Wiping off the Usual, From Advertising to Backvertising


Human emotions and thoughts are the fuel that ignites powerful relations between a brand and its customers. Motivations, lifestyles, attitudes, and even buying behaviors stem from a core human instinct.

The deeper the connection consumers forge with your brand, the more they engage with it on a personal level. This engagement fosters a wealth of stories and conversations surrounding your brand, ultimately allowing it to resonate with people on a deeply human level.

This whole mechanism, consumer insights, pushes your brand beyond growth by making it a part of consumers' lifestyles and connecting with them not just on an emotive level.

Historically, advertising has functioned as a one-sided conversation between a brand to its potential customers. However, in today's landscape, where a brand's character and how it's perceived play pivotal roles in driving sales, companies find themselves marketing to an audience they may not fully comprehend. This often involves substantial investments in a rapidly evolving medium that tracks closely with ever-changing trends.

Notable Adman and the brain behind the famous tagline 'bol mere lips', Mr. Shivjeet Kullar channelized his advertising and branding passion to fix this 'one problem' all marketers have in the 21st Century- understanding the Digital audience in India.

He termed his Idea as 'Backvertising'.

Shivjeet realized the need to hear back from the people who are watching the communications for which companies are spending millions.

He wanted to enable consumers all over the country to respond to brands in an atmosphere that is most comfortable to them, ensuring that their opinions are self-administered, absolutely candid, and motivated by consumers' intrinsic.

Mr. Shivjeet Kullar, a creative expert, along with Mr. Vir Kullar, had been brainstorming for several months, driven by a straightforward vision: to make research faster (in terms of turnaround time), more efficient, and affordable for brands of all sizes. This creative journey led to the inception of Adytude, the world's pioneering Gamified Consumer Insights Engine, in April 2014.

"Adytude accumulates these voices of customers' hearts to get you answers for your business questions in a quick and cost-efficient fashion through its gamified insights engine."- Mr.Vir Kullar, Director and Co-founder, Adytude

In a relatively brief span, Adytude has solidified its position as the crown jewel in the realm of branding. This unique platform provides a comprehensive array of consumer insights and research conducted through a digital medium, all powered by its innovative gamified insights engine, serving a wide spectrum of brands and companies.

This digital platform of modern market research for the modern marketer can perform communication tests, validate assumptions, check understanding, comparative studies, usability, geography test, new feature feedback, packaging studies, other opinion-related studies, and much more. 

At first, there was a lot of scepticism about whether people would be adequately motivated to volunteer their time and share their points of view with brands and companies. Glancing at the statistics available to date, there is no looking back for Adytude. It's the live consumer connect site that has been valued at $100 million by Deloitte! Adytude broke the ice with:

  • Its peerless gamified system

  • Getting to the magical 'First 500 users', converting its initial clients, diving and drenching into the market what our market wanted

  • And finally adapting an agile and efficient manner.

With initial funding from friends and family, Adytude hit a whopping target of $100,000. Hungry for more, our sights are set on tripling our revenue

Entering the hearts from a virtual platform

The virtual presence has been a plum job for Adytude. Starting with Market Research and Consumer Insights, this platform is bridging the gap and has users volunteering their time to come and participate in 3 forms of traditional research:

  • Speedy responses

  • Large sample sizes

  • Lower investment cost

This ingenious alternative to traditional research pushed the biggest names in Advertising behind this venture. The likes of Prahlad Kakkar and Atul Kasbekar are all part of the 15-member Advertising and Consumer Council, which has joined together to create this digital property.

The front end is where brands serve their advertisements to their Target Audience in a video format and get their honest feedback while the back end churns out deep analytical research to pinpoint key insights for clients. furnishes customer insights and rewards the feedback in a fun avatar, with videos as triggers and a plethora of prizes. While some close competition is present in the market, Adytude is yet ahead of the pack.

Powered by the principles of gamification, the company invests in technology to empower them to consistently stay on top by improving the experience and interaction for participants.

What started as a simple engine to test the effectiveness of Ads more efficiently was modified and customized (shoutout to our Research and Tech Team) to do any kind of research.

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Employees who work together and play together, will progress together. Adytude possesses an all-inclusive atmosphere where everyone has direct and clear contact with the founders and can always find an audience to their POV.

