SecurView is experienced with delivering cyber security services on a global scale


"SecurView is experienced with delivering cyber security services on a global scale"

SecurView provides a full life cycle of cyber security services to clients on a global scale. Founded in 2007, SecurView received strategic funding from Cisco Systems to become a leading cyber security service provider. Since then, SecurView has received the NISCON (National Information Security Conference) prize and is recognized as a Cisco Security BU sponsored ISE service provider.

The company specializes in three types of services: Advisory, Integration, and Managed. First, Advisory services identify security gaps in the clients' networks and provide recommendations. Two examples are Network Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing for clients' network infrastructure. Second, Integration services remedy the identified security gaps with appropriate solutions. This includes Design, Implementation, and Optimization services for Cisco ISE, Sourcefire, and Firewalls. Third, the company's Managed services include unique features, such as Advanced Analytics and protection from threats caused by Malware/ATP, for the clients' IT infrastructure. The Managed services include comprehensive management for the leading network security products (e.g., firewall, IPS, VPN).

SecurView also provides customized solutions for Security Operations Centers (SOCs). The company has a history of building and operating SOCs, CERTs and NOCs for Fortune 500 companies across the world. Exclusive partnerships enable the company to access next generation security solutions (e.g., "Continuous Threat Defense" and "Active Deception for Breach Detection") and, in turn, build sophisticated and intelligent Operation Centers. As a result, the company was the first to build an "Intelligent Operations Center," which is a combination of a SOC, CERT, and NOC. The company's esteemed clientele includes top tier telecom operators, financial institutions, airports, oil and gas companies, cable operators, and hotels.

SecurView is experienced with delivering cyber security services on a global-scale. The client list in America includes large enterprises such as Cisco Systems and CDW. Standard Chartered Bank, KPIT, Du Telecom, Ooredoo Telecom, and BT are some of the clients in the Middle East and Europe.

"We have developed products to enhance our services. CASPER is the first multi-tenant managed services platform and it enables us to deliver services in a SaaS model. IDA (ISE Deployment Assistant) reduces Cisco ISE's deployment time and provides operational support," stated Rajeev Khanolkar, President and CEO of SecurView.

The company's two main offices are located in Edison, New Jersey and Pune, India. The Edison office specializes in next generation security solutions in cloud and mobility. The Pune office specializes in remote and Managed security services. Over the past few years, the company has expanded and set up sales offices in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. SecurView looks forward to opening more offices globally in the near future. 

SecurView follows two revenue models:

  1. The SaaS Model requires clients to pay monthly recurring fees for the devices that SecurView manages. There is no cost for software licenses, hardware licenses, or any upfront fees.
  2. The Traditional Services Model requires payment per delivery milestone. 

Key Executive

Rajeev Khanolkar

Co-Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Rajeev Khanolkar is a serial entrepreneur who co-founded SecurView with Niten Ved in 2007. As the CEO, Rajeev forms several strategic partnerships that, in turn, contribute to the development of new products and solutions. He has been instrumental in building and maintaining a strong partnership with Cisco Systems, which enables SecurView to reach a global customer base. Under Rajeev's leadership, SecurView has become a leading cyber security solutions company.

He also co-founded NetCom Systems in 1995 with Niten Ved. From 1999 to 2005, Rajeev was the CEO of netForensics and he helped to shape the company into a global leader in Internet security information and event management.

Rajeev attended University of Birmingham in Great Britain for M.S. in Thermodynamics and a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in India.

Niten Ved is Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of SecurView. Joseph Rooney is the Chief Financial Officer. Sanjeev Khanolkar is the Managing Director of SecurView's operations in India.

SecurView's Milestones:

  • Founded in 2007
  • Opened India delivery center in 2007
  • Created a next generation SOC (Security Operations Center) in 2008
    • It delivers 24×7 managed security services to US customers
  • CASPER was launched in 2008
    • Industry's first multi-tenant and managed services platform
  • Delivered largest Cisco ISE project in the world in 2013
  • Launched IDA (ISE Deployment Assistant) in 2014
    • The product has been OEM by Cisco
  • Created a SaaS based OneApp Store for security applications in 2014

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