“We are rediscovering sun’s golden energy with a unique business approach”- Mr. Gagan Vermani, Founder & CEO, MYSUN

“We are rediscovering sun’s golden energy with a unique business approach”- Mr. Gagan Vermani, Founder & CEO, MYSUN

"We are rediscovering sun's golden energy with a unique business approach"- Mr. Gagan Vermani, Founder & CEO, MYSUN

Here comes the sun, spreading its beautiful yellow rays and pouring life everywhere. This bright object in the sky is rarely looked upon for its infinite power- Solar energy. It is the most precious gold ever found on earth. The recent innovations and rapid deployment of large-scale solar projects have lead to a better quality and a much lower cost solar power. The solar radiation passing through SPV cells gets converted into DC electricity directly. Solar panels absorb energy of the sun to meet the power requirements for industrial, commercial as well as residential use.

"Solar as an energy source is free and since prehistorical times been used for various applications. Today, power generation is amongst the biggest applications of solar. Despite tremendous potential and falling costs, it has not yet percolated down to homes, offices, industries and institutions and remains mostly confined to the large-scale solar parks tendered out by the government. Individual residents are still at the stage of realizing the full potential, both financially and technically, of the phenomenon to produce and consume your own power. However, as we lead this movement of bringing about the mindset change, we are very positive that this shift is around the corner and very soon solar will be looked upon as a consumer lead product rather than an initiative pushed by the Government" Mr. Gagan Vermani discussed during a one-on-one with TCM on making solar power a product for the ultimate energy user irrespective of his/her belongingness to industrial, commercial or residential arena.

MYSUN was venturing into a new segment under the domain of solar energy with an entirely different business approach. Where the established firms mastered their experience and expertise in carrying solar energy to the remotely located large solar parks only, MYSUN was incorporated with a vision of channelize solar energy towards the rooftop of every home, every building, every village and every city of the country.

An alumnus of National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra, Mr. Vermani has been a renowned jewel for many reputed company with over two decades of experience in areas including Solar energy domain, operations, supply chain, cost management, business development, capital markets, automotives and M&A.

What makes MYSUN a blue diamond under the sphere of Solar Energy?

MYSUN's innovative business model has been build up on:

  • A strong suit of online solar platform
  • Vigorous engineering and technology infrastructure
  • Expert team of 'human sunrays' delivering end-to-end solutions and awareness for every solar need.

The company provides an unbiased and personalized two way communication solution for clarifying the doubts, to assisting potential customers to buy and setup the system. MYSUN's convenient and transparent way to find, evaluate and select service providers and/or financing options adds more stars to its galaxy. MYSUN ensures a high quality experience including advanced site assessment services and competitive quotes from its list of pre-screened solar solution providers. The panel of technical enthusiasts ensures that the products installed are highly reliable. Mr. Vermani noticed the lack of awareness and misunderstanding solar power as an industrial product were real limitations. Breaking the gray way of business and to promote more use of solar energy, Mr. Vermani thought to take this on an online platform for more reach by working his fingers to the bone. The biggest challenge which MYSUN has to run over was to shift and span the use of solar energy products from industrial projects and large scale products to the end consumers and to convince them onboard by infusing awareness about solar energy and its perks. The idea of MYSUN's going online was gold as it went perfectly with the goals of the company to aware, acknowledge and change the trend of taking solar as industrial product. MYSUN's buckling down has paid back in the best way. Approximately, 70000 rooftop solar system users have joined MYSUN's family and henceforth increase the circumference of Mr. Vermani's smile.

The Journey of rediscovering the sun and its power with MYSUN, all it takes are few clicks.


It all starts from the basic step- educating the people about the wonderful benefits of one time investment in solar energy with its reduced costs and others factors including:

  • Reduced Energy Bills
  • Safe Investment, High returns
  • Negligible Maintenance
  • Environment Friendly
  • Easy to use

MYSUN has also taken initiative #CaptureMySun to aware the young minds about solar power and its benefits, through social media platforms like Instagram as a concern to spread awareness about the green alternatives in the energy space. Promoting this change, MYSUNtook upon oneself the responsibility of spreading awareness of going solar. #CaptureMySun challenges the photographer within an individual to shoot the sun in the most glorious tone.The campaign received a zestful nationwide response reaching more than 1lakh people and beheld touching more than 5million people across India. MYSUN will be covering almost 20 cities in the next 6 months by associating with individuals, RWAs, schools and esteemed organizations and expect to touch a few more lakh people in every city.



The expert team of advanced algorithm enthusiasts at MYSUN helps the buyer to have a fair picture of the exact size of rooftop solar system required by them, its pricing which may vary from customer to customer based upon his current usage and bill, different tariffs rates of states with a final stage of passing the quality standards and overall assessment with a onetime future investment for the next 25 years.

The MYSUN Calculator present on company's online platform is an advanced tool developed by the solar experts at MYSUN to help a customer quickly determine the potential savings that he can make while going solar. Using this solar calculator is a piece of cake. Inputs require three basic details -location, monthly electricity bill and electricity consumer category. And voila within fractions of seconds, the calculator provides you with an unbiased snapshot of your solarization potential in form of the neat PDF report, that can also be shared with your friends.

Within a short time span of 7 months, MYSUN has emerged out as the largest online solar system providers in the company thereby attracting already an investment of $2.5 millionin orderto push rooftop solar systems reach PAN India.

Mr. Gagan Vermani ended the interview sharing MYSUN's future plans, "In 2014, India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a goal to increase solar power capacity to 175 gigawatts (GW) including 40 GW from rooftop solar systems by 2022. Presently, India has achieved 1 GW rooftop solar and MYSUN aims to contribute towards the rapid deployment of the balance 39GW with its innovative approach and business model.

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