Launches ThinkVidya 360 – a 360 degree solution for Training Institutes and Tuition Centers Launches ThinkVidya 360 – a 360 degree solution for Training Institutes and Tuition Centers,India's largest online community of individual teachers, tutors, coaching institutes and students has announced general availability of its "ThinkVidya 360" product. ThinkVidya 360 has been in private beta for over 6-months and is used by a number of training institutes in Bangalore. has an online community of over 50,000 training providers across India that includes both institutes and individual teachers. Many of ThinkVidya's teaching partners still follow the tedious method of organizing their enquiries, student information, payments, etc. in excel sheets or notebooks. Bigger institutes are able to invest in expensive CRM or Institute Management Systems and hire an IT team to manage it. But these constitute a very small percentage of the providers, and for many of them, these systems still do not work (too many complex features!) or have lower returns on investment.

Realizing this problem, ThinkVidya hasbuilt a SaaSand Cloud based software product, which has been tested with ThinkVidya'sbeta partners and received very favorable response in the process. The key features of this product are Enquiry Generation and Management, Centralized monitoring and reporting, Student and Batch Management, Trainer Management, Payment Tracking, SMS Alerts and E-mail marketing.ThinkVidya 360 even allows a Training Institute to hire a trainer from the large network of Teachers on ThinkVidya.

"In our mission to organize the learning industry in India, this is a big step to enable training institutes to become more efficient in delivering their courses to their students" said Rakesh Kalra, Founder & CEO at ThinkVidya. "ThinkVidya 360 is a value added service which connects an institute with the learning network."

ThinkVidya360 is being provided for free to all Institutes, which are already subscribed to any of our annual, quarterly or even monthly plans. Our mission is to enable our partners- small and medium institutes in this case, become competitive by utilizing digital marketing, student analytics and real-time alerts without the hassle of installing these systems themselves or paying a high premium for them.

We have also created templates by which migration of data from existing excel sheets to ThinkVidya 360 has been made simple and efficient.

Currently, ThinkVidya 360 is available for training institutes and tuition centers, and another version for individual teachers is in the works.

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About ThinkVidya

ThinkVidya is helping organize the unstructured market of tuitions providers- both institutes and individuals, professional training providers, individual teachers providing training in a wide range of categories including Tuitions, Exam Entrance, Sports, Computer Training, Dance, Music, Photography, Painting, Cooking, Yoga, and many others.

On one hand ThinkVidya has enabled a specialized Linkedin-like platform for the teaching community where trainers can create profiles, add skills, experience details, recommendations from past students and showcase their demo class videos or add photographs of classes and projects so that students can find them easily. It also allows them to indicate location and class format preference to enable targeted search for students.  On the other hand, ThinkVidya has also created a digital marketplace for courses, workshops and tuition services for teachers, which they can use to see courses, register students for courses and collect payments.

ThinkVidya's vision is to create a professional platform, where people can share their knowledge and skills with others looking to build them, generate income for teachers and skill providers, improve employability of students as well as training providers and create an active learning eco-system in India where you can connect with best teachers for your need, in your locality itself. Today, ThinkVidya platform is used by over 50,000 teachers across the country.

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