Startup Hubs in India, Zeal for Growth

Startup Hubs in India, Zeal for Growth

Startup Hubs in India, Zeal for Growth

India, the third-largest startup ecosystem in the world is a key place for emerging successful entrepreneurs. There are various cities in India that new entrants in the industry are looking forward to leverage growth opportunities for their startup providing services across the globe. Every Indian city is classified by their diversity but there is one key feature that holds them all under the same umbrella, the zeal for a startup.

The mega-citiesof India including Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru, etc offer a paced upenvironment where the streets are full of traffic and working hours are usuallywasted in travelling to the offices while the people are stuck in the notorioustraffic. Having mentioned that, one cannot ignore the opportunities thesecities offer that are essential for many entrepreneurs to set up theirbusinesses. If you are a budding startup owner, who is planning to find aperfect market for your brand then, here you go; these are the top startup hubsin India:

Bangalore Startup Hub

Entrepreneurs,especially tech entrepreneurs have this location in the top of their lists whenit comes to initiating their start-ups. The city offers an extraordinary blendof hi-quality talent, cheap real estate, capital with a long chain of investorsand mentors, and last but not the least, a supportive government. With all thefeatures that ease the life of an entrepreneur, the government has announced oflaunching Asia's biggest startup warehouse, Internet of Things Lab etc., makingBangalore a perfect place for starting up. The city presently hosts a widerange of start-ups including Ola, HackerEarth, FreeCharge, Myntra, Flipkart andBigbasket.

Delhi NCR Startup Hub

Delhi NCR is alocation where various budding entrepreneurs found their starting points. Theall-time trading hub due to the large acumen of Punjabi and Marwari traders,Delhi, today, has a high number of active start-ups. While NCR has a hugenumber of consumer products and services startups including renowned names likeOyo Rooms, Paytm, Delhivery, Hike, Paytm Mall, etc. The adjoining cities ofNoida, Gurugram and Faridabad have got a strong customer base and relativelylow real estate cost.

Recently with 10unicorns with a valuation of at least $1 Billion, Delhi is has gained a goodmarket valuation of start-ups. Bangalore and Delhi are the two hubs that standhead and shoulder ahead of other hubs in terms of startup formation andactivity along with being the home base for large tech companies.

Mumbai Startup Hub

Mumbai, the citythat has been known as the city of dreams and the financial hub of India isalready hosting successful brands and their headquarters. But as mentioned ithas also become one of the top spots for entrepreneurs to shape their dreamsinto reality. Many budding entrepreneurs find Mumbai as their home, and why notas it has already produced these top startups that made it big while beingMumbai based including Quikr, Pepperfry, Toppr, Bookmyshow, Ola Cabs, Nykaa,Haptik, etc. The inefficiency in creating a strong public infrastructure hasleft it with an immeasurable scope for improvement. It is also known for highreal estate price which is a strong point in the con side. Still, it is one ofits top three startup destinations and the Mumbai startup ecosystem is growing.

Chennai Startup Hub

Chennai, Detroitof Asia is forth on the list of startup hub location in India and it is quicklytaking over as a hotbed for technology-based startups as it is making itspresence felt by opening companies specifically related to SaaS(Software as aService). Attracting talents from all across the country, Chennai has been hometo the successful start-ups like Zoho, FreshDesk, Unmetric. With the city'spaced startup ecosystem, IITM has also shifted gears as its four incubators;eight centres of excellence and a new Research park are nurturing the deep-techstart-ups. Located deep down south, the city of Chennai has steeped in its richculture and has a society that introverted in its world view.

Hyderabad Startup Hub

Hyderabad isfamously called the IT hub of India and why not it home to thousands ofstartups in the country and it also houses quite a number of incubators,accelerators, and co-working space which are beehives of activity. The city hasa strong entrepreneurial DNA that has enabled India to a new level with thehelp of technology.

Affected by thepolitical reasons, various companies dwelt in the city while thousands of SME'smoved out of the city when Telangana was carved out of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh,but the city has managed well to be back on its feet again. It houses some ofthe biggest companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, Dell along withstart-ups like Mapmygenome, Appvirality, MartMobi are getting nurtured in thecity.


Everything about a startup is related to a vision, and the location where it is established is very important in order to make sure that one gets a proper chance at trying to make it big. Indian startup hubs are getting bigger offering more developed market for start-ups and one can select any location from the list of cities outlined above to give a structure to their business idea.

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