Your Work tells more than your words

Your Work tells more than your words

Your Work tells more than your words

There was one employee who used to come in the office by 9:30 AM and work till 8-9 O'clock in the evenings. One of his colleagues asked him that you are coming office on time, then why you leave office too late. The employee answer was, I want to show the impression to my boss that I am very hard working employee. By this activity it may be possible that I may get Promotion also.

I saw many office goers who carry this type of mindset to get the promotion and other rewards. But they don`t know company gives more privilege to those employees who work rather those who try to show off their work but they never do.

There are some mistakes which we should discuss with always create the problem in our growth.

  1. Mindset of workaholic:

Many employees use to come to office on time or before and stay till late evenings. By this exercise instead of creating good impression, you may spoil your image. I agree because of heavy work load sometimes you need to stay for a long. But staying daily till late evening clearly shows that, you are not capable to finish your work on time.

  1. Showing your work with stars, moon & Sky:

I saw many employees, if someone will say Hi to them, they will tell all the schedule about their work, I am having this full list of work, I am doing very hard work to complete it on time. If you are also carrying the same mindset please remove as soon as possible, because you will not get anything out of it. Your Boss knows your work, your capability your strengths and your weakness. So, you need not to say anything to any employee you should understand that they are also doing the same work as you are doing. Do respect others work as well.

  1. Don`t praise yourself:

I saw many employees who always praise themselves and oppose others. Without any necessity help the boss in his personal work, follow the boss blindly & tell yes on each and every statement of Boss. Initially, you will feel that you are getting success, but this is not good for the long term. As your boss assigned any project to you and you are not able to make it success, by this not only you will spoil your impression, in future you boss will thing many times before assigning any important project to you.

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