Top 10 Business Magazines in India

Top 10 Business Magazines in India
Top 10 Business Magazines in India

Top 10 Business Magazines in India

Ever since the world is growing high during the economic boom, a wide assortment of business magazines entered the market. True to their vision, these magazines track, analyze, and report on recent trends, conduct industry surveys, and predict who is going to dominate the corporate field.

For your support, we have listed here the top 10 business magazines in India that are adored by readers on a global level:


The famous magazine largely read in India, Adweek provides some of the very useful and in fact, best information on the advertisement methods that can be adapted to target the audience for businesses.

Because of the innovative articles published in it, readers get great knowledge and recent updates on running a business.

Business Barons

BusinessBarons is the best magazine for all those who want to get current affairs in economics. It mainly aims at creating future leaders and is exclusively meant for corporate leaders.

The magazine presents valuable insights into the different Indian industries and informs you about the latest trends in management personnel from education, software, and other sectors.

Business Today

Business Today was one of the first magazines that explored business management theories applications. It covers a wide variety of industries and businesses so that people who want to create their names in the industry can get ideas and learn lessons from the success and failures of others.

 Business World

One of the most popular business magazines in India, Business World is published by ABP Group. It is published every week and covers a wide range of industries like the economy, Advertisement, Marketing, Aviation, IT, Telecom, Personal Finance, Corporate, Banking, and more.

Top 10 Business Magazines in India
10 Most Eminent Business Magazines In The World

Economic Times

One of the leading business magazines of India, Economic Time is a great choice when it comes to reading financial or business news. Its coverage of financial and business news is awesome.

It is a preferred source of valid and reliable data. In the last few years, the magazine has created significant changes that boost its readership manifold.

Inc. India

Inc.India is published by the 9.9 General Publication Company. It mainly focused on business and development and remains as a strong class of top-quality US magazines called Inc. And that is why; Inc. India has been one of the biggest Indian business magazines for a long time.


Livemintis one of the reliable options if you are looking for an online business magazine.

It holds remarkable user engagement on the website where it covers all the trends and development of the business world in the country and also outside. Livemint has been in circulation since 2007.

Outlook Business Magazine

OutlookBusiness Magazine is another famous business magazine. It is also a fortnightly magazine. Outlook covers the banking industry, economy, finance, money, and stock markets. Because of its quality content and valuable contribution, Outlook is known as the best business magazine.

 The CEO Magazine

The CEO Magazine is famous for creating the extraordinary advantages of the Startups community and vibrant entrepreneurs to analyze IT trends. It provides real and inspirational case studies.


When it comes to the top business magazines in India, Wired comes in a higher position.

It has successfully maintained its status quo as one of the most-read magazines for its tech orientation and the erudition of the effects that technology has on businesses and entrepreneurs.

Besides, it holds imbued vividness of knowledge for different aspects of tech orientation as well as tech enthusiasm globally.

Top 10 Business Magazines in India
Top 10 Business Magazines in India

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