Unspun Group: Recalibrating Brands with technology driven Solutions

Unspun Group: Recalibrating Brands with technology driven Solutions

Unspun Group: Recalibrating Brands with technology driven Solutions

A marketing campaign can make or break a business; a good marketing strategy can have an extensive effect on the success of a product while an ineffective and unstable one, typically results in heavy losses and eventually failure. In today's highly competitive business environment, organizations direct their most sincere efforts towards employing the latest and most effective marketing strategies that ensure success in boosting transactions and enhancing revenue thus also establishing them as a sustainable business. Furthermore, the disruption created by the swelling adoption of rapidly advancing technologies has also reshaped functioning of marketing strategies. In this backdrop of chaos, businesses need a pilot who can help them map their road to success and Unspun Group has gained a reputation in this space for delivering simplified marketing solutions for SMEs as well as large enterprises. Unspun is one of India's first technology-based marketing products and services company based out of Bangalore. Unspun's powerful research led marketing campaigns empower businesses to connect with their target audiences and reaching out to them through the right marketing channel. Unspun understands how your marketing is performing, why and what you can do to improve performance, optimize your spend and remove the guesswork from ROI calculations, through accurate simulations and make every program and campaign more transparent, accountable and efficient. Once on board with Unspun, clients are vested with the power of next generation digital communication, which facilitates them to communicate with their audiences effectively and popularize their products. The firm holds a proven track record of success in enabling client organizations to achieve desired results in a stipulated time. It specializes in developing customized technology driven marketing strategies for businesses that include social media marketing, web design, SEO, SEM, digital public relations, web analytics and have been proven successful in building reputation for brands.

Unspun's 'Game Changing' Strategy

Globalization of business landscapes coupled with cut throat competition has made it crucial for businesses to adopt marketing strategies that can go the extra mile to ensure success. To fill this acute gap, Unspun Group was ideated and founded by Dr. Somdutta Singh in 2013. Her long association with this domain helped her gauge the dire need of redefining the tenets of marketing functions in today's unsettling business environment that is struggling to pace up with technological advancements.

When Unspun is chosen as the marketing partner, it endeavors to first comprehend the client's business, company culture as well as its customers and acts as a pillar of growth during its stint with the organization. In a chat with START UP CITY Magazine, Dr. Somdutta Singh, Founder & Chief Marketing says, "Unspun's new breed of marketers are lateral thinking, innovators who know what "game-changing" means. We work in a lean marketing scenario, powered by technology and creativity to turn names into big brands. Once onboard with the client, Unspun strives to figure out how marketing strategies are performing; what factors are limiting performance and what should be done to enhance it. Having analyzed everything, Unspun's team develops a specialized plan that enables the organization to achieve an assured Return on Investment while optimizing expenditures. A team of highly experienced and accomplished professionals, Unspun possesses strong capabilities in devising marketing campaigns that are absolutely transparent, accountable and efficient.

Key Highlights

  1. A crystal clear execution path to map go-to-market strategies and tactics
  2. Robust In house proprietary tools for empowering clients to generate more leads
  3. Take clients' business to next level and enable them to achieve sustainable growth
  4. Effective brand building strategies to help firms establish a successful reputation in the market

Holistic Service Portfolio

Unspun's exclusive service portfolio envelops:

Technology driven Solutions – The firm leverages advanced technology to simplify marketing techniques for organizations and to drive ROI for their every expenditure. Unspun's flagship product ACT is a backend customer behaviour analysis tool algorithm that crawls across 250 live data sources on the net to understand a user's behaviour on demography, geography, socio-economic factor and interest etc. It creates, profiles and analyses target customers' behaviour, scores their online activities and then recommends right marketing channel that needs to be implemented to reach customers through the fastest possible way though the lowest possible cost. As the tool constantly monitors customer profiles, it can track changes in their purchase behaviour.

Digital Marketing – Unspun conducts thorough analysis and research on clients' need for effective digital marketing and helps them to connect with their consumer audiences employing transformative digital strategies.

Social Media Marketing – The team conducts extensive research focusing on the paid, earned and owned media to categorize and ultimately prioritize all the media options that exist today and to ensure the implementation of best social media platforms that suit client's business goals.

Mobile Marketing – The firm provides best-in-class technology and services that empower clients to reach their consumers through innovative mobile marketing efforts.

Content Marketing and Design – Unspun helps its clients to stand out from the rest by developing a compelling and effectively designed content for them that also fuels their marketing.

Public Relations – Unspun's innate knowledge in various business domains accompanied with its profound understanding of traditional and digital media enables the businesses to achieve maximum benefit.

The Inspiration behind the Success:

Dr. Somdutta Singh, Founder & Chief Marketing, Unspun Group

Dr. Somdutta Singh is an inspiration, whose success story fuels the spirit of entrepreneurship and leadership in every aspiring woman. She is a seasoned product and business leader, an Indian entrepreneur, angel investor and mentor. She is also Nasscom Product Council's Co-chair, Co-trustee and Director at Centre for Entrepreneurial Excellence (CEE) while also being the Founder & Chief Marketing at Unspun Group, one of India's first technology-based marketing products and services company based out of Bangalore. Armed with a PhD from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, she has served leading positions in various multinational companies like Red Hat, July Systems, Akamai Technologies and Verizon Data Services.

She is the founder of an exclusive designer collection brand for women, IRA – House of Designers which is India's 1st design in-sourcing & collaboration platform to address the challenges that unemployed artisans and designers encounter.

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