How Women Entrepreneurs Are Leading The Business Game?

How Women Entrepreneurs Are Leading The Business Game?

HowWomen Entrepreneurs Are Leading The Business Game?

Entrepreneurshipis an extremely rewarding journey, and several women are now taking the plungeto be masters of this art. According to stats, around 60 per cent of womenentrepreneurs depend on their business as a primary source of income. Thischallenges the orthodox thinking that businesswomen can only run a businessthat provides side income. 

Intoday's time, women are not only changing the old practices of being anentrepreneur but also excelling at it. These are some factors that influencewomen to lead the game:

  • Discrimination At Corporate Levels

A womanis the means of creation in this world and creating organizations is arewarding one. To be able to create a company from scratch is great. To be in aposition of power and excel in that position is the driving force. 

Statisticsstate that men and women are not treated the same way at any organization andtherefore to be able to create and grow your own company is an inspiringjourney in itself.Women are stronger than perceived and certainly asefficient and intelligent than any man. Woman like Oprah Winfrey has proven tobe an inspirational and super successful entrepreneur like no man. 

  • Have All The Essentials ForSuccess

Whilewomen are intelligent and efficient, they are also known to lead with a heartwhich enables them to create, grow and sustain high performing teams andbusinesses. 

Thisquote by Deepak Chopra expresses it rightly – "Women possess some of themost important traits needed to succeed in business: empathy, tenderness, andaffection. Without these characteristics, wisdom cannot exist." 

  • Opportunities For Family 

When awoman is an independent and earning member of society, the opportunitiespresented to her family are beyond the standard. Besides providing andcontributing to the family's standard of living, women entrepreneurs alsoelevate and enrich the lives of their children and upcoming generations. Thenetwork that is built by being an entrepreneur enables you to leverage it atthe time of need

  • Multidimensional Life

Forwomen, life has more dynamics and dimension compared to that of a man andentrepreneurship permits them to be able to enjoy each of these facets withease. From being a wife to a daughter-in-law and a mother, entrepreneurs canenjoy without the burden of being liable to a job.

EssentialComponents For Women Entrepreneurs To Grow Successfully

  • Clarity of thought and a firmdrive – Being a women entrepreneur, it is important to be courageousand strong. They should have a strong intent to burning desire to start andscale their own business. There should be a clear plan which can be driven bypure passion or with a commercial perspective. 
  • Constant investment in learning – If you want to build a six-figure business then constantlearning is crucial. A woman should be aware of all the facts and trends goingin their respective industry. To gain maximum knowledge one should attendworkshops, seminars and events as this will help you to stay ahead of the game. 
  • Learn the fine art ofknowledge/learning-based networking –Generally, women are more expressive than men, they love to interact and buildnetworks. Building networks is a vital part of scaling business and women arenaturally talented in this. 

TheChallenges Faced By Women Entrepreneurs

  • Break "Glass Ceiling" – For centuries, women have been told that they are inferior tomen and they can never be as good as men but women should constantly remindthemselves that times have changed and women and men are equal in everysense. 
  • Prioritisation – This is one of the major challenges faced by businesswomen asthey have domestic responsibilities therefore they have to prioritize theirtime accordingly. Well, men are beginning to understand that they should alsoshare some domestic responsibilities as it will help their partner torelax. 
  • Turning a "passion"into a "profitable business" – Mostof the women thinks that a business is just an extension of their hobby but tosustain longer in the business one should have a burning desire to succeed andan undying passion.

HowWomen Entrepreneurs Can Overcome These Challenges

  • Time management – Women have a lot going on in their life so it is important tomanage and prioritize your time. Create an everyday checklist and workaccordingly. 
  • Delegate more – Delegating your authority is important as it will allow a womanto focus on more important things. 
  • Build a support system – This is the most important factor to overcome any challenge inyour life. A support system is all a woman entrepreneur needs. Every womanneeds someone who can support her, motivate her and lift her during dark days.This support system can be your parents, siblings, friends or lifepartner. 


Whenyou work for yourself, you will need to go beyond your comfort zone to makeyour life and the lives of people connected to you, and that's when the journeybegins.

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