Empowering Companies with Financial Support in Renewable Vitality
GSE RENEWABLESEmpowering Companies with Financial Support in Renewable Vitality

GSE RENEWABLES: Empowering Companies with Financial Support in Renewable Vitality

Having earned a reputation as a beloved contender in the market, India has achieved an impressive position as the fourth most appealing global renewable energy market. The nation is poised to ambitiously elevate its targets for the upcoming years.

At present, a favourable contribution to the growing demand for renewable energy in the country is being cemented with the continuous ascent in the rate of urbanization, economic growth, and prosperity.

The prospects of investments after the sector bagging the 'white category' classification have augmented. The corridor for green energy has opened up opportunities for several brands looking to make a difference in the sustainable energy sector. It ensures safe, rational, and fertile investments with healthy returns. 

By consistently delivering unparalleled personal dedication, GSE Renewables has emerged as a leader in the thriving renewable energy industry. The company has outperformed competitors by specializing in consultancy and investment banking services, offering clients expert guidance in project selection, financing, due diligence, and comprehensive project management within the renewable energy sector.

Under the wise leadership of Sahil Kejriwal, Managing Director, the company laid its foundation in 2016 to deliver renewable solutions. 

Since the time of inception, the company has been supporting clients with project selection, financing, due diligence, and overall project management in the renewable energy sector.

The company offers investment banking and development services to large corporate houses. They encourage the process of 'Going Green' in terms of their power consumption. The team at GSE strives to find appropriate financial solutions to fund these projects. 


Sahil Kejriwal, Managing Director, introduced a novel concept by establishing this firm with great insights into solar technology. Due to his innovative mind and excellent guidance, the firm adeptly blends clean & sustainable renewable energy solutions with its investment rationale.

Sahil, an alumnus of Carnegie Mellon University, holds a 'Double Major' in Business Administration and specialization in Robotics and Corporate Finance.

Sahil kick-started his career with McKinsey & Company as a management consultant in the US. After returning he joined his family business as the Managing Director.

Before GSE, Sahil's family business was focused on footwear manufacturing and dealt with offline and online players like Rigel, Centro, Myntra, Flipkart, and Amazon.

Later, GSE reinaugurated itself as a family investment company for renewable energy. Since, then it has flourished to a full-fledged renewable energy development business bagging the title of one of the bests.


Sahil, a fourth-generation entrepreneur within his family, has had a longstanding connection with the business. His inherent desire has always been to make a meaningful impact on the world while embracing risk-taking. Consequently, he chose the entrepreneurial path over working for another company.

"The main reason for selecting renewable field is because we truly wanted to make a difference in the world,and we found Green-tech or green energy as the best option for it." 

Sahil further adds

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GSE Renewables addresses the green energy needs of businesses, offering innovative and cost-effective solutions to meet their requirements.

What sets GSE Renewables apart in the market is its commitment to offering financial solutions that cater to companies of all sizes, including SMEs. The company excels in providing investment solutions, even enabling self-funding options for their projects.


One of the foremost challenges encountered by GSE was persuading individuals and organizations to engage in business with the company. This challenge stemmed from the ongoing process of establishing their reputation in the market for delivering high-quality services. 

"Fighting with the big boys at the beginning was one of the biggest challenges. When you begin, you are a small player lacking experience, management backup, and the right capitalisation for your organization to fund projects and deliver service. Furthermore, getting the right man-force and lack of funding are two common obstacles for start-ups that we suffered"

Sahil explains


Sahil firmly subscribes to the notion that within the spectrum of achievement, the idea represents a mere 1%, while the real essence resides in the execution, which encompasses the remaining 99%.

To him, assembling a motivated and skilled team, executing projects effectively, and possessing the resilience to overcome setbacks are the paramount elements for attaining results and fostering the company's successful growth.

The clientele includes large business houses and private equity players. GSE's team focuses on building a relationship while ensuring maximum results. It is the number one factor why clients keep bouncing back or never leave. 


GSE Renewables has a proficient team of 20 management professionals. With over a decade of expertise in engineering, project management, and consulting in the renewable energy sector.

This is because of the dedication and excellence of the team that the company's revenue doubled this year. They have three offices in total, respectively in Delhi, Jaipur, and Mumbai (Bombay), and are expecting two new offices. 


Due to his distinctive ideology and unconventional thinking, Sahil doesn't adhere to the well-trodden path. He belongs to a breed of entrepreneurs who have charted their own course to success. In doing so, he has upheld and propelled the legacy handed down through generations, effectively steering the company towards growth.

"I am fortunate enough to have a family and an environment where I received a good education and great exposure to the business. But getting success is no piece of cake. It needs a lot of hard work, innumerable late-nights, and a lot of persistence. All in all, my journey has been filled with persistence, perseverance, and hard work,"

recollects Sahil.


Sahil emphasizes, "One of the key factors of having a motivated team is transparency. Apart from a good combination of proper goal setting, healthy conversations on a monthly and quarterly basis and working as a family to achieve a common goal are some other driving forces."

GSE Renewables is looking to progress aggressively over the next few years. It is currently majorly focused on services for rooftop solar units and is now planning to head towards solar firms. It will support boosting the turnover of the company and make it a stronger player.

The managing director enlightened and added further about the plan to set up water as a vertical in their company which will play a crucial role in STET (Switch Treatment and Effluent Treatment).


  • Bharat Kotak (Head-Business Development and Operations) : He is taking GSE Renewables on a higher latitude with his expertise and industry knowledge. He holds a total of 20 years of experience and comes with a very commercial mind. 

  • Prateek Yadav (An alumnus of the New York Institute of Technology) : He is the senior finance professional at GSE Renewables. A master in financial aspects, he focuses on all the financing solutions to grow the company. 

  • Naresh Bazaar (Co-founder and Business Development head) : He joined the company as an intern, and today he is in the leading position. Naresh leads the business development team and is involved in efficiently explaining to clients the advantages of solar. Naresh is armed with a Bachelor of Law degree from the University of Mumbai. 

  • Anilesh Kapoor (Head-Human Capital and Strategy): He leads all the HR and strategic activities in the organization. Anilesh holds a Master's Degree in HR and has 14 years of experience in various leadership roles across industries and functions.

"GSE Renewables is committed to facilitating investment in renewable energy that is clean and sustainable, to business houses. Our work at GSER is focused on everything Renewable"

Sahil Kejriwal

Sustainable Finance Scheme: providing financial assistance to energy efficiency projects
SMILE: a scheme, specially launched for MSMEs to empower them with financial solutions

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