Charitha Kailas: Encapsulating the Desire of People with her Dazzling Design

Charitha Kailas: Encapsulating the Desire of People with her Dazzling Design

Charitha Kailas: Encapsulating the Desire of People with her Dazzling Design

The Studio Verve is a transcendent interior designing company. It was inaugurated in 2016 with an aim to decorate and enhance the semblance of a place. The Studio Verve is the team of inventive and painstaking professionals, who excel in their respective fields of electrical carpentry, plumbing, painting, and add designs. The team goes to the extent of detail on the concept to adhere to the type of style selected. The company insists on the other element in the living space like upholstery, decorative items, carpets and lights to complete the concept chosen.

In an interaction with The CEO Magazine, Charitha Kailas, founder of The Studio Verve, speaks about the company's incorporation, offering, forthcoming plans, journey, business goals and more.

Charitha Kailas is proficient at creating multitasking functional conceptualized furniture and thematic living space. According to her, "there is no substitute for hard work and passion for achieving success." Her interior designing work is distinctive that defines the excellence of her artistry. Charitha Kailas completed her B.Sc. from Osmania University, Hyderabad and acquired a degree in interior designing from USAM. School of Interior Designing.

The genesis and offerings

I started off freelancing after graduation from the school of interior designing before I incepted my company. I first found a team of carpenters, plumber, electrician, painter and my initial projects were my parents' house, then my own home and office. I gained a lot of experience and learned from my mistakes. I also fine-tuned my team to adhere to the principles of interior designing and, then confidently started The Studio Verve.

The company excels at providing functional, and multi-tasking furniture in conceptualized living space for residences. It includes false ceiling work, decorative wall paintings, and plumbing work for aesthetic bathrooms, wall paneling, tile laying for floor and house renovation.

How did you build your personal reputation?

The first project, I accomplished after setting up my company, helped me to build the reputation. It also opened up opportunities for my business.

What are your views on leadership?

A good leader motivates, guides and leads the team.

I always take a bold stand and insist that my team adheres to my design without straying away from the principles of interior designing and the aesthetic and conceptual features of the living spaces. I am both a cheerleader and coach for my team.

Success to me means the clients' satisfaction and the smile on their face when they appreciate my work. I am obsessed with an appearance which is my secret ingredient for success. I create furniture around a conceptual theme which are functional and also aesthetically appealing. I insist on using the best brand of raw material and hardware for the interior work. I motivated a dedicated team to deliver the project on time promised to the clients, sometimes my team agrees to work overtime to meet the deadline.

When I am appreciated for my work, I give credit to my teammates which in turn gives them job satisfaction, self-confidence, commitment, and trust and motivates them to excel and also compromise on overtime to deliver a project within a committed deadline.

The arduous part of being a leader is being answerable and taking responsibility. If something goes wrong in the project or if the clients are not satisfied with the behavior of any team members, it becomes tough to handle the situation.  Sometimes, clients make changes in the budget or in the design or color during the execution of the designated design. It creates a big issue to make them satisfied without making any loss.

How do you maintain your personal and professional life? How do you start your day?

I rise early, go for a brisk walk and then some stretching and breathing exercises. Before I leave for work, I delegate the household chores to arrive promptly at my office and site visits. I return home before my family and spend quality time with them. At home, I never take official calls, nor I allow my thoughts to stray on what needs to be done for the next day at work. Dining time is the best time with my family we discuss a lot of things and take each other's views on certain issues.

How do you encourage the people around you?

We work as a family. I try to fulfill the team's personal problems and sympathize with them when they are facing any shortcomings. I appreciate the team for their contribution to the project by monetary benefits.

What is the most significant change you brought to your organization?

I installed self-confidence and a thought in my team that nothing is impossible. I have fine-tuned their skills and educated them about the principles of interior designing.

How did you handle a situation when you had to make an unpopular decision?

I ensure both my clients and my team that our decision would work out well.

What is your greatest strength?

I attribute my greatest strength to my creativity, eye for details and visualization. My dedicated team, stand by me at good and challenging times is also my biggest strength and my family who always encourages me.

Apart from running the company what else you like to do in your free time?

I love reading books, watching movies, cooking for my family and love driving cars. I never miss out on the other architects or interior designer's work and always spend free time to keep myself updated on the trends and latest technology in the market.

What improvements would you like to make regarding your leadership skills?

I plan to be more down to earth to my teammates, and less authoritative. I want to improve personality traits within myself and improve my communication and designing skills and stand as a role model for the team.

What advice would you like to give someone who is assuming leadership for the first time?

I'll advise them to empower people than to control them in the workplace. Building a brand in the market is not easy. Let your work speak for itself and give your best to the project which serves as a signature of your excellence.

Finally, what is next for your company? What other plans do you have for the future?

At present, I have mastered my skills for creating aesthetic and functional living spaces for the residential category. I have plans to set into the commercial market and designing restaurants and showrooms.

Some personal aspects of life

I would name my autobiography 'Shaping an idea, with a chisel and hammer.' I find all Shiv Khera books inspiring. Singapore, London, and Switzerland are my favorite places on the globe.

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