BTW: Serving ‘delight’ to the people of India with mouth-watering delicacies.

BTW:Serving ‘delight’ to people of India with mouth watering delicacies
BTW:Serving ‘delight’ to people of India with mouth watering delicacies

BTW: Serving 'delight' to the people of India with mouth-watering delicacies

Delhi or 'DilwaalonkiDilli' is a heaven that lures foodies all over the world with its luscious and sumptuous flavors of street cuisine. As you stride through the streets here, the mouthwatering essence of appetizing and savory snacks being cooked will eventually compel you to knock on a stall, which is already crowded with people.

A chat on the street food of Delhi never goes completely without the mention of BTW or Bittoo Tikki Wala, known for lip-smacking special bittoaaloo tikki, bhalla papri, golgappe, and more.

BTW's cherished snacks have an inspirational story dipped in the phenomenal success that has influenced many bright minds inflaming the spirit of entrepreneurship in them.

The weakness of Indian people, especially women for savory and spicy Tikki, bhalla papri, and golgappegave an impetus to Satiram Yadav, who hailed from the small town of Ayodhya and was looking for interesting ideas for business.

Satiramji popularly known as 'Masterji' used to give tutions to the poor and needy in the town. As luck would have it, he decided to move ahead with the idea and explore his capabilities to make a name for himself.

He didn't have any experience in this field but he was blessed with a keen insight necessary to survive in business and a strong will to serve people. Filled with confidence, he stepped into the journey of entrepreneurship and started selling North Indian street delicacies such as Chaat, Bhalla, Papri, and Tikki cooked with an exclusive recipe.

Soon, a positive response from people motivated him to expand. Since he needed a helping hand, he took his nephew, Ramakant, along with him and made a minimal investment to buy a 'Rerhi' or a portable stall having 'Bittoo' engraved on it.

BTW:Serving ‘delight’ to people of India with mouth watering delicacies
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With humble beginnings, the BTW took its baby steps when Satiram started selling snacks on his portable stall (Rerhi) in the streets of Rani Bagh in Delhi and saw people enjoying his tasty snacks. Satiramji now became Bittooji, whose special Tikki and bhalla papri could refresh taste buds.

A business venture dedicated to serving people with honesty and making their day with a plate of yummy chaat, BTW grew in leaps and bounds. Expeditiously growing demand for Bittooji's tikki & Bhalla Papri encouraged Satiram to establish the business as a shop. He opened his first shop in 1991 at Ranibagh Market.

Within a few years, his business witnessed new heights of popularity and success that further motivated him to open more outlets and venture into fast food and snacks initially and then into catering.

Satiram's commendable success accompanied by his acumen sparked his enthusiasm and a modest journey that once started as 'Bittoo Tikki Wala' flourished with the brand name Satiram's BTW.

Today BTW has ten outlets across Delhi-NCR that employ nearly five hundred professionally qualified and trained people dedicating their efforts to serve 'delight' to the people of India and ensure that clients get the best possible quality and treatment.

After twenty-seven years of its journey, BTW has established itself as a 'standalone name in chaat, and other India's most exciting range of Indian fast food delights.'

The brand has redefined and transformed the space of the authentic chaat market in India. Satiram'sdevotion to honesty has translated into a passion for quality that has been taking the business to greater levels; and lets it stand tall among the rest exploring new territories of traditional and global delicacies namely Fast foods, Bakery, RTE, Syrups, Sweets, and Cookies.

Satiram Yadav, the founder and honorable Chairman of BTW, today, owns a factory of 25000 sq feet, that houses state-of-the-art infrastructure and best-in-class processes to produce high-quality products and take on the competition with bigger brands in the ready-to-eat category.

As quoted by the BTW, "Our organization was set up to introduce the latest trend of catering services into India, which are prevalent in developed countries.

Our sole aim is to acquaint and satisfy the Indian customer on services and products that are still less known to the Indian audience." Satiram's transformation, from a street hawker to a Halwai and then to a Corporate giant truly inspires and motivates us to think big and take risks. BTW's success story exemplifies a great quote from Maxi Foreman –

Ambition is the steam that drives men forward on the road to success. Only the engine under full steam can make the grade.

BTW:Serving ‘delight’ to people of India with mouth watering delicacies
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BTW:Serving ‘delight’ to people of India with mouth watering delicacies
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