Women Entrepreneurs Crushing the Limiting Beliefs

Women Entrepreneurs Crushing the Limiting Beliefs
Women Entrepreneurs Crushing the Limiting Beliefs

Women Entrepreneurs Crushing the Limiting Beliefs

Society has always been like this, imposing limiting beliefs on people who are willing to bring a change in this world. We all know them well, whether we're aware of it or not, especially as women entrepreneurs.

From day one they are taught that business is for boys, and sadly, too many of them grew up believing that was true.

But one thing that every successful business women must do before making their business successful is to shatter the limiting beliefs.

Business success can only come after you become who you need to be to help others and yourself and once you get rid of this negative societal pressure you will not only soar in business but in other areas of your life as well.

Below is mentioned are 3 limiting beliefs that are imposed by society that can crush your business and life:

You don't have any talent

When people call a singer who has been practicing her tone and voice for several years "you are a born talent", only she knows what she has gone through to build this natural born talent.

Look, singing is a skill but no one woke up with such skills. You have to practice and hone the skill over many years. Through this process, you will learn the value of education, mentorship, and practice to develop other skills that will serve you in your business.

Remember that everyone has their own talent and you need to be positive about it. Maybe it's your magnetic personality and networking capabilities. Perhaps it's your impeccable eye for a sleek, modern, unique design or you might be a badass salesperson or dynamic leader.

All of those things are skills that you've learned and honed over time to get good at them. It's time to give yourself some credit and reorganization and get rid of those negative comments that say "You don't have any talent".

Women Entrepreneurs Crushing the Limiting Beliefs
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It's not worth the risk

People always say it's not worth the risk to start your own business. Better to get a stable job with a steady pay check. Who wants that entire headache anyway?

Why do we believe them? Because of fear, you are afraid of failing, afraid of ruining your lives to an irrecoverable extent.

But here is the thing that our society never considers "What if you are risking everything by not starting your own business?" A comfortable, but barely tolerable existence where you will always know you could've done so much more? Now that is a special kind of torture.

The best way to crush this limiting belief is to counter it by asking, "What's the worst that could happen?" Maybe you have to get a side job to cover the bills. Or maybe you have to move in with your parents while things get started. If that's all it is, what's really at stake is your pride.

If you feel that your pride is more important than your goals and dreams then you can carry on doing what you are doing but, if you are willing to take the leap of faith then whatever the result will be, you will enjoy your time.

"Risks aren't that scary once you took them"

It'll never happen to you

Here comes again disapproval: Why won't it happen for you? Are you not willing to do the work? Do you just suck so bad that the universe doesn't care if you sink or swim? Most people can't answer those questions, because they know that the original thought never had any hit to begin with.

Legendary business figure Henry Ford said, "Whether you think you can or you can't, you are correct." If you think you're not talented, lucky, or smart enough to start your dream business, you will (knowingly or unknowingly) find a path to prove yourself right.

But if you take that bet on yourself that maybe, just maybe it can happen for you, your entire life can change

Women Entrepreneurs Crushing the Limiting Beliefs
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Women Entrepreneurs Crushing the Limiting Beliefs
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