Start-ups areusually incepted by an individual or a small team that is managing a lot ofroles at a time. One might be managing the finance and operations, whileanother team member will be focusing on sales and customer relationships. Well,in such a scenario, there will be a phrase when one may not be able to managethe prospects and correspondingly look after the on-going and already tradedwith clients, a platform like CRM is needed.

Best CRMs forindividuals are created to cater to the same need as they are focused oncrafting a value chain as well platform to manage all the clients at the sametime from different platforms eventually aiding the process of reaching successwith efficiency in solutions and delighted clients.

Best personalCRMs or CRMs for individuals are apt for those who envision their brand toreach the heights of success without wasting the energy on things that can bemanaged by a software and does not essentially need a human element but at thesame time are cost-effective to ensure that the startup does not spend theamount it can use to enhance the solutions offered. 

From beginningthe entrepreneurial journey to reaching the small goals set and taking a steptowards the achievement of a bigger objective, start-ups in India haveshowcased that they hold the potential to change the world with the valuable,updated and efficient solutions. We, at Startupcity Magazine, believe thatthese start-ups will bring the change they envision and hence we are sharingwith the best CRMs for individuals in 2020 to support the far-sighted players.

In the digitalworld, opportunities are not far away and when they knock on the door, beingequipped to handle the same without any problems should be the aim of anystartup. From prospective clients in the form of business leads from thewebsite or any digital marketing one conducts, CRM or customer relationshipmanagement software is the key to unlock what one can achieve with their leads.


CRM does make alot of work easier for individuals who are aiming to transform the industry asthey offer a set of tools that combine a detailed address book, a day plannerwith reminders, a calendar and event manager, and a streamlined way to handlecommunications. They are designed for the individuals to and their needs. Aperson can access their information from anywhere with the help of the CRM,which is one of the key features of the CRMS today and unlock various otherfeatures with the help of the personal CRMs. 

In the race tojoin the players in the corporate world who are already a known brand name inthe industry and the market, the best part of the CRMs is that it will offeryou with a level of professionalism in services you will promise to cater tothe client while easily managing the non-core activities. 


1. Managing NewLeads: Customer Relationship Management software as the name suggests dealswith the client's information and especially helpful when it comes to managingthe data comprehensive clients that one managed to get details of usingdifferent methods.

2. CategorisingContacts: Well, as mentioned above, a firm at a stage when it expanding and isdealing with a lot of o clients who are catered with different services. It isdifficult to keep track of the next delivery to each client with customisedservice they have been promised with. In such a scenario, the CRMs will notkeep a track of the services promised but will also remind when the date of thenext delivery is near.

3. InformationStorage: Now, one while dealing with clients, may require to have a look at thehistory of the dealing with the client to ensure that they can handle thetransactions further. The personal CRMs for the startups are equipped with thefeatures of offering instant access to the contact information, history andcommunication.

4. OrganizingSchedules: As mentioned earlier, the CRMs are of great use when they can remindone of the meetings, delivering and other reminders about any required actionswith or for the client. The best CRMs for individuals allows them to keep trackof events, meetings, and tasks.

5. EfficientFollow Up: While dealing with a lot of clients, you might lose the track of commitmentsthey have made and hence for every client to be delivered on time, there isnothing better than a CRM to help the client deliveries be assured of as theyare reminded to stay in touch and also get follow-up nudges to reconnect withcontacts.

6. Connectedwith the clients from anywhere: A startup owner may not be always available onthe computer to access all the information or to receive all the reminders anda CRM is essential in that scenario. Today, the features of the CRM to connectwith the laptops, mobile phone and other devices allows the users to haveunified access to communication channels like email, text, and phone calls.

7. Get theinsight: From the date of sending the client with the offer to delivering ofthe product or service, it is useful to have every transaction with the clientpop on the screen while they are on a call with you. It is going to be asupporting element to avoid any situation of distress with the client as everyinformation of past engagements when dealing with a contact.


