Pracharnama Media Pvt. Ltd.

Channeling the ‘Brand’s Voice’ to its Target Audience
Pracharnama Media Pvt. Ltd.
Pracharnama Media Pvt. Ltd.

Pracharnama Media Pvt. Ltd.

Vast in its name and ambitious in its way, Pracharnama Media Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneered name extending beyond innovation across all the market sectors under the umbrella of digitalization.

Incorporated on 11th July 2012 with its own developed RTB (real-time bidding), Pracharnama has successfully embedded its roots in the digital world.

Accommodating the best ideas of marketing in the digital world with different products and as a self-funded company in its initial stage, Pracharnama Media now possesses a 200000+ website apps network across screens like Windows, iOS, Android, tab, mobile, desktop, etc.

Over the course of 5 years, the company has experienced significant financial growth. As the world continues to embrace digital transformation, it's evident that digital technology is undeniably the future.

Digitization is sweeping across every spectrum of the market, transforming and creating more advanced attributes based on high technology, massive communication, and knowledge creation.

This booming 'digital age' combined with the interest of founders in Technology paved the way for the advent of Pracharnama. Notably, Pracharnama Media started earning from day one with its belief in diversification, creativity, technology, and innovation.

Pracharnama's clientele is studded with numerous names, including Audi, PNB, Adidas, Apollo, Cinthol, Ebay, and more from every genre of the market.

Presently, Pracharnama Media caters to 2 services in the market, which are sui generis in their way. Namely:

Email Prachar

Under this umbrella, Pracharnama Media holds 50 Million In-house Segmented data, which is a raw material for the advertising campaign and driving great ROI for its advertisers.

  • Global platforms & publishers for serving Ads.

  • Serving 100000+ clicks & 10000+ installs daily.

  • Exclusive Pre & Mid-roll Video inventory, Apps Install, in Apps banners, content integration, etc

DSP (Demand Side Platform)

This only company's developed technology is a self-serve platform that helps the advertiser reach their target audience and harvest the best ROI.

Pracharnama Media Pvt. Ltd.
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Since its presence, Pracharnama has always followed the dictum to believe in simplifying the communication medium for any brand with the target market. The company works round the clock and shreds blood and sweat to yield the best ROI for the advertisers while providing 24 Hour Support with its expertise team, which tends to grab more and more eyeballs in the market.

What infuses the Pracharnama team to perform out of the box? It's the competition which motivates us to overcome fear and failures, if any, in the journey of standing ahead of the pack. After the formation of Pracharnama Media, the major challenge was to tackle and target the right person at the right time for the right brand.

The company's avant grade solutions fill the gap for the advertisers to reach and preach target market by having live tracking of their campaigns running with the ad placements.

Speaking about launching an email service in the market just on a CPM basis and developing an In-house solution of DSP, every step which the company has taken was based on risk.

Pachamama was initiated as the one and only player under the umbrella of the Digital Age with an approach to thinking beyond the future. When the companies were still booming, Pracharnama had already established a niche for itself in the market.

The trust of the clients is treated as a reward here at Pracharnama Media. Successfully, the company has gained a 98% retention rate since its birth, and that is something that is adding more and more renowned names to the company's clientele. Outlined below are the accolades of Pracharnama Media Pvt. Ltd.:

  • The company has been recognized as India's top 10 digital marketing providers in 2016-17 by Silicon India magazine '

  • Pachamama Media has been recognized as a Top 10 Company in Service 2015-16 by ABTAK NEWS.

  • Haryana Abtak has ranked Pracharnama as the No.1 Company in Digital Marketing 2015 based in Haryana.

  • Pachamama Media Pvt. Ltd. has been honoured by Cabinet Minister Shri Vipul Goel, Govt Of Haryana for Digital Marketing 2015 and by Shri Krishna Pal Gurjar, Minister of State, Govt Of India for Digital Advertising 2014.

Mind behind Pracharnama

Saurabh Dhall

(COO & Co-founder, Pracharnama Media Pvt. Ltd.)

"Entrepreneurs are not the job of fun its a job of responsibility, managing staff, finance clients at the same time something more interesting stuff of an entrepreneur."

With a seasoned experience of 6 years, Saurabh has rendered his experience to the industry, including netcore, inbox matters, and then finally Pracharnama. He is an MBA from Manav Rachna University, 2011 batch.

Arpit Srivastava

(VP – Pracharnama Media Pvt Ltd.)

Arpit, an MBA graduate from NIMS University Jaipur, is among the leading mentors at Pracharnama Media. He has 5 years of experience in the Digital Industry.

Advice to youth

"Money never makes a good entrepreneur. It's the dedication to your idea.  Many examples are there in the digital arena, which started and failed in the e-commerce market. A lot of apps are available there on your play store or App Store but hardly you opt for 50 out of 5 lacs.

Every app owner is an entrepreneur but only a handful succeeds. Before taking any step, you must learn the market and industry have a backup for the worst situation. It is amazing to be an entrepreneur, no matter how much profit it yields at the initial stage.  

Guidance plays an important role in the journey of becoming an entrepreneur, so it becomes necessary to be managed by someone. It is then only when Clients refer to new ones or clients come again to utilize your services.

Success is when your ex-employee wishes to join you back. Success is when you are the most preferred service provider in the client's and vendor's list, and PRACHARNAMA falls best on these benchmarks.

The young talent at Pracharnama always appreciates the support they receive from their seniors in polishing their professional skills and enhancing their productivity together as a team."

Furthermore, the company plans to reach a point to create a solution for advertisers where they can plan their 360-degree Media in today's dynamic and competitive market.

Pracharnama Media Pvt. Ltd.
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Pracharnama Media Pvt. Ltd.
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