One Technique to Beat Procrastination

One Technique to Beat Procrastination

One Techniqueto Beat Procrastination

Procrastination is one of the biggest problemsin this modern world and it has been there since the dawn of civilization.Numerous historical figures like Leonardo Da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin,Herodotus, Eleanor Roosevelt and many others have always pointed out howprocrastination is the enemy of results.

One of the greatest leaders of all time,Abraham Lincoln once quoted:

"Youcannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today"

If you want to be a business leader somedaythen it is important to master the habit of procrastinating or delaying ofwork. Well, everyone knows that procrastination is harmful because no one wantsto run away from their responsibilities. There is no pride in delaying workunnecessarily but still, most people are suffering from this.  Procrastinating any work might givesatisfaction for short-term but it will make you suffer in the long run.

Cost ofProcrastination

One common thing about procrastinators isthat all of them have to pay the price of procrastination.  A study which was published in the AmericanPsychological Society journal discussed the cost of procrastination which is:

  • Depression
  • Irrational beliefs
  • Low self-esteem
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Regret

Procrastination is not just a child'sbehaviour but it is a sign of undisciplined nature. Many researchers have comparedthe habit of procrastination with the habit of consuming alcohol and drugs.

Procrastination a major problem in youth

Procrastination is a major problem in youthof this world as they struggle in completing their work. Procrastination has syncedinto the system of our youth and it cannot be shaken easily. Every time youhave a goal or an idea, it begins with enthusiasm but gradually it fades away.Whenever you start working on any idea then things like distractions, otheropportunities, failure, and negative self-talk will get in your way. And theresults will always be the same, you never get anything done.

Procrastinators enjoy putting of workrather than working on it until the pressure of submitting or deadline forcesthem to work.  According to this, if youwant to beat procrastination you need self-discipline and self- motivation ofdoing that particular task. Qualities like self-regulation, self-control andwillpower are often overestimated but they are the real key to success.

We all are geniuses and great leaders likeNikola Tesla, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk in our mind, but when it comes to workingwe tend to procrastinate it. You cannot avoid delaying of work if you have beena long term procrastinator. Yes, it is difficult to step out of your comfortzone but remember that your real growth is outside of your comfort zone.

The truth is: Procrastination has nothingto do with what you're trying to do — small or big, it can wait until later.

DestroyProcrastination by Eliminating Distractions

There is a moment between the starting andending of a task which most experts called "the slope of procrastination" whenyou get into one distraction and that's where you lose your productivity.

For example – you start working on a task,you are motivated and fully focused but then you think "let's check myInstagram feed or let me reply to this person." Then you think "I should watchone episode one of Stranger Things then YouTube videos" at last you always endup saying that "oh what a waste of time, this will be the last time I am doingthis."

So if you want to beat procrastination youneed to avoid all this, simply don't get into that single distraction. It mightsound very simple but the execution is much harder. We often overestimate ourwillpower that we can resist distractions but unfortunately we are not thatmentally strong. If you can realize this you are already better than 90 percent of the population because most people never understand it.

The best and only way to beatprocrastination is to eliminate everything that distracts you until you areworking, get into a mental zone of working and it will make your life easier.


Remember that you are in a fight withyourself and to get rid of this harmful habit of procrastination you need tounderstand that "nothing will help you if you don't have the inner drive toimprove." People usually overcomplicate simple things, therefore, they areeasily confused.

In order to complete any task, you need tohave a strong "Why". If you have a strong reason then the most annoying tasksbecome bearable. So before you begin any work, wait for a while and think whyyou are doing it and remove every distraction and you will find yourself moreproductive.

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