The company looks for ways to motivate people to use their interests and hobbies in their work and encourage them to constantly strive to outdo themselves.

Minds behind Adytude

Mr. Shivjeet Kullar- Founder, Adytude

Advertising legend

With an illustrious career spanning more than 25 years as a Creative Director, Playwright, and Event Conceptualizer, Mr. Shivjeet Kullar is a renowned figure in his field. He boasts an impressive tally of over 120 National and International awards, a testament to his exceptional talents.

Campaign Magazine has recognized him as one of India's Top 10 Powerful Creative Names in the advertising industry. His impressive portfolio includes working with esteemed brands and crafting remarkable campaigns, and he has authored the bestseller 'Taking The Taj.'

He has written legendary campaigns like Bole Mere Lips, Shah Rukh 'Mayur' Khan, JK Laxmi Cement, and the campaign that won BJP and Vajpayee the national election. 

Mr. Vir Kullar

Co-Founder – One of the brightest young minds in the digital world

Shubho Sengupta, well known Social Media Evangelist, once quoted, "I feel Vir is one of the top young digital talents in the country today. In my opinion, he is going to be one of the game changers in the digital world within the next 5 years."

This Digital native, now co-founder of Adytude has been the digital art in the online space for almost 9 years. His head has never been at rest. With his first internship at the age of 16, managing a Dirt Bike championship, he continued his professional voyage as a freelancer and running a business from home during college.

With a Marketing course from Wharton University and being the digital lead across some of India's biggest and finest youth brands, Vir has contributed to notable clients, namely Royal Enfield, Honor by Huawei, Bacardi, Dewar's, Dunkin' Donuts, Nike, Red Bull, Archies, Greenply, WildStone, Eristoff, and more.

He has also worked for notorious companies like 22feet Tribal Worldwide, NetProphets, Olive Global, Times of India (NIE), and many more. Words will fall short, showcasing his experience and skills!

He has also worked in Production, Advertising, Music sourcing and editing, Writing, Content, Strategy, road mapping, Branding, and a whole lot of Ideating!

He is deeply immersed in the digital world and, much like others of his generation, spends a significant portion of his life engaged in digital activities.

Overpowering Challenges and Installing Milestones

Initiating an entirely new concept was the biggest challenge for Adytude.  After the first few dozen times, Adytuders learned that if they can prioritize and sort out what comes their way, each challenge will roll out in a 'major milestone'.

In addition to keeping communication across teams and partners transparent, having sight of the larger picture has been essential in keeping Adytude on track.

Blessed with clients' appreciation and hard work, the company has been awarded 'Startup Of the Year' by Silicon Magazine.

Adding more sparkle, Adytude has recently hosted its awards- SuperStartUps India with SuperBrands. A recognition for startups in India where the judge was not a panel, but rather 1000 people from all over the country, logging onto its digital platform and voting for their favourite startups in India.

 Road to future voyage  

"We have plans to launch in 30 countries, the first of which will be in 2017. We are going to employ innovative and possibly completely novel technologies to further our footprint and to empower the community of marketers and brand managers regularly with information and insights.

On the technology front, we plan to create and launch a native app with geo and augmented reality features, apart from mouse and eye tracking for respondents.

Adytude started with funding from friends and family, and more recently from Indian Angel Network to a sum of $1 Million (~6.6Cr). We are now putting these funds to use and may take another round towards Q2 2017.

To expand further, we focus on increasing our B2B customer base through networks, events, seminars, talks, outreach on digital, and regular pitching and knowledge sharing. We're now planning our next big initiative, which will reward talented companies and individuals for excellence in ad film creation."- Vir Kullar

It seems certain that Adytude and its rise will soon be the stuff of startup legends

Words of Wisdom

"Being an entrepreneur requires energy and motivation, and unlike other roles- this has to come from within. Working in the digital space requires a certain degree of ingenuity and the constant ability to learn and evolve.

The best advice that we can share as entrepreneurs is that while it is important to have a vision and long-term aim in mind, it is equally essential to set achievable goals, hope for the best scenario to work out, but never lose that hunger with which you set out."- says Vir Kullar

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