Marketing drives results with a focus on problems

Marketing drives results with a focus on problems

When most of us come across a term "marketing" we quickly term it a manoeuvre to sell any product. We quickly engender this notion of being fooled be it in real world while coming across any sales person or while accessing TV, radio or any other means of mass communication. When we watch any commercial advertisement we tend to be in the impression that whatever is being shown is just a fiction and resembles no truth. More or less, there's nothing wrong in this notion. Since our childhood we have been made to believe that marketing means misleading advertisements. Customers are not to be blamed for this malaise.

We have to understand the authenticated and actual meaning of marketing.  Marketing is a tool which helps a company focus sharply on the challenges faced by a client. Company helps its clients overcome those challenges by means of marketing. Instead of focusing on the products and services when company tend to seek solution by the help of those tools then it can be termed proper marketing. In this way we observe that focus shifts to customer. Every customer wants a proper solution to his problems and marketing can prove to be a pathfinder if done effectively. Through effective marketing company can work among the target audiences and it can persuade the customer for taking its services. Companies just need to address that they will prove to be the solution seeker for the customer's problems. Marketing is a kind of emotional connection where company tries to coax the customer that a particular product will be helpful for the customer in long term. Companies also need to generate a trust that the product is worth buying for such and such features. But features need to be described only after proper persuasion is done. The ultimate goal should be not to look like a seller rather to look like a solution-seeker.

There can be some creative approach towards marketing. Companies can organize some kind of activity where customer is given live demo about their products and how it can help customers. We get to see such instances in our daily life. Companies need to focus on productive ways to deliver customer- oriented services. They can do this by knowing the needs of customer's day to day problems and how their products can prove to be beneficial for them. Instead of paying heavy amounts to celebrities for promoting their products they can give free demo of their services in some influential places where companies brand value is still not better. This way they can prove their mettle by means of working among people. When someone tries to create his goodwill he is supposed to create a base for that. What can be better than this for creating a strong base and which can ultimately lead to good mouth publicity. We can conclude that marketing has the potential to bring forth better results than advertisements with focus on customer's problems.

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