Digital Marketing: Major Changes in Digital Marketing and its Future

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

DigitalMarketing: Major Changes of Digital Marketing and its Future

The art of enticing customers is an old technique. What's different init is its medium.

The development of technology combined with the globalizationof commerce has led to the rise of digital marketing or the practice ofenticing customers through various innovative methods.

This industry is arapidly growing one. Over the past three decades, marketing had transformed andchanged rapidly.

Here there are some major innovations happened in the last three decadesin digital marketing:

1. Search Engines Revolution is the biggestand most important thing in digital marketing. It was started by Yahoo and thenGoogle superseded it and transformed the dynamics of the way people search forinformation.

2. The responsive design completely innovated the digital world and website design.

3. In the year 2016, first-time mobile searches overtook desktop searches. From now, online marketers started working to optimize their website and marketing parts for mobile devices.

4. The concept "Content is King" was given by Bill Gates, but this quote was notapplicable until Google released Google Panda in 2011.

5. After the universal search update,Google started indexing videos, images, pdf, files like the text in search engine result pages.

6. During 2015-16, data-driven marketing was introduced when digital marketers started creating content after analyzing their previous data and reports.

7. In 2006, Amazon claimed they saw a 1percent of increment in total revenue with a mere 100-million second with a100-milli second increase in their page speed. And the concept of page speed came into limelight.

8. Google Ads words are also known as Google Ads was launched in the year 2000. Since inception, this concept is ruling the online advertising world.

Digital Marketing
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9. Rank Brain algorithm was introduced in2015 by Google to provide relevant search results.

10. PayPal revolutionized the waytransactions have been done online. It helped businesses to accept cross bordertransactions. 

11. With the appearance of different socialsites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, digital marketing took a unique turn.Social media came as a strong threat to Google and marketing experts started tothink beyond Google to market their brand. Rise of Omni-channel marketing.

12. At the initial phase, Social Mediastarted to connect people but, after a few years, it becomes one of the best channelsfor marketing any product or service.

13. The traditional word-of-mouth is not aseffective as it was earlier. Present-day, influencer marketing is on-trend andmost of the companies are taking advantage of it.

14. In recent times, building and maintainingan online reputation has become vital. According to the stats now, over 85perfects of customers take help from the internet to read reviews of a brandbefore buying any product or service.

15. In the last few years, emailmulti-channel marketing started becoming ineffective with the

16. With the evolution of Chatbots, the longcontact forms in many organizations have been replaced by these Chatbots.

The Future of Digital marketing

As technology continues to flourish and grows, it will be a major partof marketing. From what we know of the present marketplace, we can predict where the future of the industry might lead:

  • There will be an increased emphasis onintegrated global marketing. It will allow consumers to establish a connection between different sources of content like a blog and an email about differentfacets of the same topic.

  • In the coming days, we will see the useof cohesive remitting technology stacks. According to the present situation,digital marketing is poised to integrate different technologies in a moreunified and consistent fashion.

  • Companies will increase their use ofdata mining and give more focus on deep analytics to maximize coordinated exposure in as many digital channels as possible. This is known as an Omni-channel marketing strategy.

  • We will see an increased focus onaccount-based marketing.

  • To develop in the upcoming digital marketing era, companies need a workforce with the education and skills totackle these future challenges and stay at the forefront of the industry.


While the emergence of digital marketing has brought a great revolution,it is worth remembering that the old forms of marketing still carry weight.

Despite the rapid development in online advertising, TV is still in the rightposition for ad spending in the US and continues to flourish, albeit at aslower raw.

Developing digital trends does not mean discarding the traditionalmarketing approach. Keep up with the latest trends while integrating the oldfor perfect and successful marketing.

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