How To Publish My Business Interview In Startupcity Magazine?

How To Publish My Business Interview In Startupcity Magazine?
How To Publish My Business Interview In Startupcity Magazine?

How ToPublish My Business Interview In Startupcity Magazine?

It is an amazingexperience to get featured in a reputed publication. As your story goes livethrough a reputed business magazine, you anticipate all the advantages thatcome with being published by a famous media publication. Your struggle hasfinally paid off.

Magazines likeStartup city are designed to help readers navigate their world and provideexposures to emerging startups and establish enterprises. Here, we talk toexperts, interview successful entrepreneurs and much more.

A large publication,by nature, has a lot of readers, when your work is more visible, more peoplewill be able to learn about what you do. Some can become dedicated followersand eventually some become potential customers.

Startup City is aleading Indian media and information platform that works as a connector between industry experts and recently establishes startups.  If people see your name or your company in the magazine what do they see?

When recognizable sites show up, your work is taken more seriously. No matter what stage of the business, you are in; these aremajor benefits presenting why it's worth getting featured in a StartupCity Magazine.

How To Publish My Business Interview In Startupcity Magazine?
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How to publish an interview in StartupCity Magazine: Step-by-step process:

  • Connect with us: The first step is the connection. Firstof all, connect us through mail or call. Our expert team will inform you aboutthe entire process and the required criteria to get featured in the StartupCity Magazine. For more information, you visit our Contact us page.

  • Mail & Documentation: Once you agree with our terms, the documentation process gets started. First of all, you will be assigned on erepresentative of Startup City. He or she will take you through the process andwill do the required documentation.

  • Final Discussion: In this step, you will be asked aboutthe interview process. There are various forms of the interview- face-to-face,video interview, telephonic, and mail. You can select any of them according toyour convenience and enter in the process.

  • During the Interview: Remember that a great story can speakfor itself. But just talking about success does not make a story interesting.Try to highlight the unique factors about your company and your journey, tell interesting facts that people do not know about your organization and more.

  • Draft Formation and Designing: After an interview, our experteditorial team starts working on your interview (whatever mode- face-to-face,video, telephonic or email). The team works on the draft and makes it error-free.Then, this draft is forwarded to you for approval. After approval, the samefile is sent to the designing team. Our creative designers create your fascinating profile and forward you the same for the final approval.

  • Final Step: After the final approval, your profileis incorporate in its relevant issues and the magazine is sent for printing.

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Do you have anydoubt? Contact us right now, we will be happy to help you.

What are your favorite interviews on Startup City Magazine? Let us know in the comment section below.

How To Publish My Business Interview In Startupcity Magazine?
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How To Publish My Business Interview In Startupcity Magazine?
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