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An Innovative Solution Provider Initiative Leveraging Business Growth
Xerviz Wlobal
Xerviz WlobalAn Innovative Solution Provider Initiative Leveraging Business Growth

Xerviz Global: An Innovative Solution Provider Initiative Leveraging Business Growth

Leveraging growth with business lead generation and other B2B services, XERVIZ WLOBAL offers distinctive solutions as its name.

Based in Margao, Goa, the company offers top-notch quality and cost-effective services adding value to the clients with a new level of professionalism and proposing new horizons for business platforms to grow with the latest and upgraded technology.

XERVIZ WLOBAL delivers "best-in-class" services with its dedicated and specialized team in telemarketing, data entry, mining, data research, transcription, customer service, technical support, and BPO consultancy.

Serving diverse domains across the world, the XERVIZ WLOBAL has achieved a successful position in the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) industries.

The Inspiring Journey of the Visionary 

The visionary behind the start-up is the young and energetic entrepreneur Rohan Warty. The visionary is the Founder & Managing Director of XERVIZ WLOBAL established in 2015, and also the Co-Founder & COO of BRAND MY BIZNESS, his second venture established in 2018.

An insight into his background, Rohan pursued a Bachelor of Commerce from Shree Damodar College of Commerce & Economics (Margao) followed by an M.B.A. in marketing from Universal Business School (Mumbai).

With a vision "to build something own" in the subconscious since teens, the journey of Rohan Warty behind the start-up is a real-life representation of the inspiring young entrepreneurs in India.

"After pursuing my MBA, I got a job in Mumbai through campus placement and was working in Mumbai for almost a year. Plans to start my venture were there since my teenage but not so early at the age of 24. I Wanted to get some more experience and exposure.

While working, I was planning to shift back to Goa and was looking for a good opportunity but couldn't come across any suitable profile for me. That is the time I thought this might be the opportunity to start something of my own.

The idea of Outsourcing business came while I was working in Mumbai as it's a big industry in India." – Rohan Warty, founder and MD, XERVIZ WLOBAL

GOA: Overcoming Location as a Challenge

"We are headquartered in Goa, known as a tourist destination but not as a business or IT hub though many companies are operating from this state.

When we were in the initial phase, we were targeting clients from Goa, and we were successful in converting few as we are the only companies in Goa providing the services but the challenge was to get clients from metro cities and International clients." – Rohan shared on initial challenges he faced.

He further added, "There is a lot of competition in metro cities and being a new and very small company, many big companies from metros were not comfortable working with us. We sustained with the current clientele and as we crossed 18-20 months after inception, we could manage to get big corporate and eventually, it was a smooth sail for us."

Xerviz Wlobal

Key to Satisfied Clientele

Serving across diverse industries including Information Technology, Legal, Finance, Manufacturing, Entertainment, Pharmaceutical, Human Resources, Logistics, Retail, Medical Equipment, and Education from around the world, including India, Australia, USA, Canada, Singapore, Middle East, and Eastern Europe, the current clientele of Xerviz Global is serving is vast.

"There are some clients with whom we are successfully associated for more than 3 years and still working. The reason behind this is my team, who has been providing great services to our clients and making sure they are happy and satisfied with our work."

Key Factors for Vibrant Start-Ups

"According to me, every entrepreneur and leader should have three key factors in his "start-up" including"Confidence ", "Attitude ", and "Superb Team" to it to become a vibrant start-up." Rohan Warty shared his views.

The Core Team of Like-Minded Leaders

Initiated the journey in 2015, the brand can build a team of dedicated team members. XERVIZ WLOBAL will be celebrating its 4th anniversary this November and a strong team appears to be the core reason for the success and growth of Xerviz Global.

Stating the names of the core members from the team of 30 individuals, Rohan mentioned: "Miss Minkul sum Shaikh (Operations Manager), Miss Ameeta Lakra (Project Manager), Mr.Vijukumar K (Business Development Manager) and Mr. Vaibhav Kholkar (TeamLeader) has been the key team of XERVIZ WLOBAL for many years."

The Driving Force of the Inspiring Leader

The leader has been inspiring for various start-up aspirants in the industry. But there are certain motivations or "driving forces" that have guided the entrepreneur in achieving the successful position.

"There are 3 important people in my life that has been my inspiration and support through my entrepreneurial journey. My mother Mrs. Reshma Warty believed in me and has been supportive since day one, My uncle Mr. Jaiwant Priolkar, Managing Director of Progen ERP Systems, is my inspiration to start my venture and guided me whenever needed, and lastly Mr. Mangirish Salelkar, CEO of Umang Software Technologies, my mentor who plays an important role in shaping my entrepreneur career." Rohan Warty stated on "the driving force" in his life.

Future Possibilities: Adding To the Team

Foreseeing and aiming for future growth is essential and XERVIZ WLOBAL believes in annual planning to track its goals and achievements. Since the initiation, the company has built a team of 30 which it is planning to expand to 40 in the upcoming 10-12 months.

Awards and Achievements

The founder and managing Director of Xerviz Global, Rohan Warty, is the elected Treasurer for Genoa Technology Association which is the only association for the IT/ITES companies in Goa.

Rohan Warty was honored by the Trinity Group in 2018 for their notable contribution and service to Goa as a managing member of the Goa Technology Association. Being awarded Young Achievers in Business Excellence at Incredible Goa Awards 2019 is an addition to the achievements of the company.

From One Visionary to Another

"I think the Life of every entrepreneur is the same, there is a dream, and we work towards it daily. I am an entrepreneur "by choice" and enjoying my life as an entrepreneur.

If you believe in yourself and your idea then you should go ahead. Only make sure you have 'Patience and Flexibility'," Rohan Warty shared his advice for the young aspirants in the industry.

Xerviz Wlobal
Xerviz Wlobal

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