What Is The Process To Get The Registration Or License For The Opening For Visa Consultants?

What Is The Process To Get The Registration Or License For The Opening For Visa Consultants?

What Is TheProcess To Get The Registration Or License For The Opening For VisaConsultants?

Before we talk about the nitty-gritty of the professioncalled immigration consultant, first we should apprise ourselves of the purposeof an immigration consultant or the objective of an immigration business inIndia. An immigration consultant is a certified professional who possesses theknowledge of the processes and procedures involved in the filling ofimmigration documents.

In other words, businesses related to visa consultationsupervise much of the related paperwork on behalf of the clients, from draftingdocuments, preparing document packages to maintain formal correspondences withthe immigration authorities. Hence, the work of an immigration consultant ismainly important in a matter which concerns not only the client but also thecountries intertwined in this whole process.

You need to keep this in mind that starting as a visaconsultant takes more than managerial skills. And, it applies to companies aswell as freelance communities, which people thing not very competitive. Whetheryou want to start as a freelance immigration consultant or initiate your visaconsulting firm, there are some points you need to consider.

The very first thing to be an immigrant consultant is tosecure the minimum educational qualification- a high school diploma or India,10+2 from a recognized is okay. After it, get a Bachelor's degree preferably inthe field of business, communications or foreign language.

Bachelor's degree makes you eligible for a law degree. Now,the most important point of research is looking upon the question: whether thenation allows immigration advice? It is vital because many countries do notallow, and you may have to go to another nation if the country of residence orstudy does not allow it.

Getting a certification in the most commonly spoken languageslike Spanish German, and Mandarin will help you a lot in getting preferenceover others.

Formal education is good but training is great. When youlearn how to put knowledge to practical use, you can easily open the successdoor for you.

Now, at the next phase, you need to check whether the countrywhere you want to work as an immigration consultant needs a license. Like inIndia, a license is mandatory for consultants on immigration to New Zealand.

When you get a license, you can start working without theneed to associate with any consultancy. You are free to work from home or fromyour own office, whatever feels comfortable to you and start freelancing. 

To get a license, first of all, you need to register in thecountry for which you are going to make a migration arrangement. You should tryto be well versed in migration laws overseas. Before that, you need to registeryour firm with the Ministry of Employment Govt of India.

Don't forget to set up your office Fax etc.

You can skip all these processes if you get franchiseearrangements from an existing registered company.


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