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Delivering Customized and Contact Care Solutions Diligently
Calling 24o7
Calling 24o7

Calling 24o7: Delivering Customized and Contact Care Solutions Diligently

The origins of the BPO industry lie in association with giant manufacturing businesses. A famous example would be of Coca-Cola company.

The BPO industry is typically aligned with back-office outsourcing. It includes various internal business functions like Human Resources, Finance, and Accounting. The front-office outsourcing comprises customer support or contact centre services.

The BPO industry grew steadfastly when the unbundling of business enterprises became a trend, especially in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

The major centres for the BPO industry are China, India, and the Philippines. In India, the roots of this sector can be traced back to the latter part of the 1980s when an American financial services company centralized its Japan and Asia-Pacific back office operations in the suburban city of Gurgaon, located in the National Capital Region.

Later, the liberalization of the economy paved the way for the spiked growth of the BPO industry. According to a statistical report by Grand View Research, the summed-up value of the global BPO market size is USD 195.2 billion in 2017 and is expected to exhibit a CAGR of 7.4%.

According to a NASSCOM report, the Indian BPO market sizes about USD 150 billion and forecasted expectations to grow at the rate of 10-12%. These developments motivated Ranjit Pagdaloo to conceptualize a business processing outsourcing firm Called 24o7 in 2003, with headquarters in Pune, Maharashtra.

From the very beginning, this BPO company based in Pune has been establishing itself as a leader in providing a wide range of BPO services and Contact Care capabilities. Their unwavering commitment to delivering excellence has consistently boosted their clients' return on investment (ROI) through effective and dedicated processes.

Startup City magazine spoke with Ranjit Pagdaloo, who is the CEO of the firm, about the organization and its personal impact on his professional journey. Here are some of the edited excerpts.

Tell us a bit about the inception of the organization

We established Calling 24o7 to provide result-oriented solutions for our client companies. We started our journey with the insurance sector and gradually forayed into seven other sectors in the next decade. These sectors were automotive, banking, finance, real estate, health care, retail, and telecom.

Our journey of growth has been remarkable and inspiring, underscoring our dedication to clients right from the start. We highly regard their time, resources, and trust.

By optimizing their Return on Investment (ROI), managing various BPO functions, harnessing Contact Care capabilities, and employing meticulous data analysis to anticipate market trends, Calling24o7 has enabled numerous leading companies to attain cost-efficiency and deliver top-notch customer care through tailor-made solutions.

We supported many companies in their quest for growth, ensuring their investments came to fruition. In simple words, we always remained compatible in the business atmosphere because of our tangible and timely value.

Maintaining the momentum

We distinguished ourselves on two aspects people and the results they produce. Passion coupled with a conscious responsibility drives us to fulfill customer expectations.

Furthermore, we have leveraged our diverse knowledge, extensive industry experience, and domain expertise to mould an organization renowned for its agile Contact Care solutions.

Throughout the years, we have meticulously fine-tuned every facet of the process, encompassing agent selection, training, mentoring, reporting, and the attainment of steadfast outcomes.

The values and factors attributed

Catalyzing business growth by improving profitability and reducing business costs is the singular purpose that drives us day after day. We continuously work hard towards the growth and fulfilment of both our customers and employees by combining talent with technology. Above all, we back it up with the best contact center practices.

Calling 24o7

The unique strategies

Firstly, seek to understand before you ask to be understood!

The thoughtful and resilient approach helped us come up with solutions that are feasible yet considerate. We closely observed our clients' needs from us and delivered accordingly. To that end, we believed in empowering our employees to go all out.

When employees comprehend their tasks and derive satisfaction from them, it manifests in their productivity. In short, when employees are happy, customers are happy. We are aiming at the bigger picture without losing sight of the quintessential task on hand.

At the end of the day, our clients need to stay competitive and successful in their respective lines of work.

Services offered and the uniqueness of the firm

We want to be the best in whatever we do. Our Contact Center goes that mile extra not only for new relationships but also for consolidating the existing ones. When the customer is happy, brand loyalty is a given.

We integrate the right applications, infrastructure, and services to meet specific ends. Recently, we entered the zone of data analytics to better complement our existing services.

This aids us in comprehending their market approach, assessing the effectiveness of promotional campaigns, and identifying opportunities for gaining a competitive edge.

The long-term relationship with clients

We have several clients associated with us for years in a row, sharing a positive relationship with them. As you know, we associate with different brands for strategy and Go to Market. We ask our backend team to act on their marketing and business support apart from facilitating a good customer experience every time.

Plus, we conduct organizational needs analysis to understand each client's Go to Markets and where exactly we can deliver. With this kind of sincerity, our relationships sustain over time.

The market challenges

Disruption is the name of the game!

In the days to come, the scope of automation and robotics will get wider and wider. Chat boards will minimize contact care centres. Though there's no way that the human interface will disappear entirely.

Hitherto journey as a leader

The journey has been both challenging and exciting. As marketing head of Ask Me, I have seen the market evolve at close quarters. My stint with Ask Me before conceptualizing Calling 24o7 helped me understand the areas of change in the days to come.

As a result, 24o7 has three important and non-negotiable components to its DNA, i.e., Technology, People, and Processes.

Kindly brief us about the technology deployed by your firm in the industry

We are an ISO 9001: 2015 & ISO/ IEC 27001 certified company operating in multiple locations on a large scale. We promise 100 percent redundancy built on both voice and data covering all Indian languages and geographies.

With our client base spread out across ten different verticals, we chose to adopt a horizontal growth approach rather than depend on a single vertical.

A Piece of Advice for the Young Entrepreneurs

"A sustainable business model and an inherent thought process foster a company's long-term growth and advancement. I come across youngsters with strategies to sell even before they get started–why is that?

Whatever the dream is, stand for it before asking others to pour money into it.

When you have good clients built up over time, you don't need a venture capitalist to put in money. However, good clients take time, patience, and hard work to develop. But the effort you put in is worth it. Clients who believe in you is all you need."

The Road Ahead

Our fifteen-year journey, our notable achievements, our unwavering commitment to continuous learning, and our forward-looking vision have firmly positioned us as a global leader, serving successful clients across all ten of our diverse industry verticals.

We stress the integrity of work and operations, the efficiency of delivery, and rightly priced services. Since we are ever ready to evolve and update ourselves, we feel confident about tomorrow.

Calling 24o7
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Calling 24o7
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