Transparency is the USP of their Products, tells Crowd Testing Platform 99tests

Transparency is the USP of their Products, tells Crowd Testing Platform 99tests
Transparency is the USP of their Products, tells Crowd Testing Platform 99tests

Transparency is the USP of their Products, tells Crowd Testing Platform 99tests

The necessity of software testing is becoming more important and inevitable as technologies are accelerating the growth of any business. With an invincible and indispensable strategy to provide clients access to the right crowd-sourced testers online, 99tests came into existence in 2011.

Since then, it supports clients to define their projects and manage the execution of projects. Over five years 99tests has assembled over 15000 testers across the globe, skilled in various aspects of testing.

Nonetheless, over four lakh testing engineers are beneficiaries of this platform. Their quality control and assurance platform have helped over 300 businesses meet their expected standards for software applications.

Mentored by legends like Kris Gopalakrishnan, founding member of Infosys, Steve P Coles CIO of Allianz, and Teruhide Sato, founder of Beenos group (a global E-commerce and venture capital firm), this online crowd-testing platform provides economical and effectivcrowdsourceded testing solutions that enable individuals and businesses to pursue excellence in technology.

To ensure that the testers chosen for the project fit within the client's way of testing to minimize costs and hassle on the client side, 99tests follows a particular system. As a res, ult their customers get the results they are looking for, within the time frame they want.

Headquartered in Bangalore, the company hapartnershipsip aa and a strong presence in US, UK, and Australia. Since the workforce of fourteen employees creates success stories, 99tests has invested in various employee engagement and development activities to hone the skills of the team.

Their monthly employee events calendar constitute of full-day-day sessions on leadership and soft skills development aimed to empower the team. Their goal is to create e keep the work environment happy and productive.

99tests provides quality testing services that can improve software quality at every stage of the product life cycle. Its global network of professional testehasave helped startups, S, MBs, and big enterprises to improve the quality of their web, mob, file, and enterprise Apps. Currently, these are the software testing services that they provide:

  1. Automation testing: Makes testing simpler with automation services for Mobile and web apps to uncover issues quickly without breaking things. 

  2. Functional Testing: Functional testing is crucial to ensure that your App works great everywhere all the time. Make your Apps better with expert insights.

  3. Usability testing: Prepares your App to meet client expectations. Get insights to understand your App's user experience to make your UX addictively good.

  4. Security Testing: Protects your brand's reputation by ensuring the security of your customer information. Discovers issues in time with a global team of professional testers.

  5. Load Testing: Gains insights to understand your Apps performance under load. Unleashes your App's true potential. Be ready to handle big days every day.

  6. Localization testing: Their global community crowd-sourcedced testeenablesble testing of your Apps by location, by your target market. It ensures success globally with localization testing.

Whether it is a new web application or an app, testing is a crucial step that ensures the functionality and quality of the application. The crowd-testing platform enables enterprises to access quality testing solutions at reasonable prices.

One of the key advantages, they have is the domain experience they bring. It gives them the competitive edge to tackle many of the issues including coming up with the right algorithms which are the basis for crowd-based sed platform.

They feel the USP of their product is the transparency it offers to the clients. Clients get the power to create the test plan, track the progress of their project,cts, and turn off the service at their discretion.

Crowd testing works beautifully with consumer-faceted testing for applications that are used by many individuals. With the booming app industry and the positifeedbackcks, 99tests is receiving from their existing clients, they are very optimistic about the growth potential fa or crowd testing platform in the coming days.

" One example would be the way we handled the project for our client, Flipkart. When Flipkart approached us for testing their first smartphone app for shopping, we knew the criticality of finding & fixing crucial bugs before the public launch of their app.

The speedy & effective delivery of results helped Flipkart's developers immensely. With our results, their engineers were able to write accepted scripts without using codes. We helped them in detecting and fixing crucial bugs in time to enable the successful launch of the Flipkart app, " says 99tests.

Transparency is the USP of their Products, tells Crowd Testing Platform 99tests
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Their pricing plans are segmented to cater to the four major kinds of clients: 


  • Designed for start-ups, and entrepreneurs

  • Ideal for small development teams with no QA

  • Cost-Effective testing plans suited for App launches

  • Uncovers critical issues before launch 


  • Designed for small & medium business owners

  • Suitable for larger teams with QA

  • Regular testing plans designed for stable Apps

  • Makes new updates easy & uncovers security issues


  • Designed for large corporations

  • Suitable for Enterprise applications

  • Secure, Enterprise-class testing service

  • Test across multiple languages & countries


  • Sign up for the Partnership plan

  • Partner in the crowd-testing success story

  • Gain new customers in new segments

  • Delight customers with quality software 

The Founders

Praveen Singh

(Co-Founder and CEO)

Praveen Singh, a start-up evangelist is the Co-Founder and CEO of 99tests. He has worked earlier with leading software companies like Oracle, Webmeth, ods, and VMLogix (now acquired by Citrix). He brings in the business strategy, marketing, ing and sales experience of running a start-up. He tweets at @praveensinghhv. 

Naveen Kumar


Naveen Kumar, an IIT Bombay alumnus is the Co-Founder of 99tests. He has worked with SAP and has also founded Foodtang, a food delivery start-up in the past. He brings in the technical skills, algorithms,hms, and operations experience of running a start-up. He can be followed by Twitterer @naveenkr59.

"We feel the biggest merit our clients gain, is the easy access to skilled testers at economical prices, which is hard to get in the marketplace today. In contrast to crowd testing, traditional software testing options cost you a hefty price. An added advantage here is that you pay only for outcomes that are produced.

That is, you pay only for the bugs found or for the test cases executed. This ensures that the system is transparent, that and you know exactly what you are paying for. Clients also get the option to test in various geographies, on different devices, platforms, ms, and other variables as per their needs.

We let them prioritize the features that they want to test and give them full control over the process. While clients on the platform enjoy the benefit of fast and economical testing solutions, testers get the chance to hone their skills and earn through paid projects from anywhere in the world.

We are moving to a new era of innovative solutions for testing that will enable companies to meet their software quality requirements faster and with more ease," a spokesperson from 99tests said.


Kris Gopalakrishnan

(Co-Founder of Infosys)

Kris Gopalakrishnan n, an IIT Madras, alumnus, and one of the founding members of Infosys, is among their leading mentors. A recipient of the Padma Bhushan award for his role in research, Kris drives their passion for technology.

Steve P Coles

(CIO at Allianz)

Steve P Coles, CIO at Allianz, an international financial services company is a key mentor at 99tests. With an experience of over a decade in technology, he is passionate about innovative-aide added business transformations.

Teruhide Sato

(Founder of Beenos and Beenext)

Teruhide Sato, founder of Beenos Group, a global E-commerce and venture capital firm is one of their key mentors. Serial entrepreneur Teruhide is passionate about empowering entrepreneurs who solve problems and bring fruitful changes.

Transparency is the USP of their Products, tells Crowd Testing Platform 99tests
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Transparency is the USP of their Products, tells Crowd Testing Platform 99tests
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