Starting with a modestinception in 2017, Enstin Labs has been on a consistent endeavour to become aglobal leader in Power Conversion Design Services and Solutions. The company,which is a brainchild of V. Thiagarajan (Raj) – (CEO) and Milind Dighrasker(CTO), is involved in cutting edge cleantech and green-tech innovations whileenabling end to end product development and engineering for clients, helpingthem with reduced time to market for their products. EnStin Labs not only helpsclients in realizing the products but also ensures that the products arereliably engineered from the requirements stage to the complete manufacturable& commercially viable brands. Leveraging the opportunities for both Indianand Global clients with its seasoned experts, Enstin Labs has carved a niche inthe unique Power Conversion space in the global market where traditionalplayers tend to approach expertise merely in silos.

Engineering Power Conversionproduct development, the brand has been meeting the highly demandingperformance standards in the market and has been growing exponentially eachyear. Enstin Labs has established a firm grasp on the current technologystaying abreast with the latest industry trends with its team of 30+accomplished engineers who are well-versed in Electrical, Digital Firmware,Communication Firmware, Mechanical, Thermal, Component Engineering and ProjectManagement disciplines.

Enstin Labs stands out as"Best Company of the Year" with its unique business model. While mostof the Indian industries depend on China/Taiwan for the import of PowerConversion equipment such as Solar Inverters, Onboard Chargers for ElectricVehicles, UPS etc. Enstin Labs was established with the vision to become one ofthe global leaders in Power Electronics Design Services by adopting therelevant current technologies in India and further establishingstate-of-the-art lab infrastructure combined with the development of designresources in India to develop products for India as well as the global market.The teams at Enstin Labs have designed and delivered successful projects andproducts in the fields of Green Energy and Electric Mobility leading clienteleto established space on global platform.

The Visionaries

The entrepreneurs V.Thiagarajan (Raj) and Milind Dighrasker are seasoned leaders specialised in theareas they serve. While Raj who is currently the CEO of Enstin Labs, is analumnus of IISc Bangalore with more than 35 years of Hands-on experience insetting up, developing & leading Global Design Centres / Business Units,Dighrasker who is CTO of Enstin labs, comes with 15 years of experience inPower Electronics system design and development, with proven expertise in theareas of UPS, Lighting Electronics, Magnetic Design & Digital Control.Together, they have a vision to make Power cleaner and greener. 

Business Strategy to Stay Abovethe Competition Spirit

Having converted some of thesmaller players in the industry into its business partners has helped EnstinLabs enhance the bandwidth rapidly. The brand is constantly looking forward togetting some outsourced services from its larger competitors helping theirbandwidth in power conversion domain to get a faster market reach.

Powered with Future Tech

With the remodelling ofindustry mindset where various brands have been consciously and willinglyoffering the right value for design service activities with a focus on meetingthe global standards, Enstin Labs have been meeting the needs with technology.The brand has been infusing technology and innovation in its operations with acore team that focuses on future technologies and trends even without anyoutright customer requirements. The brand has been constantly looking toengineer technology-powered solutions for customer-specific designs andbelieves that the government's support to develop future technology can addgreater value to the industry.

Marquee Clientele

Initiated with a single clientsituated in Central India, this Bengaluru headquartered design house todayboasts of an eminent client roster comprising some of the biggest names in theindustry including Fortune-500 companies. The brand targets the manufacturersin the focus areas of Clean-Tech, Electric Mobility & Home AutomationSolutions offering them as an extension of their design centre enhancingquickly their bandwidth or a sole design service provider for organisationswithout their own in-house R&D centres. It has also identified that variousEMS companies are looking for design partners to enhance their status to an ODMcompany.

Enstin Labs has expanded itsreach to Europe and other international growth markets completing severalmarquee projects of varying complexities. Enstin Labs has also entered into astrategic partnership with a UK based organisation which represents theservices of Enstin Labs throughout Europe and North America.

The Team and Corporate Culture

Established on four valuepillars – Quality, Cost, Delivery and Response (QCDR), every team member at EnstinLabs family focuses on delivering customer-centric solutions backed by thesepillars. The brand has also been focused on the quality of the candidatesrepresenting the brand. The entrepreneurs have created a unique team withvarious consultants who have decades of global experience in the industry thatsupports other members and strengthen the technical expertise of the designhouse.

"We have associated with highlyqualified veterans to risk mitigate designs, lead design reviews and to mentorthe fresh engineers from campus. We drive across the organization a culture oftransparency, respect for each other, process-oriented thinking and thedata-based decision making," CEO Raj shares proudly.

Plans to Rank Higher on QualityScale

Quality, being the first andmost important aspect of the brand's QCDR policy, Enstin Labs is on a missionto 'Deliver the best in class design service for Power Conversion and EmbeddedProducts'. The brand has been continuously working towards improving ourquality rating as currently it ranks itself 8.5+ on the quality scale ofcustomer services.

Milestones Achieved

EnStin Labs has successfullyadded value to its clients in its short yet stellar journey having deliveredsome big projects with a high degree of complexities for Indian as well asinternational clients.

"The company has beenrecognised by SiliconIndia as one of the "10 Most Promising CleanTech Startups2019". We are also proud of our first project award from a Global customer todevelop very high density & high-frequency liquid-cooled On-Board Chargerfor EV using GaN devices for Global market. We have successfully demonstratedthe prototype to our customer. All this has happened within 2 years of ourinception which is the greatest milestone," shared CEO V. Thiagarajan

Aim to Achieve Global Standard

Looking ahead, Enstin Labs isalready working and harnessing capabilities on some of the cutting edgenext-generation technologies to bring innovative products and technologyenabled solutions into the market. The company has also entered into astrategic alliance with a large EMS company based in Mysore to provide designsupport for their ODM business which is on a high growth trajectory.

The US, being the next frontierfor power electronics innovation, Enstin Labs has established a fully owned USsubsidiary, Enstin Labs Inc., to serve its customers better in North America.With a focus on achieving its future goals, the brand has been exploring theEuropean market with its strategic business partner based in the UK.

"We are focused to emerge outas a leading Global technology powerhouse primarily on Clean-tech segments likeSolar/Wind power conversion and power converters for E-Mobility applications,"shared CEO V. Thiagarajan

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