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Providing Out-of-the-Box Solutions in the Space of Digital Marketing
8 Bit Media
8 Bit Media

8 Bit Media: Providing Out-of-the-Box Solutions in the Space of Digital Marketing

The journey towards becoming a superpower begins with the determination and energy of a nation's youth. India is fortunate to have the largest youth population, making it one of the youngest countries in the world.

Of late, our country has witnessed a surge in the number of young entrepreneurs who aspire to become job providers rather than job seekers. This mindset has given me the wings to explore new avenues.

Digital marketing is one such boulevard that has opened the path of multi-pronged opportunities to many youngsters with their startup ventures.

8 Bit Media is an emerging data-driven digital marketing agency that was spearheaded by the joint effort of Mr. Mikhail Pinto and Mr. Himanshu Parmekar in the year 2015.

The core values of the company are delivering services with honesty and efficiency. The company was fervent in providing personalized services.  These two creative and analytical tech geeks laid down the foundation stone of the company. It was aimed at providing 360 degree digital marketing solutions.

Its services comprise Website Development, SEO, Media Planning, and Buying. The company works on three pillars- Creativity, Strategy, and Media. It heavily focuses on strategy and data analysis to provide better results.

The company does not fit in any stereotyped and clichéd definitive adjective meant to describe an agency. Rather it strives to be creative, instinctive, and analytical in its approach. It makes sure that these traits don't limit its scope. The founders proudly refer to their company as a Digital Marketing Boutique.

The company started its operations in the year 2015 with just one client.  Today, it has gained expertise and experience by serving more than twenty clients in India, the USA, the UK, Dubai, and China.

The growth has been phenomenal, and the founders are very proud of it. It lightens the load for its clients and guides them strategically, making their journey noticeable and highly effective. This digital agency is crafted with precision, like the perfect advertising pixel.

The company offers a plethora of services which include Branding, Advertising, Marketing, Creativity, Digitalization, Online Marketing, etc. Branding comprises brand identity, brand naming, brand research and analysis, brand asset management, corporate guidelines, and stationery, etc. Advertising includes campaigns, media buying, and outdoor advertising.

Marketing covers Digital PR (Public Relations), Market Research, Digital Marketing Campaigns, Communication Building, Exercise Brand approach, and Brand tie-ups.

Creativity includes Graphic design, Packaging design, 3D, Photography, and Copywriting. Digitalization is assigned with Website design, building CMS, E-commerce, WordPress, UI (User Interface), and Video Marketing.

Online Marketing includes SEO, PPC, Adwords, Viral campaigns, HTML Newsletters, Social Media Marketing, etc. It has mastered the art of building relationships over billing receipts, which has always been its topmost interest.

8 Bit Media
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Differential Factors

Three years ago, the founders were well aware of the widespread competition in the market. Almost every company was busy terming its services unique and different from another one. But the ground realities were not much different.

Copy-paste was more or less in vogue. Clients were not very satiated with such an imitating ambience. They kept addressing their concerns through various platforms.

This is how and why the founders of the company decided that there was a need to have a boutique digital agency that focuses on two aspects.

The first one is the understanding of the brand and its category. The second one is to deliver quality service based on the three pillars, i.e. Creativity, Strategy, and Media .

Its creative client-oriented approach has brought it into the queue of well-established competitors in this domain. The company understands the need to bring something which is out of the box and without copy-paste.

As the company endeavors to deliver authentic and imaginative content, it looks forward to its customers, allowing room for experimentation and embracing a novel ecosystem introduced by the company.

It does not want its clients to be deep-pocketed rather, it wants the client to be prepared for something which is simply bohemian. It wants to be driven through an exclusive approach to being different.

The company fathoms the point that it is very easy to start a company but difficult to sustain. This is something that has led to its understanding that sustenance is the key to thriving in a competitive environment. The most important part is to identify the right people and make them a part of your dream.

In the path of the setup of this young enterprise, the company has learned from the complex hiring process. Hiring is a big challenge for a startup. Also, somewhere down the line, the term startup has created this psyche of being casual. Often, the company was compelled to interview those persons who were very casual in their approach.

Future Plans

Massive expansion plans are in the pipeline. The company has some big plans going on, from being multi-city to going international. It has set its eyes to expand its base to some of the megacities of India, which include Delhi and Bangalore.

Key Officials

Mr. Mikhail Pinto describes himself as the ringmaster of the circus in the form of life. He prides himself on his super-efficient puppet skills. He waits for an adventurous client to challenge the circus scene.

Mr. Himanshu Parmekar likes to be personified as a professional juggler who seamlessly manages the crazy circus. While you wait to break out from the sameness, he will challenge your idea of regularity.

The culture of the company is very positive and responsive. It provides an ambience where the founders and employees are equally weighed.

8 Bit Media
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8 Bit Media
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