Tarsan MVAS Private Limited: Revolutionizing the advertisement industry with technology

Tarsan MVAS Private Limited: Revolutionizing the advertisement industry with technology

Tarsan MVAS Private Limited: Revolutionizing the advertisement industry with technology

Mobile advertising Industry is developing on a geometric progression, the advertising world is not the same what it was a few years back. Though advertising is quite an ancient phenomenon, its subset mobile advertising is quite modern or rather post-modern phenomenon. With the introduction of second-generation telecom network in Finland, the mobile advertising saw vertiginous growth in this sector. According to a report by Statista.com, the total global spending on the advertising is going to cross 600 billion US$ by 2020. Another report by a research firm Berg Insight forecasted that the global mobile advertising market is expected to grow at the compound annual growth rate of 43%. Another report by Statista.com indicated that global mobile digital advertising spending would reach 250 billion by 2020. Now with fourth, fifth, sixth and so on generation network coming into the picture, some experts optimistically argue that the total revenue generated by the non-traditional advertising industry will then surpass the revenues generated by television advertising industry in coming future. Looking forward to tapping opportunities in this perpetual growing market, Tarun Nayyar entered the market as Founder and CEO of Tarsan MVAS Private Ltd. in 2012 to fulfill his age-old dream of owning a self-made business and creating an empire to establish a legacy of his own.

Emerging out as a differentiator

  • The firm's management is very particular when it comes to transparency & accountability. Tarsan's in-house platform AdMenu bestows clear & quantifiable value for every advertising avenue, enhancing the ROI on ad spends. Tarun, CEO, and Founder believes in providing clear information via GAID & IDFA and share forums details with the customers. This kind of transparency makes them stand apart from other agencies of the domain
  • The company's unique feature of gathering information about mobile devices and maintaining a huge database of publishers & marketers ease it to optimize every campaign carefully and acquire right successor, a quality audience with worldwide reach at minimal cost
  • Tarsan discovers its own media buy and explores different in-house demand supplier platforms that bring genuine users on the client's app and boost transaction value on their respective applications
  • It drives numerous transactional campaigns for e-Commerce platforms and charges only for the lined traffic experienced by customers, wherein their payment depends on CPI, CPT, and CPR

Area of Expertise

Tarsan is a performance-based mobile media agency catering to top notch clientele and renders performance & branding campaign and SMS/email/voice/solutions. It pioneers in the execution of marketing plan via mobile.

Tarsan being a tech based digital advertising company works on cutting-edge servers and deploys the latest technologies to develop solutions for complex business problems. Since its advent, the brand has anchored its position as a quality advertising partner. Tarsan is touching its clients' global audience every day through its expertise in In-App Ads, SMS, Emails & Notifications medium in Native/Non-Native, Rich/Static, Interactive/Non-Intrusive Banners, Popunder/Redirects, Videos & Text Formats to deliver the right information to customers through Performance-based (CPI / CPR / CPS / CPL / CPT) marketing.

  • With an intent to increase the average revenue per telecom user beyond the calls and messages, Mobile Subscriptions or Value-Added Services (VAS) were introduced by operators and Tarsan started focusing on providing different products in VAS on cost per acquisition (CPA) basis.
  • Tarsan's in-house technology platform Admenu with propriety algorithims, partner integrations with Exchanges & DSPs allows the firm to target Quality Audience with Worldwide Reach (QAWR) to achieve the right branding objectives.
  • The analysis based on company's work experience deployed in Admenu provides alert mechanisms to help in minimizing the fraud occurrence which is one of the biggest problems faced by the Industry today.
  • Tarsan is continuously increasing its efficiency and runs performance campaigns to pinpoint targeted audience and optimizes the campaigns using their own whitelist and proprietary algorithms that have been created through years of experience and research
  • Transactional and promotional Email/ SMS services are also being provided by Tarsan with options of integrating with clients' legacy system 

Clients & Partners

Tarsan since inception boasts of adding esteemed corporate clients and partners like NDTV Convergnce, Walt Disney, Nazara, Bharti Airtel, JLL, Apollo Munich Insurance Co Ltd., Cyber Agent, FSN, Lava, M&C Saatchi Performance and other retail customers who have contributed to the company's growth.

The Road Ahead

  • The firm truly believes and understand the importance of technology. Being a tech-based firm, the management plans to move towards further development of their products and establish a 360 degree/ one stop solution to performance-based mobile marketing.
  • Tarsan is now looking for an opportunity to grow big by connecting with direct advertisers and agencies. The firm's long-term objective is to drive their members to lead the market as they firmly believe an organization becomes what its members make it. The management's further plans are to create a sustainable business with a happy culture between partners, employees, and clients.
  • The firm's management is planning to consolidate the gains of increasing business and open branch offices in Mumbai and Bangalore for permanent and smooth execution of operations.
  • Tarsan Ltd. is looking towards total automation of the entire process of campaign management with the appropriate use of technology to achieve the desired optimized result

The brain behind the brand

Tarun Nayyar

Promoter & Founder

Tarun Nayyar, a Power Electronics engineer from Nagpur University and a management graduate from Fore School of Management is a multi-lingual speaker, passionate and freedom and liberty loving person. He started his career in 2001 with Eicher Motors Ltd. as an Assistant manager and left the employee world as Vice-President and Zonal Business Head- North & East, SME Business Banking at DhanLaxmi Bank.

With over 15 years of experience in Marketing across domains, gives tremendous leverage in bridging the gap between advertiser and their goals. A competent engineer, with strong product knowledge in organization and product design, has become the backbone of Tarsan.

He has an ardent belief in the entrepreneurial spirit, quick learner and believes in the Aristotelian way of learning by observing people around him and meeting people from different industries, attending seminars, and exhibitions. Incorporation of Tarsan MVAS Pvt. Ltd. helped Tarun in maintaining his freedom and the non-conformist nature on his terms.

Business leader's advice for the youth in the business environment

Tarun alarms the youth about the bane of procrastination. He advises everyone to try a stint at business and to start as early as possible in life.  Youth that contemplates doing the business should not waste time thinking about whether to start or not. To be an entrepreneur one must think positive, believe in self and should have the patience to wait for the results. One should be flexible in accepting the changes. Whatever projections one makes on an excel sheet, be prepared for 30% of those projections will exist in praxis. To remain relevant, the investment in people and technology should be the priority.

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