Which Is The Best Air Purifier Available In India?

Best Air Purifier Available In India
Best Air Purifier Available In India

Which Is The Best Air Purifier Available In India?

Picking the perfect products to clean your home looks easy. But ensuring that you get something effective and safe is a tougher task than you think, mainly considering how common compound chemicals are, and how these chemicals affect our health.

An air purifier is not an exception to that rule. It is difficult and confusing to find a perfect air purifier that cleans the air, comes under your budget, and is the latest model.

Just like how the air purifiers work, removing dust from the air through filtering is the same as how we want your worries to go away. We have tried to filter all available information online to help you choose the best air purifier in India.

10 Best Air Purifier in India

  • Alen BreathSmart Classic Large Room Air Purifier

Alen BreathSmart is able to clean up to 1100 sq. Ft. every 30 minutes without filling your houses with noise. It has a HEP-Pure filter that claims to capture 99 percent of air-bone particles down to 0.3 microns.

It combines the device’s Laser Smart Senson that also detects airborne particles down to and effectively cleans your air of dust, pollen, and dander.

  • MI AIR Purifier

Considered as the best air purifier in India, MI Air Purifier comes with an OLED display that shows real-time AQI, temperature and humidity levels.

It has 3-layer filtration for maximum micrometers and features a high-precision laser sensor that can detect particles as small as 0.3 micrometers. Its classic tower-structure design assures you for maximum efficiency which keeping a compact design.

  • Philips 3000 Series AC3256/20- Watt Aerasense Air Purifier

Philips 3000 Series has a CADR of 376 cubic meters/hour and covers up to 818 square feet. The extra thick NanoProtect HEPA and AC filers are specifically designed for superior purification efficiency and lifetime against airborne particles.

This air purifier is able to sense even the slightest changes in indoor air conditions. It keeps a close eye on the changes and whenever it detects a change in particles, it automatically adjusts the fan speed.

  • Honeywell Air Touch 5

Honeywell Air Touch 5 has 3 stages of filtration including Pre-filter, HEPA filter, and Honeywell’s HiSiv filter. It does continuous air monitoring and displays air quality on an inbuilt monitor.

This air purifier has intuitive touch controls and has a filter change indicator. It has Auto made to adjust speed as per the requirement of the room. Additionally, it has a 3D airflow design t deliver aim throughout the room.

  • Honeywell Air Touch 18 42-Watt Air Purifier

With a three-stage advanced filtration system, Honeywell Air Touch 18 42-Watt Air Purifier is another famous air purifier in India. It removed pollutants with over 99 percent efficiency and provides a real-time display of the PM2.5 level.

Honeywell holds a 3-dimensional airflow design for effective circulation and is 100% ozone-free- does not emit any kind of harmful gases as a byproduct of filtration.

Best Air Purifier Available In India
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  • Philips High-Efficiency Air Purifier with Vitashield Intelligent Purification

Philips High-Efficiency Air Purifier is one of the best air purifiers in India, removing 99.97% of air-bone particles, hence providing ideas for your children’s bedrooms. It comes with some exciting features such as NightSense Auto Mode.

You can easily monitor the air quality you breathe while sleep through it. It also ensures to make the minimum of notice so that you can sleep better.

  • Philips 2000 Series Aerasense AC2887/20 56-Watt Air Purifier

Philips 2000 Series has a 3 automotive purification settings: a General mode, an extra-sensitive Allergen mode, and an extra-powerful bacteria and virus mode.

Its numerical PM2.5 indicator and the 4-step colour ring presents real-time feedback of indoor air quality. In silent mode, it turns down its fan speed and notice level to allow a comfortable night’s sleep.

  • Altanta Healthcare Beta 350

Altanta Healthcare is brought you by an Indian company with excellent industry knowledge. This model features 7 stages of air purification; Pre-filter, Anti-Bacterial Filter, HEPA Filter, Activities Carbon Filter, Photo Catalyst Filter, UV Filter, Lonizer and more.

Altanta comes with Air quality and ordor sensors that show up on LED display. This air purifier comes with remote control and holds an inbuilt timer to auto-start and stop the purifier.

  • Coway Sleek Pro AP-1009 Air Purifier

Brought you by a globally renowned brand of air purifier, Coway Sleep Pro comes with some of the amazing features and functionality.

It features a sleek design that not only performs admirably but also looks pleasing to the eye it uses HEPA purification to deliver high-quality pure air to your household. Coway works on a distinctive dust sensing technology to control the airflow system.

  • Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower

Dyson Pure Coll Link Tower is a unique product that combines features of air purifiers as well as the bladeless fan. It has a 360 degree Glass HEPA filter & Tris-coated Activated Carbon Filter.

Its H-13 Glass HEPA Filter is pleated over 200 times and densely packed with borosilicate microfibers. The Tris-coated Activated Carbon Filter captures all the odours and harmful toxins of the house. It has 10 step speed settings for the airflow and is also Wi-Fi enabled.

  • Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier Model DP04

Renowned as one of the best air purifiers in India, Dyson model DP04 sense and displays pollutants in real-time. It is able to detect all types of contaminates like PM 2.5, VOC, and NO2.

It is updated every 12 seconds, thereby making sure the purification of the best quality. It features 3600 Vacuum Sealed glass HEPA and activated carbon filter to take care of types of contaminates.

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