10 Best Magazines of 2019 in India for Entrepreneurs and Startups

10 Best Magazines of 2019 in India for Entrepreneurs and Startups

10 Best Magazines of 2019 in India for Entrepreneursand Startups

Thereis some fantastic content available to business magazine and those creatinghistory in the magazine industry. Whether you like to hold a physical magazineor read online, there are a wide array of websites, blogs and videos right atyour fingertips incorporating a variety of topics for small businesses.

Butsometimes a huge number of choices become overwhelming, mainly when someone isstrapped for time. Dedicating a particular time of day where a person can readthrough his favourite business magazines can support him to finish his work,while also giving time to get some new and advanced business techniques andstay in-the-know about changes in the industry.

Check out the list of some of the most respected and read business magazines of India for startups :

  • Business India

BusinessIndia is widely known for providing contextual investigations for advertisingstyles, organization conclusions, a gathering of business and market boostingtechniques. It is perceived as India's first business magazine. 

  • Outlook Business Magazine

OutlookBusiness Magazine brings valuable information from different business segments.It provides a complete analysis of market trends, stock prices, and sales strategiesas well as covers stories of leading businessmen and organizations.

  • Business Today

BusinessToday mainly focuses on providing detailed reports on the effects of the Indianeconomy on business strategies. This is one of the first business magazinesthat published management theories and their applications. 

  • Images Retail

Thestrongest voice of Indian retail, Images Retail works as a viable connectionbetween brand pioneers and retailers.  Itcovers logistics, land, speculation openings, visual and marketing,diversifying, shopper patterns, store network, and stock, etc.

  • The Franchising World

Asa pioneer of the Indian franchising sector, Franchise India, analyses, gathersand showcases numerous franchising opportunities globally. It presents a comprehensivepicture of developments in the franchise industry before readers to take fulladvantage of, it.

  • Entrepreneur India

Speciallyfocused on entrepreneurship, Entrepreneur India brings business stories andentrepreneurial stories and information. The magazine comes on the first placeswhen we are talking about a renowned publication, especially for startups.

  • ISBInsight

ISBInsightmainly publishes interviews with decision-makers and thought leaders fromvarious organizations, academia, and industry. This magazine is popular forresearching marketing, IT, accounting, economics and other details ofIndustries.

  • Forbes India

ForbesIndia always brings the latest business and financial updates and analysis. Itwidely covers personal, finance, lifestyle, technology, and the stock market.

  • Business Barons

TheBusiness Barons Magazine covers administration, instruction, and otherentrepreneurial apparatuses. The magazine connects entrepreneurs with theIndustry Professionals, Company Heat and the Business magnate Impression.

  • Inc. India

Inc.India mostly focuses on business and development. For a long time now, it ismaintaining its place in the rundown of the best Indian business magazines.

Last Verdict

Staying competitive with the business world that you enter is the highest preparation you need to do, and these magazines are a perfect medium to start. Apart from this list, there is also an emerging name in a business magazine, Startup City. It is India's leading monthly business magazine for startups and young entrepreneurs printed and published from New Delhi.

 This magazine presents a platform for startupsto present their success stories and profiles to the Venture Capitalists,business leaders, and decision-makers. Additionally, Startup City publishesnumerous informative articles, latest updates and support entreprenrus tounderstand the modern business world.

Have we missed any name?  Please let us know in the comments section.

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