Meet the Man Whose Vision is to Provide the World with a ‘Facebook of Medical’

A Safe Medical Heaven for all your needs MyAusadhi™

Leader in focus: Amit Mishra, Founder & CEO- MyAusadhi™


Today, healthcare consumers are increasingly turning to the internet for their medical needs, surpassing the frequency of visits to the doctor's office. While the average Indian patient typically visits a healthcare provider three times a year, they invest approximately 52 hours annually searching for health-related information online.

These are only a couple of the critical discoveries from an ongoing customer study directed by a few agencies. The internet has become the primary medical resource for today's fast-paced consumers who seek instant access to healthcare information.

Given that consumers are increasingly turning to the internet for health information, healthcare brands must establish a robust online presence to effectively reach and engage their target audience.

Working on this issue, STARTUP CITY found few leaders in the domain of online medicine providers. Beyond the traditional methods and delivering quality, "MyAusadhi™" has positioned itself strongly in the market and has become the top choice for the citizen.

In an interview with STARTUP CITY, Amit Mishra, the Founder & CEO of "MyAusadhi™," discusses how the online pharmacy is addressing the medical needs of retailers, wholesalers, and individuals, with a particular emphasis on serving the younger generation in a convenient and secure manner.

Edited Excerpts:

Would you please introduce your company?

The name "Ausadhi" has been derived from the ancient language Sanskrit, which is a synonym for Medicine. Here, we have merged this with the word "My" to emphasize our motto.

We brewed up a vision to put all the medical needs under one roof, which got remodeled as an all-in-one Medical aggregator- MyAusadhi™

"Your Health, Our Commitment -MyAusadhi™ "

How and why did you decide to create it? How does it sit within the entrepreneurial ecosystem of India today?

The need for a one-stop solution or, say, finding the "Facebook of Medical" is something every person looks for in their tough times, and so are we. The drive is cultivated from the bad medical services which are being offered not just in India but also in other countries as well.

Hence, the dire need for a consulting peer is a must-have service in the Indian Ecosystem. We won't disclose more about it at the moment but yes, we are bringing something which will ensure to transfer your hassle and trouble to us.

At MyAusadhi™, our primary focus is on delivering services rather than just transactions because medical services are fundamentally about providing care and assistance during critical times, prioritizing the patient's well-being over cost-saving deals.

How did the company get to where it is today?

We don't believe in the philosophy that only the first runners & the Fast runners can make it. Rather, we believe that anyone who focuses on quality, service and has a customer-centric approach can make it big.

All the landmarks created by us so far have been nurtured by our efficient team, who is working day and night to make the company's vision possible.

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Can you tell me more about the founding of the company and what the problem is that you were addressing?

MyAusadhi™ aims to create a comprehensive platform that serves as a single destination for all your medical needs. Our goal is to provide credible guidance and expert advice, saving people from the confusion of seeking well-intentioned but potentially inaccurate advice from friends and family during challenging times.

Is hiring a challenge for a startup?

Hiring is undoubtedly a big challenge. Whether it's a startup or a big industry leader, every company has its own set of vulnerabilities in terms of sourcing, drop-offs, and assessment tools. Finding the right fit for a specific role can be daunting. With an efficient team, a leader reaches greater pinnacles.

How do you describe your culture?

We are building a people's company, where they should feel valued while working.

Where do you want the company to be in 3 years?

The next 3 years are going to be very challenging and crucial for us. As major project services and expansions are pipelined to move upon. We envision opening the door to reach people's hearts along our global expansion plans.

What drives you to have this vision? Why are you passionate about this?

The way people struggle with their Medical needs, whether it's related to buying medicines, going for a Medical test, or taking a Hospital treatment, is disheartening.

I have seen people fighting with the uncertainty of choosing right over wrong instead of concentrating on the actual health worriment of their dear ones. With my venture "MyAusadhi™", I want to make them feel safe and convenient while choosing any Medical facilities in their Zone by providing a safe Medical Heaven for all their needs.

Do you think that the company will ever need outside investors?

Yes, we require likewise hands to make it possible. We are looking for active Investors who understand the need for our "MyAusadhi™ Ecosystem" rather than just focusing on the numbers. Certainly, we believe that our solutions will naturally attract a significant user base as we strive to become a leader in the field.

What are the company's main objectives for the next year?

For the next year, we have planned to expand and start all our services across India. We also have a few pipelined projects under our global expansion plans.

What are the greatest obstacles for the company this year?

Touching the rural areas and developing an understanding of technologies while reducing their fear of getting looted stands as the main hindrance in our journey.

Our vision is not to establish ourselves as another money-making startup. Instead, we want to bestow a crystal clear Medical ecosystem with our expertise, which should be available for all.

How are you planning to overcome them?

This can only be solved by educating them, letting them understand what we are, how we work, and how they can leverage the opportunity of due care by MyAusadhi™.

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"My journey with MyAusadhi™ has been truly remarkable, filled with valuable lessons learned from both the successes and challenges. These experiences are like precious gems that will guide me as I work to elevate MyAusadhi™ to even greater heights.

Throughout my journey, I've noticed a distinct shift in the approach of Indian entrepreneurs. While I won't mention specific names, it's become apparent that a segment of our Entrepreneurial ecosystem is focused more on personal gain than on serving society. Instead of harnessing the immense opportunities available in India for new business and entrepreneurship, some are primarily driven to develop ingenious solutions with the sole aim of selling their ideas for high profits in the global market.

India has more than twice the number of new businesses in the US. So, if we can track and kill this parasitic approach, we can make it to the top position with the 'real' make in India's success."

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