Be Serious while communicating with your official Email ID

Be Serious while communicating with your official Email ID
Be Serious while communicating with your official Email ID

Be Serious while communicating with your official Email ID

There was one person who was working as the Asst. Manager in one company. He used to complete his all tasks on time. One upon a time his boss gave him a project. After few days his boss told him to postpone his first project and work on the second project. As his boss told, he started working on the Second project. Few days later, he got one mail by that mail he got shocked. In that mail, the senior management gave him a warning for not completing his first project, and asked the reason for not completing that project.

The Employee was upset & he has written a very un-ethical mail to his Boss and in that mail he questioned to his boss as well as company`s communication system.

This is not a good condition at the workplace. Because he spoiled his relationship with his boss, capacity to do work and performance also got affected.  Yes, we can understand this was the mistake of his boss, and hi would have forgotten due to busy schedule and heavy work load. The employee would have replied only in two sentences that; as you told after postpone of the first project, I was working on the second project. If the first project is more important, I will complete the same in the required day's time.

Today E-mail is the only way of communication in the corporate. This is the way of record of each and every thing what has been communicated. If you are a working professional then It is very much Important that you must know the email adequate. If you are answering or writing the mail to your seniors what all are the things you should keep in mind.

  1. Your Mail should be clear and correct.

When you are writing the mail in the business communication you must be careful about your grammatical mistakes. Your message words should be very easy while reading only receiver can understand that what you want to communicate. Don`t forget to write the subject line, it increases the probability of instant reading. Before pressing the Send button, you should read the mail once again, if you find any mistake do correct it.

  1. You should follow Manners:

All the mails which you are sending should be professional, here manners plays an important role. If you are writing the mail to your Boss or sup ordinates you can start with Dear and don't forget to write Regards in the end of the mail. After reading any mail, if you are feeling angry then don`t reply the mail instantly. Don`t write the mail under pressure, the mail which has been written in the mental pressure never gives the good impression. Give some time to yourself get cool before any kind of corporate communication.

  1. You should answer to only one.

If you got any information by mail and the same information sent to others as well, then you should reply only to the sender. If that information is related to others then, you need to put the concerned person E-Mail ID in C.C.

  1. You should update your Mailbox.

You need to update your Mail box on regularly. Remove or delete your spam and unused mails on daily basis. The mails which will be used after few days you should update it folder wise. If you are not deleting the non-required mails regularly, this may create problem in reaching you the new mails.

  1. Someone keeping eyes on your mails:

Generally, the companies keep track on all the internal mails. You should not use your internal mail for any personal activities. As per the company law, the management is having the legal authority to see the mails on the system.

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