Which Is The Best Water Purifier Available In India?

Best Water Purifier Available In India
Best Water Purifier Available In India

Which Is The Best Water Purifier Available In India?

Clean water is essential for every human being for different purposes. The regular tap water being supplied in your home seem clean but possess different sorts of health-affecting bacteria and viruses.

And its consumption can lead to serious health issues and sometimes the result can be massively harmful. Studies say that contaminated water leads to different diseases like cholera, typhoid, polio, and diarrhea.

That’s why it is vital to drink clean and pure water. By drinking cleaner and better water, you will reap all sorts of benefits you may not be aware about.

We are dependent on water purifiers to get safe and pure drinking water for consumption. The best way to get clean and safe drinking water is by installing the Best RO water purifier in India.

When you are thinking to purchase the best quality water purification system, you would come across multiple options that make it tough for you to select the best option. To help you, we have listed 5 best water purifiers in India that you can think to buy;

  • Kent Grand Plus RO+UF+UV with TDS Controller Water Purifier

Kent Grand Plus provides 7 stage purification using RO, UF, and UV. It can be used for all types of water sources including bore-wells, tanks or tap water. This is also suitable for high TDS water and can purify water with TDS as high as 2000 ppm.

Kent Grand features a transparent cover that gives you a complete view of all that works behind to provide you 100% pure and safe water. The best part about this purifier is that unlike most RO purifiers that remove all essential minerals from the purified water, it uses a TDS controller that maintains a safe level of essential minerals in the purified water.

It holds a filter change alerts and UV fails alarm that keep you updated on when the filters need replacement or if there are any issues in the UV.

  • Havells Ma RO+UV Water Purifier

One of the latest UV+RO water purifiers, Havells Ma RO+UV is known for providing 100% pure and great tasting water that is full of essential minerals. In this water purifier, 100% of the water passes through RO and UV to make every drop as pure as possible.

The Minerals Cartridge adds all the essential minerals without compromising the purity and health and Revitalizer cartridge enhances the hydration and minerals absorption to make water healthier.

Havells features advanced automotive alerts for self-diagnostic, purification process, a tank full, low water pressure, and error alerts for UV, SV, and pump failure. With industry-first features like a soft-touch faucet for dispensing water, corner mount, and removable tank this RO filter is a must buy.

Best Water Purifier Available In India
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  • Aquasure from Aquaguard Delhi RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier

Featuring a multi-stage purification system, Aquasure Delhigh not just provides 100% clean but also safe and tasty drinking water. This is a combination of the best-in-class purification technologies like RO+UV+MTDS.

It is able to treat water having input TDS of up to 2000 PPM. With the reduction of more than 90% TDS, Aquasure assures safe and tasty drinking water always.

It also has advanced TDS controllers which allow you to adjust the taste and the TDS level of the water according to your needs. Aquasure is designed to last for up to 6,000 liters.

This water purifier looks quite attractive and featured with semi-transparent storage. Additionally, it is compact and can be easily mounted on the wall. With a wide service networking across 1500 cities, Aquagard and Aquasure are amazing choices in terms of customer service and support.

  • Blue Star Aristo RO+UV Water Purifier

If you are looking for a compact and stylish water purifier, go for Blue Star Aristo. It is available in two fascinating colours and has a 6 stage purification process.

It has a double-layered purification such that the entire water passes through the RO membrane first and then the UV lamp to remove all common impurities from the water.

Aristo has a high purification capacity of up to 12 liters per hour. One of the unique features of this water purifier is Aqua Taste Booster that uses calcite media to maintain an optimum pH level and enhance the taste of water. An optimum pH level makes the water alkaline that is perfect for human well-being.

Child lock is another unique feature; it is a small button on the tap that once pressed disables the tab and deactivates the dispensing of water. This is an amazing feature if you have children, as it reduces the unnecessary wastage of water. It comes to all standard features that people usually look before buying.

  • KENT Superb Star RO+UV+UF+ TDS Controller Water Purifier

Kent Superb Star features an advanced multistage purification process of RO+UV+UF+TDS control +UV in-tank purification. It is an ideal solution for different sources like a municipal tap, water tanker, and bore well.

It holds TDS controllers that allow you to adjust the TDS level of purified water.

Contamination in the storage tank is a very common issue; Kent Super Star tackled this problem with UV in the tank. This UV lamp in the tank keeps the purified water safe from contamination of germs and microorganisms like viruses and bacteria. Besides, Kent features a digital display that provides you with complete information about water purification.

If you have gone through the 5 best RO water purifiers, it would help you make an easy decision about opting for the best water purifier.

For any queries regarding water purifier selection, let us know in the comment section below. We will try to answer ASAP.

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