ERP for Travel Industry: Introduction, Benefits and Best ERP Software

ERP for Travel Industry: Introduction, Benefits and Best ERP Software

ERP for Travel Industry: Introduction,Benefits and Best ERP Software

These days,the tourism and hospitality industry is one of the most powerful industries. Ithas become the catalyst of the local economy of many countries, the sector witha high rate of the capital, a payback, and profitability of the investment,tourism forms rose domestic product, activates balance of foreign trade, buildextra openings and this offer population with the employment. As tourism andhospitality industry processes at a rapid pace.

No doubtthat the competition in this sector is also very high. When it comes progressin the travel industry, here customer services of the highest level, accurateinformation about the customers and all the provided services are compulsoryfor travel companies.

Here,Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP comes as a perfect solution. It meets allthe demands of a modern travel company. It allows companies to provideexceptional customer services, maintaining cooperation between the departments,securing the accomplishment of the daily work and bringing structured data inreal-time. The system also supports agencies in cutting the operational costdown and enhancing the company's efficiency.

The Travel ERP Solution

ERP systemtackles the issues of a distributed architecture by offering a travel businesswith an integrated suite of applications for the front office, mid-office andback-office business processes. It holds the ability to eliminate silos ofisolated data and business activities with a common data model and standardizedprocess in different processes.

What about the cost?

A lot ofpeople in the travel industry assume an ERP system as a monolithic, unwieldy,software solution perfect for global companies. But the fact is that in thelast few years, ERP has developed rapidly which results in smaller, nimblersystems targeted at specific industries. These systems are focused at small tomid-sized companies, both in terms of a range of functionality as well as aninvestment cost.

Features and Functions of ERP in the TourismIndustry

ERP systemis an excellent tool for administrative information and control. It can bewidely used to maintain every level of tourism and hospitality industry- humanresource, management of finance, service, maintenance, stocking, projects,investment, risk, decision-making, payoff analysing, region planning, and much more.

Benefits of ERP in the Tourism Industry

In thepresent environment of active competition, a travel company needs to use everyadvantage and tool to stay on the top position. The ERP system is one of thoseadvantages. This is being tailor-made to the needs of the tourism sectors; itallows saving labour hours of the company and also its money. ERP solutions canbe at an advantage thank to the following benefits:

  • IntegratedInformation: ERP System is quite powerful in reducing the need for buying andmaintaining multiple software systems, allowing all the departments in theindustry to perform different functions simultaneously.  This software also provides datareduplication- duplicate copies of data are eliminated, reducing storageoverheads and enhancing the data accuracy and also provides quick access tovaluable operational information like hotel occupancy rates, booking ratios,operating profits as well as total sales.
  • Reporting: ERP providesaccurate reports on all major metrics. From sales averages to conversionsrates, travel agencies at access to a wide range of data at their fingertips.It also allows us to segment data to discover trends among lucrativedemographics, like frequent flyers. These data enable tour agencies to managecash flow, create marketing campaigns and cut costs across their organizations.
  • CustomerEngagement: ERP solutions are read for customer engagement. It displays anabundance of information on a single dashboard, making it a perfect way toaccess customer information like names, addresses, previous interactions andmore. With the help of ERP software, companies solve queries and problems ofpeople effectively and that boosts customer engagement and loyalty. 
  • EffectiveSales: Earlier, ERP was not considered as sales too. But most modern ERPsolutions have sales and marketing modules that provide a holistic view ofcustomers' activities. Travel companies now use these programs to upsell andcross-sell services- flights, hotel, rooms, and travel packages- to thecustomer that provides them with an additional source of income.
  • HumanResource Management: ERP works amazingly in the human resourcemanagement segment; it allows companies to manage employee's information inreal-time. It also helps companies to create work schedules, handle payrollinformation and make sure that there is enough staff for a particular task. Thesoftware collects hue information related to employees, from staff turnover toaverage tenure. The HR team uses this data to forecast labour demand andacquire new employees. Overall, ERO is a powerful resource to get support inmanaging human capital.
  • Payments andBilling: Approx all companies look for a solution from which they canmanage their cash flow efficiency. ERP allows them to do this. Travel ERP is anall-in-one payment and billing super-system. With its support, the accountingteam controls revenue, pays suppliers and invoice customers as well as clients.Additionally, modern ERP systems are amazing for travel companies with a secureframework for collecting payments also. Even this ERP system creates asensitive bill as encrypted, safeguarding customer's payment details. 
  • EffectiveManagement: For those who are looking for a solution to enhance theirprocess, the ERP system eradicates labour-intensive manual processes, makesdata collecting more efficiently and accurately.   ERP software makes controls of contractswith hotels to discuss optimal conditions, of vouchers for reservations andinvoices.

ERP is themost comprehensive piece of software for sales, reporting, management, humanresources in the market; it does multiple tasks for travel companies of allsizes.       

Best ERP for Agencies and HospitalityIndustry

Now, you areaware of the benefits of ERP solutions. It's time to find one of the besttravel agency tools for your travel agency. We have listed here top ERP solutionsfor the Travel industry;

Oracle Net Suite ERP

One of thepopular ERP solutions for the hospitality industry, Oracle NetSuites ERP worksto streamline the process. It provides main features like Accounting, AssetManagement, Audit trail and more. The ERP system can be easily used byStart-ups, SMEs, Agencies, and Enterprises.

Crest ERP

Crest ERP isa cloud-based enterprise resource planning solution designed specifically forthe hospitality industry. It mainly provides fundamental modules such as budgeting,document management, CRM and more.

Check front

If you arelooking for an all-rounder solution to grow your business, try Check front. Itis designed to provide easy solutions for your booking needs. It also providesdetailed insights on all your reservations to support you make smarter businessdecisions.


Otrams isanother power travel planning software; it empowers your travel business withQtech Software travel management system. It features some amazing features likeonline travel booking, engine, back-office software travel reservationmanagement, and travel inventory management with various API integrations.

Tally.ERP 9

Tally.ERP 9is a popular ERP software for travel agencies and the hospitality industry. Itbrings multiple features and functionality. One major disadvantage of thissoftware is that it is available just on Windows platforms and does providemobile support.

Toogo Tour Software

One-stopsolution for travel companies, Toogo is a SaaS solution. It takes care of allactivities such as quotations, trip building, finances, sales & marketing,logistics, bookings and more. This travel software is able to efficientlymanage all your complexity in one place.

Travelopro ERP

TraveloproERP is a perfect solution for travel companies, business travel agencies,leisure travel agencies, single-site travel agencies and more. It integratesbookings made inside third-party import features. This way, you can processorders and paper works. This application offers a greater experience, createdall plus products interconnected.

Bottom Line

In the eraof spontaneous results, people want their services provider to give accurate,fast, and flexible offers. Therefore, using a perfect ERP for a travel agencycan boost your business efficiency and attract new customers. Furthermore, italso helps your business to address a variety of customer bases arisingnowadays. Choose from the best ERP solutions listed above and takebenefits. 

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