Are You Really a HUMAN BEING or just a HUMAN DOER? Live as a HUMAN BEING All Day BLIZFULLY!!!

Are You Really a HUMAN BEING or just a HUMAN DOER? Live as a HUMAN BEING All Day BLIZFULLY!!!

Are You Really a HUMAN BEING or just a HUMAN DOER? Live as a HUMAN BEING All Day BLIZFULLY!!! 

It is time to WAKE UP, REALISE, FEEL, and AWARE about Who am I? What should I do? How to lead my life all day happily. The purpose of everyone's life is to lead a happy life. But almost 99.99% of people are not happy, even though many of them have money, matter and all resources.

Mr. R.Chandra Sekaran
Mr. R.Chandra Sekaran

Why? Is it a million-dollar question? No. It is not. Answer is simple and straight. All the time in your life, there are two instances that will make you unhappy.

1. Whenever someone focus on you on anything

2. Whenever you focus on someone on anything.

Both instances will create ANGER, IRRITATION, JEALOUSY and PAIN. This is happening in  every minute of your life.

What is the way-out to lead a BLIZEFUL LIFE?

First and foremost BE LITTLE SELFISH. DO NOT POKE YOUR NOSE in other's affairs. Accept others, as they are. Your focus should be only on your goal and ambition. Don't worry about any issue and use your intellect (not the mind) to solve the problems that affect you.

As a human being, we have two roles or Avatar of 1. Human Being and 2.Human Doing.

Mostly, 99.99 % of people are leading their life as HUMAN DOER, not aware of their original quality .That's why, our life seems to be miserable!  Can we change it? Yes. We can do it. Who can do it? All of us can do it. No matter of what you are. Your education, wealth, health, character or social status will not be an issue to lead a blissful and happy life.

Then what should we do? Simply understanding the life equation is the only criteria

What is that "life Equation"?

life Equation = good human-being + good human-doer

All of us, except children below 3 years, have no such perfect life equation. we are mostly bad human-being and average human-doers. That's why; we have all the trouble in life.

Are we really that much bad? Not really! We have been molded to such a position by this external world, right from childhood.

we were perfect human-being and human-doer, till the age of three years. Then this external world influences you, in all walks of life.

That's the real trouble! Can we manage to repair it?

Yes. It is possible. You only can do it by yourself you have to be a SELF-MADE PERSON as "SUYAMBU". ( I am going to start an initiative "SUYAMBU", interested people can contact me). Become a SUYAMBU SURYA, if you are a man and SUYAMBU PRIYA if you are women.

Man is named SURYA, because he has to be a GIVER and not to stand on receiving side and woman are named as PRIYA, because she has to give more love and affection in addition to be a GIVER. Please change your mentality of living as beggar, expecting everything of love, respect, appreciation etc from others. Instead be a LORD and live as a GREAT SOUL.

I am not a spiritual guru and I am just like you, few steps ahead of you. When it is possible for me, why not you? You need not be a spiritual guru to get the awareness or empowerment. It is possible for everyone. You need not look for an answer from Western Countries. You have everything in INDIA – the spiritually great country.

I am not going to recommend any meditation, Yoga, prayer, workshop etc. Without these practices also,  you can see a change in life style. Those practices are not a must for an average normal people.

All religious (Hindu, Muslim, Christian) people can follow my guidance. Believer and non-believer of God can reap the benefit equality. I call you as SURYA, if you are a man and call you as PRIYA, if you are a woman. Please do not take it as a Hindu name. It is just an Indian name. India is a multi religious country. I will be most happy, if Muslim, Christian and other religious people join the imitative. Every human-being needs to be a Great Soul.

Attachment to religion will not help you much, in your personal life to lead a happy life. You are the only master to shape your life, You have to be self-made That's why I am calling you as SUYAMBU SURYA and SUYAMBU PRIYA.

"SUYAMBU" the initiative is going to be non-religious social group to get the awareness or empowerment for themselves and for others. In this direction, I have started a meet up group at Chennai. Those who are interested can join the group, by clicking the link below:

What should you do now?

You have to manage both Inner world, as a human-being and Outer World as a human-doer, to lead a BLIZFUL LIFE.

Real Action & Strategy is here to follow:

1. Managing Inner world for becoming a good Human-being

A simple understanding about mind, feelings, thoughts, beliefs and thinking will do great wonders. All you need to do is just have an understanding about these factors and then look at this world, with that awareness. You have to experiment it for some time. You will feel a new dimension of life and very easy to manage any situation or problem.

How to manage Inner world?

It starts from thoughts, thinking, action and ends in results. If you are able to manage thoughts, you can be successful in managing inner world. Mind is a devil, working 24 x 7. Please ignore and avoid all negative and waste thoughts.

Negative Thoughts:

  • Now a days, you are prone to get more influenced by Negative Thoughts
  • All media, like TV, cinema, news paper, and internet make you a victim of negative and bad news. Avoid seeing, reading and listening of that stuff. Easy access to these media spoils your life. People lived 50 years back had a peaceful and happy life, because of lack of media development. Even though, they had less facility and gadgets than you.
  • Main culprit is media. Avoid and ignore all bad and negative news. Concentrate on good news only.

Waste thoughts:

  • Any thought related to others is a waste thought. You cannot control and improve others.
  • Accept everything, situation and people as they are.
  • If you are called for by people and situation, then attend them, using your intellect.

Mind has immense power of generating 10000 to 20000 thoughts a day and night. If you try to control them, even by practicing yoga, it will not work out.

It will appear again and again. Allow it freely, it will vanish in seconds, if you do not take it in your hands.

Ignore all negative, waste and bad thoughts. Do not give any importance to them. It will die automatically/No effort is needed from you. Take only goods thoughts, related to your well-being and work on it. This is the mantra to manage your inner world to become a good human-being. Be a "SUYAMBU" and do not look for solution outside.

2. Managing outer world for becoming a good Human-Doer:

Most of us are good Human-Doer, with respect to profession, career and work.

Here also, we have many troubles, because of too much attachment to many physical things and expectation of your ideas and opinion to happen.

Do not bother about things going away from you and accept all things coming to you and manage them using your intellect and knowledge, in tackling any situation.

Blaming and finding fault with others will not be a right move.

No one is 100% perfect. It is their nature and personality. You can not change them and the situation. So accept all situation and people in "AS IS WHERE IS "condition and manage wisely, intellectually and not emotionally. That will give you lot of peace and happiness. So be a SUYAMBU and enjoy a BLIZFULL LIFE.

R.chandra Sekaran —

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