Tanvi Herbals : Delivering Innovative Health and Beauty Treatment entriched with Authentic Ayurvedic “Tanvi Satva”

Tanvi Herbals : Delivering Innovative Health and Beauty Treatment entriched with Authentic Ayurvedic “Tanvi Satva”

Tanvi Herbals : Delivering Innovative Health and Beauty Treatment entriched with Authentic Ayurvedic "Tanvi Satva"

Serving millions since 1996, Tanvi Herbals hasachieved a renowned place in the beauty and healthcare products industry withits FDA approved ingredients and result-driven, pure and quality products.Replacing the harmful hazardous chemicals based cosmetics on the dressing tableshelves of millions of Indians, the Ayurveda based brand produces the bestquality products made with authentic ingredients and genuine Ayurvedic herbs toserve the Indians with best natural solutions.

 "Increased health awareness and preferences ofLifestyle diseases are making Indian Healthcare industry to become an industryof nearly US $28 Billion by 2020. The increasing income levels of Indians alongwith improved access to the insurance are further contributing to thesignificant growth of the sector. Sixteen percent of this growth is focused onthe Indian Ayurvedic market. The Ayurvedic market penetration is increasing inboth rural and urban areas." – Pratik N. Pai, CEO, Tanvi Herbals

Pratik who hascompleted his engineering from Mumbai University and MBA from Symbiosis-Pune,further shared his views on joining the industry "Being an experiencedmanagement professional and working for other MNCs in the past. It was naturalfor me to assist and help my family business to scale and create an impact inthis booming industry in India."

The Business U.S.P. and Initiatives

India is theorigin of the 5000-year-old system of natural healing, Ayurveda. The IndianHerbal Healthcare and Beauty Industry have over the millions of companies.While some maintain a standard of quality in the medicines, the Food and DrugAuthority of India has been strict imposing penalties on others. Some brands areprone to producing substandard, cheap and market-oriented medicine manipulatedwith the hazardous steroids and malign the sanctity of Ayurveda.

What makes TanviHerbals different from others are its initiatives and results. The company in ascenario of doubtfulness in the industry initiated and brought the concept ofthe "Satva" – Deep Extracts of Active Content of all Herbal Ingredients intopractice. The Satva represents the high-quality extracts from the herbalingredients. The effective extracted medicines relieved numerous patients fromthe hair, skin and all other health complaints. The brand achieved worldwidepopularity with the name of "Ayurvedic Herbal Tanvipathy".

Introducing Ayurveda to Indian Youth

The currentgeneration of India is, unfortunately, cutting its ties with Ayurveda and themost common reason is the taste and overall experience. People today do notlike tasting bitter syrups, capsule-sized tablets and odd-tasting powders withbad smell that lingers all day. Tanvi Herbals & team under the guidance ofDr. Medha Mehendale extracted Satvas from the medicinal herbs and formulatedthe "Tanvi Herbals Products" to serve the Indian Youth with natural medicine.

The Journey

A pioneer in theAyurvedic/ Herbal industry, Tanvi Herbals innovated and started manufacturingthe medicines with concentrates. Tanvi Herbals is a brand focused on producinghighly concentrated medicines that can dissolve in the blood faster providingresults that are ten times more effective than other medicines from contemporarybrands. From the initial stage, the research and development were performed ata high-level by a team of well-known Ayurveda Experts. The directors formulatedits products with a special technique in a GMP certified, cruelty-free plantmedicine without animal testing. The journey has been successful in servinggenerations with Ayurveda. From its effective Tanvisatva Powder to the tinytablets, the brand is continuously growing to produce products satisfying theneeds of the customers.

Healthcare Industry and Trust

Trust and Beliefare the most crucial elements in the healthcare sector. Trust, however, is afragile and vulnerable that can be eroded or enhanced in an instant. Buildingtrust through the right diagnosis and medicines is the core purpose of thecompany. The brand provides Free Health Consultation services by qualifieddoctors Expert Tanvi Panel Doctors who suggest treatment based on theTraditional Ayurveda "Nadi Parikshan" (Pulse Check).

The Future of the Indian Healthcare System

The AncientVedic Science of Ayurveda (the science of Life) is the oldest system ofhealing. Future of this system of medicine rooted in Indian Subcontinent canonly be secured through awareness about its advantages. The company ensures toconduct "FREE HEALTH CAMP" and organize health lectures to serve the samepurpose.

Creating Loyal Clientele

The company hasthree tiers of clients; Tier 1 is based in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai,and Hyderabad, while Tier 2 and Tier 3 are based in cities of Maharashtra. Thebrand has maintained both offline market presence and digital footprint in themarket.

The Developing Market

Earlier, themarket of Ayurvedic products in India was restricted to a certain amount ofproducts including hair oils and health supplements, but over the years thedemand of the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) with the "AyurvedicIngredients" is increasing amongst Indian millennials in urban and ruralareas throughout the country. According to the industry estimates, India'snatural products segment comprised of 41 percent of the personal care productsand resulting to an industry of the US $2.5 billion by 2017 that expected togrow into an industry of US $8 Billion by 2022.

Milestones and achievements

The brand hasbeen presented with Priyadarshini Award, Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce'sWomen Entrepreneur, Udyog Shree Award, Thane Ratna Award, Jewel of TSSIA andnumerous others. Besides the awards, the brand has been listed in the Top 10herbal Brands in India with more than 100 clinics across India. The company hasalso touched more than 10 lakh lives till date and empowered women across allof its clinics and outlets.

Future Plans

With its rangeof 38 products across healthcare and cosmetic industry, Tanvi Herbals hasrecently launched 6 beauty care products enriched with herbs and essential oilsand received tremendous feedback for the same. The brand is focused on creatingproducts that are safe for skin, the environment as well as yields results forpeople with common skin concerns. The brand is looking forward to launching acomplete range of beauty care products which is comprehensively based on richherbs and natural based ingredients.

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