Monica CRM

Well, ancost-effective option being an open-source CRM, Monica is one of the best CRMfor personal. With the various uses focuses on personal over professionalrelationships, the software is focused on showcasing how the different contactsare related to each other and optimise the strategy along with adding notes,setting reminders to contacts, and seeing all your past conversations with eachclient. 

With a dashboardthat lists the upcoming and earlier scheduled engagements, the software hasbeen marketed for personal use but it does have the features to help smallbusiness owners with its easy to use interface and layout that is pleasing toyour eyes especially for those with minimalist taste. 

Pricing: Basedon the fact that as the brand will grow the team will expand the CRM offers theusers with the option of availing the features in the free trial and manage 10contacts per month as a part of the same. The unlimited plan offered by Monicacosts around $9 per user per month. 

Pipedrive CRM

 A CRM thathas established its brand value in the market is one of the top CRM providers,pipedrive continues to serve the clients with a customised and integrated setof solutions that match their sales team's individual needs. With a key sellingpoint of customisability as an essential part of the solutions crafted, the CRMfits their unique needs and products.

Offering theusers with a range of features to manage their qualified leads, automating andtracking sales interactions with synced emails, calendars and calls, Pipedriveis a perfect option for those who do not want to allocate their limited time tothe non-core operations and want to focus on the core work while theapplication manages the contacts.

Pricing: One cantry the free trial for Pipedrive for 14 days with no credit card informationrequired along with different packages ranging from $15 – $99 for a singleuser. In case of free trial for 22 days, the price ranges from $0 – $79 and incase of trial for `30 days, best CRM for individuals' price ranges from $75 –$300.

• Salesforce CRM

Building acustomer journey map, a simple yet core task for many brands to learn about theclients and the areas where they are satisfying their clientele as well as wherethey are lacking that eventually helps the helping the brand reach the successby working in the right direction. The best CRM for individual use helps theclients to have a better and sustainable way to collect and manage data withcustomer relationship management. 

Pricing: Whatmakes Salesforce a better option to choose from the list of Best CRM for theindividual is the fact it offers affordable and easy to use software which hasbeen offering a wide clientele with what they are looking for in the best CRMfor small business. With the option of using the software for $25/user permonth, this software can be stated as being one which makes CRM much moreaffordable, especially for smaller companies).

• Zoho CRM

A famous namethat has been well known to transform the business engagements with theclients, the platform creates a sustainable plan to ensure that the merebusiness leads are transformed into valuable business for the brand. With therange of comprehensive and customizable solutions as the users can establish asustainable customer support experience, Zoho CRM.

The best CRM forstartup today has been playing a key role in ensuring that the business hasbeen boosted with growth and success as the CRM offers advanced sociallistening and selling tools and can integrate with a variety of other Zohoproducts. One can avail the free trial of the Zoho CRM with the free Edition (whichespecially CRM for entrepreneurs) which is forever free up to 3 Users. Thestandard edition is apt for the sales tracking for small businesses which canbe availed for $12/user/month which is billed annually. 

Streak CRM

A CRM in syncwith the Gmail inbox to allow the users to manage deals, sales pipeline,contacts, and emails in their Gmail inbox allows users to truly see everythingin one place with a robust free version. This CRM is equipped with variousfeatures that allow them to perform email tracking and scheduling, emailsnippets, and access to a mobile app so you can manage your pipeline on the go.

Streak CRM'sfree version is an excellent option for solo entrepreneurs who want basicfunctions in a CRM without having to hop from tab to tab to manage theirpipeline.

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Solo entrepreneurs have specific needs as they have to manage each resource well while able to grow into larger businesses with more team members. With the listed options available of CRMs, one has the option to choose the best option depending on their budget and specific needs, such as email automation, live chat, and contact management features. Each of these listed CRM are leading in the list of best CRMs for personal use or best CRMs used by individuals has different features that can help your business grow even if you have just started, so don't wait. Go and explore these options and try out their free trials. 

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