Hassle-Free Journeys with Half-Baked Beans

Chetan Soni's Vision
Become author hassle-free by means of Half Baked Beans
Become author hassle-free by means of Half Baked Beans

Hassle-Free Journeys with Half-Baked Beans: Chetan Soni's Vision

Have you ever aspired for any interesting instance of your life to get published in a book? If yes, was it easy to move further to the next step, to approach the publisher? Not hunky dory, for sure. Getting the right publisher without hassles is, by far, the toughest job before getting to see the light of day.

A person is expected to run a helter-skelter in search of appropriate publishers. More often, either the person has to acquiesce to the heavy terms & conditions of publishers or the person has to pay a big amount. Only a few aspiring writers agree with these.

A big chunk of budding authors feels that getting a book published is a herculean task. Rarely do we see an easy way out for a mundane person to get this task accomplished smoothly.

This anxiety makes the person irate, and in the end, the person is compelled to give up the plan. This is how a potentially captivating anecdote or an inspiring narrative ends up discarded and overlooked.

Taking note of this dilemma, Half Baked Bean, a unique book publishing startup was born which saw an opportunity to bring such stories forward in a convenient manner.

Mr. Chetan Soni, founder of Half Baked Beans, after going through the intricacies of the publishing industry, ushered an innovative platform for budding writers and storytellers to explore a whole new world of penning down interesting stuff.

Half Baked Beans was established in the year 2014 after Mr. Soni felt a need for Indian books with different genres. The firm is more often a services company rather than a typical startup setup. Mr. Soni learned from his personal experience that the burgeoning class wanted an out-of-the-box solution.

It is because of this need that a publishing company is being recognized and talked about. It approaches them through social media handles and online marketing. Mr. Soni owes the success of the company to the constant efforts of people working with Half Baked Beans and his parent's blessings.

Bridge for authors and publishers

What differentiates Half Baked Beans from its peers is its customized solution to the problem arising out of the gap between authors and publishers. This helps further to add value to the authors. Apart from this, the difference is its clear terms, super fast evaluation, and the least charges for services in the industry.

The company fathoms the importance of hiring suitable candidates as it is a challenge in the changed dynamics due to the increase of funded startups. Moreover, since Half Baked Beans deals in the business of arts, it gives utmost priority to hire somebody who shares the same creative thought process as you.

Become author hassle-free by means of Half Baked Beans
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At Half Baked Beans, an author is unchained from the hassles of book release. The firm takes care of all the publishing requirements. From science fiction to contemporary romance and a 60-minute metro book to a mature novel, Half Baked Beans has already covered a plethora of literary genres.

The diversity in genre and unique marketing tactics allow Half Baked Beans to stand out from the league of established publishing houses. In this highly disorganized publishing industry, reaching out to the masses is a gruelling task for writers, especially newcomers. 

The company is trying to mend those rifts in the current industry and as a publishing house, it is dedicated to helping writers to reach out to the maximum number of readers.

Half Baked Beans used social media to craft customized marketing plans to address the target audience for authors. This feature keeps it ahead of its competitors.

Delivered Several Masterpieces

Within its four-year journey, Half Baked Beans has successfully released 87 books, encompassing four Anthologies, three Poetry collections, and Photo Poetry books. Additionally, this modern publishing house proudly holds the distinction of having produced two doubleheader titles, a truly unique achievement in the publishing industry.

"Love, Again" by Sumeetha Manikandan & Shruti Patole Clarence and "Frozen Summer-Columbina" by Geeta Madhuri and Cynthia Vincent Daniel have found places in the hearts of numerous readers. These books are some of the most celebrated works of Half Baked Beans.

With the mission of nurturing the creativity of budding writers, the firm also offers script editing, cover design, and printing. Moreover, it conducts several writing workshops, online contests, and open-mic sessions, along with many more interesting yet creative events.

The Facebook page of the company has already surpassed 2 lakh likes, reflecting the growth of Half Baked Beans in terms of reach and number of in-house editors, designers, and social media managers.

Moreover, the company follows an open-door policy culture where all contributors can approach the top management and share their ideas. This tactic has gone down well with the company and has helped it gain new heights.

Future Plans

As an innovative publishing house, Half Baked Beans bags some more wonders on its to-do list. Going forward, it is focusing on book marketing along with publishing. It plans to do offline events and social media updates while looking forward to partnerships and collaboration with other platforms.

Within 3-4 months, it will be hosting a brand new offline event, where writers can come and pitch their book live, and they would get the publishing agreement then and there.

In the next 2-3 years, it is expecting to come up with more books, new genres, and lots of new projects like co-author projects. So, the whole point is that it is trying to widen the reading culture as well as encourage new talents in India.

The company wants to be known as the leading book marketing platform for authors and plans to do different campaigns and activities to promote reading and writing. The company plans to have more offline events workshops and to increase sales channels.

Words of Wisdom

Mr. Soni in a frank chat says, "Writing is a healing art form. More than that, it feels that there can be many types of collaborations between writing and other art forms. This is what drives us."

Become author hassle-free by means of Half Baked Beans
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Become author hassle-free by means of Half Baked Beans
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