suite, entrepreneurs can smoothly manage business email using the Gmail interface. If you want to collaborate with other team members and get their comments about a document, then Google Docsis your one-stop solution.

The Apps Entrepreneurs Need to Stay Productive and Organized


The simple, powerful, and everywhere application, QuickBooks is among the famous accounting apps.

It is a wonderful accounting app and takes care of multiple works from tax accounting to payroll, profit analysis, and inventory management. Whether you're a small business or a big business, this application has the feature and price points to fit your needs.


Teamdeck resource management software; allows you to check team availability, schedule resources, and track working time and days off within one application.

Additionally, you can generate customizable reports from it to oversee your team's performance and track KPIs of your choosing.


Running a business means, you will have a lot of things on your plate; it's common to forget important payment dates or misplaced financial records.

Here, the Mint app can help you; it is a perfect budget tracker and planner to manage your finance effortlessly. It helps you to create budgets, add and view bills, and track remainders besides receiving alerts on upcoming bills.


Managing passwords and log-on details for multiple websites bring a lot of confusion and problems. But writing these valuable passwords on a piece of paper is not the solution that you could lose easily.

Here, 1Password can simplify your task of creating a secure log-on for your top sites. This application syncs across all of your devices securely and encrypts your information.


The famous productivity software, Asana is in great demand these days among small and large teams. It helps to manage projects and work smoothly.

If you are heading the team and need to assign tasks to individuals and request updates, Asana can be helpful for you. Besides, it brings other advanced productivity features and reduces the amount of email traffic inside of the business.


In this modern age, maintaining an online reputation is vital for any business. Companies do various marketing strategies to promote their self on Social media sites and Google. But, sharing things on different social sites takes a lot of time.

If you want to save time with marketing, use Buffer. This is a wonderful social media management mobile application that enables start-up founders to schedule their social media posts as per the time when your target audience will be highly active.

Overall, apps are not just for play anymore; try these applications to automate most of the processes in your company and enjoy growth!

The Apps Entrepreneurs Need to Stay Productive and Organized
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The Apps Entrepreneurs Need to Stay Productive and Organized
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